Night Autogrill Villoresi wow webmagazine

Smart Autogrill for workers on the go.

Sustainability, informal meeting areas, temporary offices, Slow Food path, kids area: attractive and iconic, the biggest Autogrill in Italy was renowed considering the new styles of living and working.

The new and amazing “asymmetrical conoid” emerges up to a height of 28 meters in front of the futuristic structure created by arch, Angelo Bianchetti in 1954 for Autogrill Villoresi (Lainate). In 1960 Life Magazine recognized it as a symbol of Italian luxury, translation in post-war dream of modernity. Today, more than sixty years away, Autogrill returns to the territory of the same innovative spirit to write with a new and futuristic architectural sign another chapter in its history. A project that speaks the international language of sustainability and has a number of views on the future of travel and services to travelers.
A Business Lounge on the mezzanine, equipped for informal meeting and and a ‘privacy- area’ closed with glass walls (Unifor). For business guests Villoresi will be equipped with: office on the move with wi-fi, power sockets for charging the PC and mobile phones in the vicinity of the session; information with Sky tg 24 and a wide selection of newspapers, magazines and business books to read in comfortable chairs sipping your meal; business center with two conference rooms with projectors, microphones, video conferencing systems, printers, and catering service.
Villoresi West Autogrill represents a new model for the 3rd millennium, where innovation  and technological evolution come into harmony with the development of sociological and environmental characteristics of the area.
Winner of the national competition to design the new service area, Giulio Ceppi from TotalTool studio (with Starching and GeoEnergia) has been able to have more freedom in the concept of the building, the surrounding space and their plot-level architectural and landscape, creating a location perfectly integrated with the surrounding territory. In terms of the effect of this energy, Villoresi East was conceived as a living organism technology, sensitive to natural cycles and fed through the innovative combination of solar and geothermal energy, the energy of the earth and the sun. A sustainability project to 360 degrees Autogrill has developed following the principles of the Protocol LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) with design choices and plant aimed at reducing the energy and environmental impacts and to ensure integration with the territory and the surrounding landscape.

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