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Sound from Materials to the Architectural Space.

Was there a great need for a new handbook for acoustic planning? Yes, there was. For interest and sensibility to the acoustic comfort are still increasing. And most of all, because the uncommon practical and pragmatic approach, published by Caimi Brevetti, makes this guide a useful work tool to plan the listen in all kinds of indoor environments.

Snowsound® technology is worldwide collecting prizes – the last one and 15th is GreenGuard Gold for sustainability- and there’s an increasing interest in the right way to design acoustics for spaces meant for our daily lives, work and culture..
Caimi Brevetti
has taken acoustics in-depth manner by developing the Snowsound® and Snowsound®-Fiber technologies and a wide range of soundproofing panels in order to answer to the necessity of working and living in less noisy environments.
This same approach led to the creation of “Sound, from Materials to the Architectural Space.” the book published in collaboration with Caimi Brevetti. It has been edited by Paolo Bonfiglio, Andrea Farnetani and Nicola Prodi of the Università di Ferrara, with text by Aldo Colonetti and an introduction by Gillo Dorfles, who statutes “zen” vision of Silence (I think we all need Silence, because Silence means Empty, too.) and a clear definition of Listening (Listening represents the fundamental condition for getting to know others and the world around us. Sound isn’t just an irreplaceable, present part of daily life. It is the foundation of dialogue, and one of the pleasures of life, even when we are working. It is the silence between one word and the next, between one note and the next, that is, in and of itself, ‘sound,’ provided one can understand the break between one sound wave and the next.)

This guide features very user-friendly language to offer a range of instructions so that each of us can talk, listen and, most of all, live in a sustainable way in our own spaces. A book that takes a direct approach to all of the main scenarios in which sound interacts with the surrounding environment and is thus modified in objective terms as well as in terms of perception.
A great deal of attention is paid to the description and experimental testing of soundproofing systems – this is Snowsound®’s realm as well – seen as elements that can correct possible acoustic flaws in environments. Attention is also paid to the best acoustic design strategies for spaces based on how they are meant to be used.
This same inspiration led to the creation of the patented Snowsound® and Snowsound®-Fiber technologies, which bring together design, functionality, high-level technical performance and an all-round “green” approach.

Some of the Caimi Brevetti’s products that utilize Snowsound and Snowsound-Fiber technologies, designed by well known designers. From left:
Mitesco by Michele De Lucchi;
Sipario by Alberto and Francesco Meda;
Palio by Segzin Aksu;
President by Philippe Nigro.

Suono-tra-materia- e-spazio architettonico- Michele-De Lucchi_Mitesco-caimi-brevetti-wow-webmagazine

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