Studio O+A: Giant Pixel offices, San Francisco.

Giant Pixel is a software developer, a small company with big aspirations, based in in San Francisco near the City’s Mint Plaza, an area known for creative redevelopment from vintage architecture.

Studio O+A’s office interior design challenge was to fit a variety of distinct work areas into three small floors (4,200 square food) and to do so with both beauty and economy, confirming that small spaces may acquire richness through an abundance of uses and careful orchestration of spatial detailA blackened steel canopy at the entrance decorated with a computer code pattern creates a striking visual matrix and divides the front into the waiting area and the reception area characterized by a sculptural concrete desk and a desk-lamp chandelier.
Upstairs a suspended fireplace arresting focal point evolving into mid-area workstations, a conference room, private break cabanas and a coffee counter. Each area is spatially discreet, but each informs the other through proximity.
In the basement a lounge and bar provides a cozy in-house retreat for staff and visitors and creates another unique entertainment-style environment.
Photo by Jasper Sanidad, courtesy O+A.

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