Sound absorbing and attractive design.

Estel’s olistic approach to workplace aims at creation of quite, respectful and intense spaces; acoustics and lighting, a comfortable armchair or a hanging sound absorbing panel can form a part of the same family launched at Orgatec: Kite.

Kite resolves acoustic problems in the environment with a formal solution using a pleasing and flexible design. This suspension system for sound absorption panels, which premiered at Orgatec, reveals high acoustic performances that Estel has joined with technical lighting functions, for what already seems to be a new classic for workplace environments.
Kite panels, consisting of a support frame in aluminium and a core of perforated mineral fibre, thanks to a particular morphology and suspension, have become an effective sound trap with high sound-absorption ability and flexible aesthetic impact. They range from a version on wall, hanging from ceiling and as a backrest for seatings. In addition, the possibility of inserting a LED bar will transform hanging Kite into a lighting element, increasing its functionality and areas of use.
It is available in the sound absorption version in three sizes: 120×120 cm, 100×100 cm and 80×80 cm, while the Naked version has only the frame with the lamp. It can be used in different contexts from open office space to meeting rooms, to public areas and contract. Acoustic tests performed in the laboratory on the Kite hanging lamp, according to the EN ISO 354 standard, show that the absorption performance is at its highest level between 250 and 2000 Hz, the typical frequency range of human speech.

In the photos: to improve the impact of acoustic environments, Estel presents a vast and flexible range of solutions dedicated to collectivity spaces: sound-absorbing panels Kite can be used in wall version, hanging from ceiling or as a sitting backrest. 


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