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Smart Working: you can and you must! (October 15th, Milan).

On October 15th will be hold in Milan the conference for the presentation on the Research 2014 by  Osservatorio Smart Working promoted by School of Management of Politecnico di Milano. WOW! is media partner.

The presentation of the research by Mariano Corso (scientific director) e Fiorella Crespi (research manager) will be followed by a Round Table attended by the partner companies (among the speakers Lorenzo Maresca of Sedus and Philip Vanhoutte of Plantronics) and the Prize Giving Ceremony of the “Smart Working Awards” with a speech of Maria Antonietta Lisena of IFMA Italia.
Osservatorio Smart Working, through a study, that involves people in charge of information systems and human resources and facility managers of public and private companies, intends to monitor the growth and spread of Smart Working in Italy, with an in-depth study of the successful cases.
The Meeting will give us the opportunity to answer the following questions:
What is the companies’ level of maturity as regards Smart Working?
What steps are to be followed to create and effective model of Smart Working?
Are people ready for “Smart” working logics?
How can we support flexibility of hours and workplace?
Which technologies are qualifying for Smart Working? What is the role they play inside and outside the workplace?
How can we benefit from Smart Working? What are the hindrances to its introduction?
Further information: Ilaria Russi (
Title Conference: Smart Working: you can and you must!
Where: Politecnico di Milano, Campus Bovisa (aula Carlo De Carli) Via Durando 10, Milano.
When: October 15th (9 am/1,30 pm).



Smarter working by Plantronics.


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