Sense of belonging and engagement in a 4.0 company.

BTicino, leader of Gruppo Legrand is among the firms considered as best workplaces in Italy and it ranks third among the electronic and electric engineering companies, as shown by the survey on employee satisfaction made for the magazine Panorama by the German Research Institute Statista to indagate about employees’ satisfaction.
in this interview Lucio Tubaro, Human Resources manager at BTicino, explains how you can have a 4.0 identity, yet taking great care of workers.

The survey concerned 2000 firms with over 250 employees, through anonymous interviews with 15thousand workers, no employers drawn in.
“Would you recommend your company to a member of your family or an acquaintance?” was one of the 12 questions.

The result achieved was a pleasant surprise to Bticino and proves that the 4.0 approach doesn’t mean to put people in the background. The technological innovation attitude of the company becomes manifest in the supply of advanced products (Building Automation, Domotics and IOT solutions) as well as in its production plants, where the 4.0 approach is in progress.


However man is still at the centre of everything “The sense of belonging and engagement of human capital are the driving force to dynamise an innovative and growth-oriented company»Lucio Tubaro, HR manager, says.


What BTicno’s values are more appreciated by the employees?

No doubt the brand value is central; yet even a global wellbeing attained thanks to the company conditions as regards incentives, career opportunities and welfare at work plays very much, as proved by the low turnover and in-house career paths. More important factors proudly pointed out by the workers are customer focus and product quality

Did you put into effect welfare policies to increase the commitment of employees?

We have established a program for prevention and attention to health in the workplace for some time, besides health and safety codes.
Also, we joined the WHP (Workplace Health Promotion) of Regione Lombardia aiming to promote practices for health protection. The most appreciated steps include child-permissions charged on the company and not on the worker.

Do you think that the environment affects the workers’ loyalty?

The physical space is important for their wellbeing but what really matters is the business climate produced by collaboration and focus on human resources.



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