Sedus “turn around”: the “move-free” swivel chair.

Easy to handle as a bar stool, elegant and comfortable for long working or meeting hours. Designed by Judith Daur, “turn around”, as the name itself says, it is a swivel chair that stimulates conscious posture changes, allowing the user to freely move and easily interact. With “turn around”, Sedus closes a product gap and offers a functional swivel chair for team and project work at high desks or also in seating areas, with its “high” and “low” variants.

“turn around” is a swivel chair which combines comfort and ergonomics, not limiting you in a stiff and static position, but allowing a total freedom: you can lean back and relax yourself, turn sideways towards conversational partners, stand up and then sit back easily, or simply you can expand your working space turning 360° around, rolling on its wheels.
When designing the chair, it was also important to Judith Daur to create a protective shell contour particularly for use at high desks, but which by means of a sidecut also ensures the necessary legroom.
Additional comfort and freedom of movement are provided by the forward sloping seat cushion incorporated into the shell, an upholstered surface on the backrest and a swing mechanism underneath the shell.
Text by Gabriele Masi.

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