Rubensluciano’s offices, Venice (by Simone Micheli).

Candor and transparency allow you to read the ancient presences: the vertical connections, the crystal parapets and the lift fully glazed are the elements of a new digital architecture, liquid and light created by Simone Micheli in contrast to the materiality of the details of the stone and vaulted ceilings and lacunar.

The ground floor houses the creative division offices in open space dominated by the rigor of pure shapes with white melamine high tech worktops on aluminium structure. In the central part the reception background some white curved walls with sliding doors, identifying the offices and print areas. Through the two exedras embellished by precious frescoes perspective of a coffered ceiling is reached the administration office, the room of representatives and the rest area.
The staircase and the elevator in white painted steel and glass give access to lightweight mezzanine floors on stilts on the first floor where in four main areas are all open space offices identified as many of the creative division, with the same logic and distribution of furniture of the floor below, a slight suspension wrapped in a cloud of light that filters through the large arched windows on the fronts. Some plasterboard false ceilings modeled in their geometric run the same flowing lines designed by the mezzanines and allow adjustable spotlights to illuminate all work areas and general distribution pathways on the ground floor.
On the second floor the huge foyer welcomes visitors on a fascinating place under the large wooden structures enhanced by a careful game of adjustable LED light.
The wood is the protagonist chosen to characterize and distinguish the meeting room with the majestic table made from the trunk of a cedar of Lebanon. More intimate and relaxed mood in the office of Rubens Luciano: desk with two black chairs, sofa, and wall art gallery of nude.

Captions (Photo by Juergen Eheim)
1:Reception at ground floor (walls Mobilfar, chairs Alias).
2: Showroom (LED lighting iGuzzini).
3: Creative division offices at ground floor.
4: Open space on mezzanine.
5: View of the elevator.
6: Showroom at 2nd floor (walls Mobilfar, table and chairs Alias).
7: Rubens Luciano’s office.
8: Exterior fronf view of theBarchessa building (LED lighting iGuzzini).

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