Safilo: activity based office and dynamic layout. 

A dynamic active based layout office can be the first step towards the smart working. The Safilo’s HQ and logistical centre in Padova begins its revolution with an innovative space: waving and coloured workspace’s layouts, movable partitions, informal furniture, and a great attention paid to the worker’s comfort.

Safilo, the world famous italian glassware company, is starting a dynamic transformation, embracing the new ways of working’s paradigms. A delicate transition that the internal team, leaded by the CEO Luisa Delgado, have decided to begin from a space transformation, from individual offices to an open space.
The redeveloping of the workplace was curated by the project team composed by: Roberto Lazzaroni -Facility Manager, Caterina Cedrone -Interior Design manager, Sofia Silvestrelli -Design Facility Specialist, Veronica Tamiazzo -Graphic Designer. The new layout fits the evolution of the company towards a more international approach. A change still in progress, with more than 1300 sqm already completed and capable to host up till 900 people, based on precise drivers.

First of all “invite and surprise” with a curvy layout of desks (Tecno), a coloured space that encourages creativity and encounters, informal furniture, as pouf or free-standing meeting room, to create a more relaxing and collaborative atmosphere.
Than a space that encourage the workers to look for their own most comfortable way of working, with ergonomic and flexible seats, and with a desk layout to optimise the angle of incidence of the solar light on the monitors.
That’s also why the Safilo’s internal team decided to design a multifunctional area for breaks and informal gatherings.
In addition there are meeting areas closed by glass partition walls (Universal Selecta) to provide  privacy and concentration. At last an “efficient space” easy to reconfigure and thought to give the best acoustic and climatic comfort, characterized by an engaging color design.
A big effort was also made to create a safe environment, controlling the access to the most “delicate” areas of the company, as the R&D’s area where all the products of Safilo’s brands, as Carrera or Polaroid, are designed.
Text by Gabriele Masi.


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