Snowsound-fiber: the sound absorption becomes light.

Caimi Brevetti presented at Salone del Mobile 2015 the evolution of its patented technology Snowsound with new sound-absorbent panels products and with the innovative technology Snowsound-Fiber. This consists of soft polyester fibers with silver ions, intrinsically fire-resistant and bacteriostatic, that makes possible to reduce annoying sound reverberation in the environment.

The first products based on the new Snowsound-fiber are Diesis and Bemolle by Alessandro and Francesco Mendini and Sipario by Alberto and Francesco Meda. This technology is the result of a continuous research started by the the great idea behind Snowsound, 11 times prize-awarded all over the world. This idea consists in using panels made of materials of varying density that allow to obtain a selective level of absorption for different frequencies, thus optimizing the acoustics of a given environment, despite the fact that the panels are extremely thin and incredibly light. The panels can thus provide a flexible, practical solution to problems of acoustics, making a decisive contribution to ensuring acoustic comfort in enclosed spaces and, at the same time, expressing great formal, esthetic strength.
Snowsound-Fiber is made by soft polyester fibers with silver ions, intrinsically fire-resistant and bacteriostatic. The interaction between the special acoustic fibers and the special conformation of the objects makes it possible to reduce annoying sound reverberation in the environment, thus improving the quality of life.
Text by Gabriele Masi.

1, 2, 3 Bemolle and Diesis, designed by Alessandro and Francesco Mendini. Patented Snowsound-Fiber technology.
The special fibers of which these components are made augment the amount of acoustic absorption, since the curves or cylinders are based on precise ratios and measurements in order to obtain precise layers of fiber. Also, in the top of these rather mysterious objects are iron panels of a particular shape, which allow the fibers to hang in a way that makes them look like drapery. The visual softness of these components gives them something in common with the delicacy of textile furnishings and, as a result, also makes them suitable for use in classic environments where rigid shapes cannot be introduced. Alessandro and Francesco Mendini said.
The Diesis (Sharp) and Bemolle (Flat) components are modular and can be made to the size which optimizes their performance.
The drapery comes in 5 colors: red, white, gray, beige and dove gray.
4, Sipario, designed by Alberto and Francesco Meda. Patented Snowsound-Fiber technology.
In Italian, the word sipario refers to the stage curtain which is pulled back and forth, closing the proscenium arch, separating the stage from the auditorium and the audience, since one of its functions is to close off the noise caused by scene-changes on stage. In this case, our Sipario is a textile structure applied in modular form to the walls, yet detached from them, with the aim of reducing environmental noise, so that sound energy dissipates into the air spaces generated by the high-density textile layers of the structure. Alberto and Francesco Meda said.
With their Sipario design, Alberto and Francesco Meda have incorporated the new Snowsound-Fiber technology into the heart of their technical expertise, by designing a modular, lightweight component with architectural flair that can be easily installed in an infinite number of different configurations.
Sipario is particularly aimed at large, modern settings that are able to fully exploit the flexible nature and the dramatic, decorative potential of the product to the full.
The panels come in 5 colors: red, white, gray, beige and dove gray.

5, Blade, designed by Lorenzo Damiani. Patented Snowsound technology.
Lorenzo Damiani has interpreted Snowsound technology by adding the function of shelving to the characteristic sound-absorbent panels and has produced a bookcase with a dual function: bookcase and acoustic correction of the environment in which it is located. We have already talked about Blade in a dedicated article.
6, 7, 8 Curve, designed by Marc Sadler. Patented Snowsound technology
A curved, polygonal panel for walls, attached with a zip along one of its straight sides. This book-like system makes it possible to regulate the level of sound absorption by changing the angle of the actual panel. Mounted one after the other, as in a brise-soleil, the curve of the panels and the fact that they are set at different angles create decorative patches of color. Marc Sadler said.
Curve is an unique sound-absorbent panel, thanks to its three-dimensional curve and the zip-binding on one side, which enables it to rotate around their vertical axis.


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