Sit-stand office desks to shape behavior.

Smart office means to adopt concepts of dynamic ergonomics, too; for higher comfort and greater efficiency, sometimes devices integrate digital technologies to support our Internet-oriented lifestyles. Following this IoT (Internet of Things) philosophy Linak launched DPG, a new family of very intuitive panels for the height adjustment of sit-stand desks, well-synthesized in the claim “Designed to shape behavior”.

During a normal workday, we all sit down too much and move too little. This is a common challenge, but how do we change it and turn it into a habit to use the height adjustable desk every day? This is a global challenge that we at Linak have chosen do our utmost to solve and develop a solution that will make desk users use their height adjustable desk more and in a new way.
Based on researches on behavioural design, Linak developed an innovative solution that will make desk users use their height adjustable desks more and in a new way.
The desks panel for height adjustable office desk is essential and needs to be:
Motivational (give reminders to the user),


The DPG family consists of four desk panels ranging from a simple up/down panel to advanced versions with sophisticated features. All four DPG desk panels are intuitive as they are operated via tilt instead of buttons meaning you do not need to look while adjusting the desk. It does not get more intuitive.
Research proves that being reminded to stand up during a workday, results in an increased usage of the desk. So, reminders are integrated into three of the four DPG desk panels either via light and/or via notifications in the app.
Finally, digital means that an app is available for several platforms. Bluetooth® technology is integrated into three of the four DPG desk panels. Connect to the Desk Control™ app and it opens a wealth of options.


The app that completes the DPG
The Desk Control™ app is available for phones and computers, and contains a lot features such as the possibility for individual settings, statistics and getting reminders to stand up. Optionally, the app can also be used to drive the desk up and down.
The app is downloadable free of charge from the different app stores
Truly unique and innovative, all data is of course synchronised between the different platforms. This means that if you change your settings e.g. in the app on the phone, it is automatically updated on the computer and in the desk panel itself.
The DPG is much more than just a new desk panel: it is a platform of endless functionality possibilities, yet designed with an impressive suite of standard features. It will change the way to adjust and use the height adjustable office desk.

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