Global city report 2012

Smart City. Connections, Culture, Creativity.

The 5th Global City Report carried out by Scenari Immobiliari with Generali Immobiliare Italia adds two more C to the 3C formula: Consumption and Human Capital (with an in depth-analysis of “Working places and times”). London ranks first as the smartest city in Europe.

50% of the world population lives in towns, so it’s basic to strengthen the concept of “smartness” while designing the future of towns and it’s not a mere accident  that the EU has budgeted economic resources for Smart City projects. The theme is highly topical, not only in Italy; but is there one exception of Smart City only?
The definition of smart given by Mario Breglia, president of Scenari Immobiliari,  is “a metropolis that invests in human and social capital, in the process of participation in culture and not only in networks and technology“. Thus, the “Human Capital” is added to the already consolidated key words – sustainability, widespread ICT, culture, etc. -, as it appears in the fifth Global City Report on the future of cities presented in Milan.

Besides the list of the leading cities in Europe (Milan is the most “creative” one, Stockholm the most technological; Copenhagen the most sustainable and London the best one at “including” people and culture), the 105 pages of the report investigate several topics related to the evolution of the city.

Downloading of the PDF of the report, available in Italian.

Would you say that the city you live in is smart?
What does it need to be smart?

Global city report 2012

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