Sace in Rome Smart Working.

Sace in Rome Smart Working meant to improve the company ambience and people’s quality of life.

The total renewal of the Roman office of Sace, the impressive building, which Fontana di Trevi leans on, is a major component of the Smart Working programme. The new architectural project of interiors by architect Maria Micara provides for glass walls, that fit in the wonderful seventeenth-century structure harmoniously and with excellent, functional results, to define open spaces, cafeterias on all floors, bike parks and even a gym.

In 2007 SACE created its CSR department, which is now part of the HR Division. The CSR Department has developed a number of programs for its employees, among which include teleworking, mobility management, and the “Happy Manager”. The aim of these initiatives has been to engage staff and to improve their quality of life.

Teleworking was introduced to help employees whose temporary personal difficulties impeded their regular physical presence in the office. The first beneficiaries of this initiative were a few employees living outside Rome, at a considerable distance from SACE’s headquarters. The pilot project was so successful that SACE entered into an agreement with the Unions to establish criteria and regulations for teleworking, which exists as a temporary solution for employees who require it.
Teleworking in SACE necessitates that the employee be physically present in the office at least once a week so as not to lose contact with  his/her working environment. In order to be able to work from home, the teleworker is supplied with a laptop, a telephone link so that he/she can securely access Company information and programs. The Company ensures that the workstation complies with the laws governing work security and ergonomic standards. Initial resistance to this mode of working has been overcome thanks to training conducted by the HR Division and to the success of the pilot project, which has had important positive effects including lower absenteeism and an improvement in productivity.
Another initiative undertaken to support employees is “mobility management”, which is designed to help staff with their daily commute to the Company’s offices in Rome and Milan, both of which are located in traffic restricted areas. SACE has tried to encourage its employees to utilize Public Transport as much as possible and contributes 50% to the cost of an annual ticket. Every 2 years staff transport requirements are formally surveyed by means of a questionnaire. In addition, SACE has created bicycle parking for staff and has also organized a free Company bike-sharing system.
Video conference facilities have been installed in all of SACE’s domestic and international offices for internal or commercial purposes as well as for training, also available on demand via the Company intranet. These initiatives have significantly reduced the need for business trips and have had a significant impact on time saving, cost reduction and CO2 emissions.
Finally, within the HR/CSR Division, there is also the “Happy Manager” service, which is designed to help staff  resolve any practical concerns connected with day-to-day living and the prevention of  any potential problems. Happy Manager also offers training on health issues, it organizes free oncological check-ups for colleagues over 45, and provides a multitude of practical services to help staff in their daily lives.

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