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Abstract of the speeches. On February 7th, at UniCredit Tower in Milan, the seminar of Assufficio,  dealt with the new driving force behind productivity  and new corporate social values in the project of a sustainable workplace, that combines spending review and happy employees. Here are the highlights.

Jean Nouvel, via video, presented the concepts for the mounting of Salone Ufficio and his fascinating vision of “Offices to live in” and the “joie de vivre at one’s workplace”.

Marco Sammicheli, design editor of Zero and chairman, mentioned professor Mihaly Csikzentmihaly, teacher at IDC in Chicago, who defines the mix of knowledge, emotivity and motivation an “optimal experience.

Mariano Corso, teacher at PoliMI, reported the data of a recent study on Smart Working. “The most remarkable factor is that technology has shattered the assumptions, which the work organization was based on so far, making space increasingly virtual and boundless”; which means to become responsible and work by objectives, but also a reorganization of the environment.

The first case study was UniCredit, related by Mirna Gelleni. An experience that came from the need to optimize costs and could seize the opportunity to change the work organization and the ways of working, although the difficult part is still to change people’s mentality. “We are interested to monitor not only the  quantitative saving, but also the value of space from the point of view of wellbeing as well as saving.”

The second case study was by Sace; Paolo Cerino, director of CSR, talked about the choice to renew the existing office to create new space, now accommodating 500 people (with gym, cafeteria, multimedia screening rooms) and the advantages for the staff: possibility of  working outside the office, bike sharing and Happy Manager. “You can’t oppose change anymore, you better forestall and rule it”.

The speech of Andrea Ciaramella, teacher at PoliMI, explained the BRaVe (Building Rating Value), a tool with 13 different evaluation scopes. The quality of the office also comes from the quality of the building and inside and outside services”.

Camilla Bastoni’s closing speech summed up the study Offices 2020 “Until five years ago the office seemed to be dead, instead, against the current Smart Office trend, the office will play a predominant role by taking on different looks according to the need for sustainability and technological change.

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