Studio O+A: Zazzle offices, California.

Zazzle is a custom manufacturing company that produces unique products from artwork and personal materials provided by the client. It’s a company that respects artisanal values and hand-crafted quality, mirroring Studio O+A ‘s belief that good design comes from discovering a client’s story and giving it physical form.

From the beginning the clients spared no effort to secure the best for their Redwood City, California headquarters: hand-fired, hand-sanded, hand-glazed ceramic tile; the wood finishes encasing the central elevators, they embraced our proposal to apply an ancient Japanese technique of burning the surface of some planks black. In a nod to vintage craftsmanship, the two cast-iron 1926 red London functioning telephone booths.
The cumulative effect of these details, and many other grace notes throughout the facility is to express Zazzle’s and O+A’s belief in the promise of a vibrant maker subculture, a community of inventors and creators who are combining the efficiencies of modern technology with the elegance of hand-made arts and crafts.
Photo by Jasper Sanidad, courtesy O+A.

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