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Rethink the Modular by USM (Via S. Gregorio 29).

What does Modularity mean today?
As part of the project50 initiative, USM  presents at Salone dei Tessuti the works made by a selection of professors and students from seven leading design schools from around the world came together to re-imagine the notion of “modularity”. New USM products will be presented at Salone Ufficio (Pav 22 stand E20) and Salone del Mobile, too (Pav 20, stand F14).

At this year’s SaloneUfficio, USM will be showcasing a range of new innovate products which follow our pioneering modular values, while meeting the needs and requirements of the today’s flexible, multi-generational work environments. Among these: USM Privacy Panels and a new line of USM Kitos tables.
Title event: Rethink the Modular
When: 14/19 april, hour 10/20; opening 14 april  at 6pm (invitation only).
Where: Salone dei Tessuti Via San Gregorio 29, Milano.usm-rethink-the-modular-wow-webmagazine

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