Seating on demand for historic theatres.

Teatro Comunale di Bologna Teatro sees a revival thanks to the restoration sponsored by Fondazione Marino and Paola Golinelli in the City of Creativity and Music proclaimed by UNESCO since 2006.
The restoration also provided for new stalls: 442 armchairs supplied by Ares Line and designed by Giovanni Baccolini that tone well with the valuable eighteenth-century premises. Rossini armchair system is now put into production to meet the needs of other historical theatres.

Designed by Antonio Galli Bibiena in 1763, the Teatro Comunale di Bologna is famous for its architecture of great value, the refined ornamental stuccoes and its perfect acoustics.
However coming into line with the existing regulations required new stalls. The requests of the Monuments and Fine Arts Office were rigorous and Ares Line could supply an installation respectful of the past, yet with touches of technological innovation, like a more comfortable and ergonomic chair, though smaller.

The flexible structure of the seating system allows to reuse the original holes on the floor and to set a different layout of the stalls. Materials, refined finishes and the embroidered numbers match the original ones.

The company took pride in winning this challenge and decided to put into production this chair system, named Rossini, to meet the needs of other historical theatres in the world.


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