Rolling whiteboards for new communication based workstyles.

Handwriting is not “old”, and indeed represents the perfect way of communication for new workstyles. This concet is the core of the new Nendo’s furniture system designed for Kokuyo “Rolling Workspace”; it will be launched at Orgatec (Hall 7 B50) in a dynamic stand where huge circular rolling whiteboards will define different areas.

Nendo and Kokuyo focus on writing as action able to enhance ideas and creativity of both individuals and groups: “Write=Old but New Communication Workstyle”. The act of writing has existed since long ago, while it is still one of the extremely important communication styles in new ways of working.

We transformed whiteboards into a circular shape, assuming that the reforming of square whiteboards installed in any offices could produce an environment where creativity is incited. We expect that, unlike the conventional linear whiteboards, circular white fields could help writing in a radial pattern, and ideas could be chained spirally. We supposed that, by simply making whiteboards in a round shape, the resulting communication and sharing could further expand and interconnect ideas, thereby offering a tool that inflates the creativity of workers” Oki Sato quotes.

Circular whiteboards can be freely rolled around in the workplace and leaned against the wall. Desks, benches, and high counters that match these circular whiteboards were also designed with slits cut into them, enabling combinations with large and small boards, thereby configuring various writing communication spaces where ideas can be spirally chained. These slits also enable whiteboards to easily fit in for use as partitions.

The same idea was applied not only to furniture, but also to space. Whiteboards can also be used as stands that divide the room when fit into slits on the floor and as doors to private rooms and cabinets.
These various slits can also be used as bicycle stands, and therefore it can be expected that workers bring their bikes straight to their desks.
The president and CEO , Mr Hidekuni Kuroda, explains this joyful and playful workplace: “Our aim is to achieve a dynamic workspace that encourages flexible mind movements incited by the frequent rotation of whiteboards”.


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