Piano C: coworking and cobaby.

Opened a couple of months ago, Piano C is a pilot project in Milan, in particular addressed to the women (and dads) to work in a flexible way at reasonable costs, but most of all it’s a community, where people can be trained, meet and share.

Piano C is a flexible project in progress: to change the rules, convention and itself; Piano C is also a non-profit association,  to take part in the creation of a new working organization, more on a living scale. A community to break isolation and join forces, that organizes meetings and training, presentations of books and neighbourhood relations; the distinctive components are the cobaby service and “time-saving” services, that include the “butler” (for errands, payments, laundry, repairs, etc.); a network of conventions. The rooms, designed by Barbara Pernpruner are plain, informal and effective: wireless lan, printers, secretariat, lounges, large multi-post tables in open space for up to 18 people; meeting rooms, that change into small workshop areas or meeting rooms  for 40 people; phone-boot and skype corner, to phone without disturbing the coworkers; a kitchenette and a dining area; bike-parking and most of all the pleasant and most useful cobaby and kids area.

Piano C – free trial WOW! webmagazine (PDF)

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