CDN (Contract Design Network) shared stand at Salone Ufficio 2013 (design by Progetto CMR).

Shared stand: CDN and HOC.

Ways Of Exhibiting: shared stand.


Especially in a difficult period, people try to find innovative solutions to cut down costs, exhibit in a different way and get general benefits.  The shared stand is the “Way Of Exhibiting” to leave the logic of a mere presentation of products and offer more fascinating and concrete settings to the visitor, with considerable advantages for the wallet, too! At the next Salone Ufficio we’ll see two interesting examples: CDN (Dieffebi, AresLine, Flex, Mizar) and HOC (Citterio, Gallotti & Radice, Former, Knoll).

“By agreeing to CDN, it was only too natural to exhibit together, with many obvious benefits” explains Alberto De Zan, CEO Dieffebi. The network entrusted Progetto CMR with the design of the stand and Hangar with visual comunication”. We ask the  senior associate of Progetto CMR about the concept of the stand. “The Stand is a Communicating  Habitat, to convey story, values, philosophy, ethical code and product details through space and visual solutions with a marked emotional impact – explains Giovanni Giacobone, senion associate Progetto CMR, and adds- The Stand is a temporary Place, yet rich in values and emotions, that remain.

HOC a “shared stand” of 360 m2 designed by Kicco Bestetti. “In our industry the  visual and tactile aspects are quite importants” states Vittorio Veggetti, managing director of Citterio and adds “owe made ‘tailored designs’, so we must create  empathy with the customer”. “Although consistent with the global scenario, every company keeps its own identity; each one tells its own story through its products and further develops its strength thanks to the benefit coming from a typological completion – explains Silvia Gallotti owner of Gallotti & Radice.

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