Snowsound Fiber: the future of acoustic design (Caimi Brevetti, hall 22, stand B29/C20).

After more than three years of research, Caimi Brevetti – a company with a 68-year heritage in experimenting with and processing products and materials – has developed and is now launching Snowsound Fiber. The new technology will be launched at Salone del Mobile (hall 16 stand E31) and Workplace 3.0 (hall 22, stand B29/C20) among many other new products designed by very important designers.

This product is the result of research and acoustic design that Caimi Brevetti pursued since 2011, targeted in particular at public venues and the workplace, where the greatest reverberation-related issues have always been found.
Caimi Brevetti’s Snowsound® Technology is a game-changer in acoustic design correction. It is a flexible solution for correcting both new-buildings and existing environments, simply and rapidly.
Caimi Brevetti’s research is today at a step change with Snowsound Fiber: a range of sound-absorbing acoustic fabrics with measurable results combined with tactile and visual qualities.

Each material has its own specific texture that conveys different perceptions. The acoustic performance depends not just on the qualities of each material but on how it is laid (its position in space, distance from the walls, etc.) based on specific calculation systems that Caimi Brevetti has developed.
Unlike normal sound absorbing panels, these acoustic fabrics represent custom design solutions.


All Snowsound Fiber acoustic fabrics are made out of 100% polyester, using inherently flame-retardant, 100% recyclable fibers. The fabric may be washed and ironed without losing its fire retardant and acoustic properties.
Snowsound-Fiber products won Greenguard-Gold certification, validating their low emissions specifications and their contribution to environmental quality. Greenguard standards are amongst the strictest standards in the world. Earning this certificate helps to acquire credits within the framework of the Indoor Environmental Quality section in the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) buildings assessment system.

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