Eco-sustainability and design for resilient flooring.

After creating countless styles of modular carpet, distinguished by high performances and sustainability, Interface launches a luxury modular vinyl flooring featured by the same green vision and based on biophilic design approach.

Level Set is the first Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) collection by Interface. It is environmental friendly and is inspired by natural elements like wood and stone, according to biophilic design approach.
It offers options that evoke distressed, reclaimed and exposed natural materials. The textures, colours and patterns available provide more light reflection to maximising the benefits of daylight.
Available in 28 variations of Natural and Textured Woodgrains & Stones, it comes in Interface’s standard (25 cm x 1 m and 50 x 50 cm squares) and is complementary to carpet tile collections.
Since it is fully compatible in size and height, you can combine existing carpet and new LVT for a unique space of varied textures and designs.


We’re seeing an increased focus on cohesive design throughout the built environment, as well as a rise in demand for soft and hard flooring that blends well and functions as part of a modular design system– said Mandy Leeming, Design and Development Manager for Interface EMEALevel Set embraces our customers’ interest in flooring that has the look of natural materials with the functionality, durability and affordability of LVT, while ensuring they can select a mix of hard and soft flooring from a single partner to create a unified look and feel.”


An eco-sustainable design aimed at environmental comfort.
To install Level Set is simple and clean thanks to glue-free TacTiles. It emits virtually zero VOCs and allows for an environmental footprint over 90% lower than installation with traditional glue adhesives.
Engineered to compatible height (4.5mm total thickness) with Interface’s carpet tiles, providing the ability to effortlessly move from hard to soft flooring without transition strips, eliminating an unnecessary trip hazard and reducing the number of materials for specification and purchase.
To improve acoustic comfort the sound absorbing “Sound Choice” is available for LVT collections.



Two new awards to Caimi Brevetti for Snowsound by German Design Award 2018.

Two new awards to Caimi Brevetti for Snowsound by German Design Award 2018: a new prizes to the calculation software and a Special Mention to Diesis sound absorbing element, designed by Atelier Mendini. Both the products were also awarded by Neocon last summer.

German Design Award is an authoritative competition funded by Bundestag since 1953 acknowledging products that represent pioneering contributions to the international design landscape.


Snowsound products and technologies are covered by exclusive patents that represent the result of intense in progress research and development in collaboration with Universities and Research Institutes.

The Snowsound calculation software has won the prestigious German Design Award award 2018 in the category “Excellent Communications Design Interactive User Experience”.
The importance of the award underlines once again the excellence of the calculation software that Caimi Brevetti makes available to its dealers.


Special Mention to Diesis sound absorbing element, designed by Alessandro Mendini e Francesco Mendini –Atelier Mendini- made with the patented Snowsound Fiber technology.
It is a system of sound-absorbing Snowsound Fiber drapes, realized with soft interwoven polyester fibers that are inherently fire-resistant (in different versions: steel structure, free-standing or hanging).
The interaction between its special acoustic fibers and its particular shape leads to signification reduction in annoying acoustic reverberation, thus improving acoustic comfort and life quality.

neocon-award-Caimi- Brevetti_laboratorio-snowsound-diesis-wow-webmagazine




neocon-award-Caimi- Brevetti_laboratorio-snowsound-software-wow-webmagazine

Snowsound collects two awards at NeoCon 2017.

On the occasion of the Neocon 49th edition, particularly focused on Italian design, Caimi Brevetti earned once again two Awards: the first Best of Neocon Silver is for the sound-absorbing system Snowsound Diesis, the second one for Snowsound Analysis Software. 

Snowsound was awarded several international recognition mixing innovation with product design. This coexistence of unique aesthetic qualities with outstanding performance greatly contributes to its success.


The latest Best of Neocon Award won, in “Software/Application for Specifications” category, is a meaningful recognition for the Snowsound Analysis Software thanks to its user friendliness and quickness in estimating the required acoustic material for a given environment.


Diesis, designed by Alessandro and Francesco Mendini, is a system of sound-absorbing Snowsound-Fiber drapes, realized with soft interwoven polyester fibers that are inherently fire-resistant and supported by a steel structure (either free-standing or hanging from the ceiling). The interaction between its special acoustic fibers and its particular shape leads to signification reduction in annoying acoustic reverberation, thus improving acoustic comfort and life quality.
Snowsound products and technologies are covered by exclusive patents that represent the result of intense in progress research and development in collaboration with Universities and Research Institutes.

neocon-award-Caimi- Brevetti_laboratorio-snowsound-diesis-wow-webmagazine


Neocon: hub of inspiration for new workstyles.

Neocon at its 49th edition confirmed itself as an amazing hub of inspiration for solutions and trends: workplace design is becoming essential for attracting and retaining workers of the Gig economy, Millennials and Generation Z, new faces of this modern work style dominated by the “sharing culture”. Pleasant, warm and healthy interiors answer to the new co-officing, co-creation and collaboration norms.

Adaptive furnishings, privacy on demand, acoustic comfort and sound control, biophilic design and new technology for wireless charging device and immersive visualization experiences are inspiring the new workspace design.
Versatile, modular, reconfigurable, multi-use, highly adjustable products offer flexible and dynamic solutions enable the maximization of different workspace settings: from privacy when desired for one or two users, to collaborative work sessions or impromptu meeting areas.
Lighting, wall partitions, desking and seating, all the components can be reconfigured time and again offering virtually endless configuration options for inspiring and supporting the work, from formal to casual. Serpentine shapes, straight models, transitional units are the new geometries.


Floors, wall partitions, products in general are incorporating natural materials, nature views and other experiences of the natural world, drawn by the biophilic design trend.

1_West Elm_Haus-wow-webmagazine

“The office is unoffice
is the evocative proposal by West Elm, an home furniture brand based in New York expanding innovatively in the workplace solutions.
Neocon always deserves the trip especially this year with the celebration for 100 years of Florence Knoll, legendary and visionary designer, former President of Knoll and founder of KnollTextiles, and the master lecture from Antonio Citterio at the MCA in Chicago, considered one of the most important appointments in the Windy City, together with his month-long retrospective hosted at Luminaire.
Looking forward to see what the 50th Edition will be, it is better to book the trip on time!

Text by Silvia Fattore.

1. West Elm, Haus, design by Qdesign.

A private workstation, inspired by traditional architecture and first-class airline cabins, designed for individual and small group work. Clustered together, the three Haus configurations transform an open office into a dynamic village, a creative community landscape.

2. Buzzispace, BuzziPleat, design by 13&9Design.
Vnner of Best of Neocon 2017 Gold.
Category: Acoustic Panel & Solutions.
BuzziPleat reinterprets ancient techniques used in fashion design, like smocking and pleating, to create large-scale, yet lightweight sculptural forms, made of sound-absorbing BuzziFelt. It combines the hanging acoustic pendants with a light source to marry sound control and illumination in one multi-purpose product.

3. Arper, Parentesit, design by Lievore Altherr Molina.
The bold, graphic forms are available in three shapes a circle, a square or an oval that can be further customized with the addition of a speaker or ambient light, to create a visual element that is as functional as it is modern. The collection is now complemented by the freestanding version, a modular stand alone system for concentration or quiet conversation in shared workspaces or collaborative environments.

4. Fluidconcepts & Design Inc., Orbit, Inline Systems.
Orbit workstations conform to how people actually work by providing single location access to a user’s work area in one continuous ergonomic circumference. They can be complete circular workstations or partial segments. Workstations can be linked in various configurations in snake like configurations, tangents, or as independent pods. Orbit can be specified in multiple diameters, radii and heights. Curved dividers are available in a variety of materials such as laminate, fabric, metal printed and acrylics. Circuit electrical and date system can be specified. The system offers installs extremely fast to create flexible and dynamic workstation environment.


5. Steelcase, Surround, design Steelcase Design Studio.
Winner of Best of Neocon 2017 Gold.
Category: Healthcare Guest/ Lounge seating.
A collection of healthcare furnishings designed to support family members in healthcare environments. Surround with 3-seat sleepers, available in 2-seat and 1-seat options supports the family’s dynamic role and involvement, eases their burdens and fosters their wellbeing. Surround supports the activities and moments that matter most from rest and rejuvenation, to productivity, hosting guests and communicating with clinicians.

6. Davis, Q6, design by Jonathan Prestwich.
Winner of Best of Neocon 2017
Innovation. Category: Furniture Collections for Collaboration.
Inspired by how people work today, Jonathan Prestwich has created an all-inclusive line which addresses the need for different kinds of working spaces. Comprised of open seating, screens, benches, tables, and ottomans, Q6 provides a versatile line of stylish and highly functional pieces. 

7. Snowsound USA (Caimi Brevetti), Snowsound Diesis, design by Alessandro Mendini, Francesco Mendini.
Winner of Best of Neocon 2017 Silver. Category: Acoustic Panels & Solutions.
Diesis is a sound-absorbing element with steel base and drapes based on Snowsound-Fiber technology. These pieces feature steel frames at the top that create the sound-absorbing drape, thus assuming precise rays and layers, designed to optimise acoustic performance. Diesis is available in both ceiling mounted or free-standing versions.

8.Interface, Global Change. Design by Kari Pei, Interface Lead Product Designer.
It is the most versatile collection to-date, pairing nature-inspired biophilic design with Interface’s modular flooring system expertise. The collection offers an integrated range of design options that can be composed in a custom-made design. It evokes foliage through artistic interpretation of tree and leaf shading patterns. Biophilic elements and references are also reflected in random patterns and fluid transitions inspired by textures found in nature.


9.Herman Miller, Prospect, design by Richard Holbrook.
Winner of Best of NeoCon Gold. Category Furniture for Collaboration.
Collaborative and individual creativity in today’s workplaces and learning environments need just the right amount of privacy, Prospect is mission control for individuals and small- to medium-sized teams replete with whiteboards, tackable surfaces, and media display. It’s an ideal place for brainstorming, pinning, and visual thinking that allows people to easily transition between working together and alone.


A skillfully planned acoustics.

Mascagni, manufacturing office furniture since 1930 and also working in the field of home and contract now for many years, has addressed the unavoidable issue of acoustic comfort thoroughly and in a structured manner, like a path that has developed consistently, by tackling the acoustic problem through customizable solutions of interior design, which have no competitors on the market.

The unique features of the products supplied by the Bologna-based company come from the adopted approach and find their roots in the company’s experience and know-how made of testing, synergies with suppliers who work in different industries and technologies never used before in furniture design.
The product presented at the last edition of Workplace 3.0 in Milan perfectly explain how Mascagni creates its products with love and care for the tiniest detail.

TréS is the new versatile, comfortable interior decoration range of modular soundproofing panels, easily and quickly rearranged.
The vertical wired metal partitions of TrèS spine, with their overlapping modules, divide space creatively and efficiently, without preventing communication from going on with its flows, through different levels and plain modules, made up of cabinets, metal, melamine or upholstered panels, and special tops. The last evolution is TrèS Screen: the panels structure are enriched through panels or courtesy, to create a personal space reconfigurable with extraordinary acoustic performance.

By partnering with 3F Filippi, a leader in lighting located near Bologna, was born Lux Sound, the sound-absorbing panel which turns on a feature essential for a comfortable all-round, light.
TréS Sound Sky System is like the beefed-up version of the Sound panel. Using modular and changeable articulated joints, the triangular ribs of the sound absorbing panels, in wood, melamine or textile, come to life and mould the space into peaceful areas that can be turned into extensive workplaces.

ALLinONE Slim is the range of partition walls that hides the secret of its polymorphism and adaptability inside its extruded aluminium sections. The construction can accommodate the panels of single, double or solid glass with an inner steel frame, regardless.
ALLinWOOD is an exploration that brings the natural products, again, in the insulating dividing partitions, a solid wood profile which welcomes in its quarries either single, double glazing or full façade.

mascagni-wood-in one-wow-webmagazine



The silence by Dorfles: art+design.

Can art and industrial design successfully coexist? Snowsound-Art is the Caimi Brevetti’ answer to this question developed with the authoritative contribution of Professor Gillo Dorfles to discover new ways of opening channels of communication between art and industrial design. The artwork becomes a reproducible object with high functional performances, too.

The sound absorbing panels signed by Gillo Dorfles represent the mind between art and industrial design. From conception to completion, Gillo Dorfles, 103 years aged, has looked after every phase of this project to create four panel drawings, and give concrete expression to his artistic eclecticism.
In other words, art that is designed not just to be gazed upon, but to be put to practical use. A functional solution for acoustic comfort that is both beautiful and yet also reproducible as part of a series.

The Snowsound-Art sound-absorbing panels based on Gillo Dorfles’ drawings exemplify how the exchange of ideas between the worlds of art and industry can create something of value, which can also be produced like an assembly line object.
It is in this spirit of collaboration between art and industry that Dorfles and Caimi Brevetti undertook the design and construction of four large Snowsound wall and ceiling acoustic panels, which also function as “canvases” depicting works that Dorfles created between 1937 and 2017 under the rubric of “Gigantism in Design“.


With this work of Gillo Dorfles we have a concrete example of how the eye is able to go beyond the surface of things, enabling us observers to realise that the creative process is infinite, just as the possibility of capturing the universal through specific details is also infinite, as the great medieval philosophers have taught us, provided that the “project”, that is to say the human person, remains central to the work of art. This is what “Gigantism of Design” is all about. Gillo Dorfles’ eclecticism is endlessly surprising, and here he has taken panels that serve a highly practical purpose and transformed them into a series of fantastic landscapes, through which the artist is watching us, perhaps a little surprised himself at what he has achieved.” quoted Aldo Colonetti.



Audio-visual integration: Snowsound Lux.​

Caimi Brevetti is continuing the research it began smore than five years ago in the field of acoustic design. Following the development of the patented technologies Snowsound and Snowsound Fiber, a new important step is Snowsound Lux, a new breakthrough both in acoustic design and in multifunctional fixtures. The new products of the collection –Oversize Lux and Giotto Lux– are respectively designed by Marc Sadler e Sezgin Aksu and integrate lighting and acoustic performances.

Focused on the holistic vision of environmental comfort, the Snowsound Lux project aims to develop sound-absorbing panels that not only screen out the unpleasant noise of many public and private spaces, but also embed a lighting source.
Caimi Brevetti’s entire line of production is predicated on a design concept that focuses on the wellness and comfort of its users, and the Snowsound Lux has now added the element of light into the existing element of sound to create an integrated audio-visual fixture.

Oversize Lux design by Marc Sadler 


Oversize Lux aims to turn sound-absorbing panels made with Snowsound technology from purely functional fixtures into real pieces of furniture, suspended from the ceiling. The panels resolve three design challenges: how to provide ambient lighting, how to lower the ceiling and how to achieve acoustic comfort. A joined-up approach to dealing with these three challenges led to the creation of what are effectively architectural solutions consisting of sound-absorbing panels punctuated with recessed bays containing LED lighting points.
The panels are available in different colours and come in two sizes: 119cm x 119cm, and 119cm x 159cm. Likewise, the LED lighting is available either as an individual square spotlight or as a rectangular lamp. The ceiling suspension cables are adjustable.


Giotto Lux design by Sezgin Aksu

Caimi-Brevetti-snowsound-aksu- Giottolux-wow-webmagazine

Giotto Lux is a sound-absorbing room fixture that uses Snowsound technology. It has a pure geometric form consisting of a circular panel 119 cm in diameter, at the centre of which is a 28W LED light covered by a satin-finished polyethylene diffuser. The result is a sculptural lighting element that fulfils two requirements: illumination and acoustic comfort.
It is available in different colours, and can be coordinated with Giotto Ceiling and Giotto Wall panels, which do not include inbuilt lighting.


Dieffebi-stand- workplace 3-0-wow-webmagazine

The best stands at Salone Ufficio – Workplace 3.0.

As usual the Salone stands out for the excellent quality standard of companies and exhibits and the refined and original installations full of charm.
Each stand is a temporary architecture carefully designed and it’s really hard to sort out the finest ones, that share bright and fascinating atmospheres, the use of plants and rich drapes.

WOW! has selected at Salone Ufficio – Workplace 3.0 edition 2017 those stands expressing the key words of the new ways of working in the best possible way.

Dieffebi: IOT, Wellness and “smart plants”.


5-4-Dieffebi-stand- workplace 3-0-wow-webmagazine

The stand designed by 967 is focused on wellness and biophilic design, key concepts of the Workplace 3.0.
On the occasion of the 2017 edition of Workplace 3.0, a new element is added to the minimalist design and clean lines that characterize the DotBox series, an element capable of making the workplace healthier and more pleasant: each storage module can be customized with a built-in flower box, with the dual functionality of purifying the air and giving a touch of style to the environment.

Inside the DotBox there is a ‘smart vase’ that uses Itair® technology, an innovative system of natural air purification for indoor environments. Thanks to this, the plants not only have the function of furnishing the space and making it more visually pleasing, but their natural purification properties are also amplified by a technological core inside the ‘smart vase’. The plant thus becomes an actual filter capable of metabolising the harmful agents in the air, and, thanks to the Itair® technology, which has a forced mechanical ventilation, the system increases the air flow inside the plant and amplifies its effectiveness exponentially.

Estel: 80 years of expertise for Italian Smart Office.


estel-stand- workplace 3-0-wow-webmagazine

Estel celebrates its 80th anniversary. The claim Italian Smart Office inspired the 400 sqm exhibiting space designed by Progetto CMR characterized by an elegant mood and a perfect lighting. The stand was organized around the main environments of the Smart Office:

“Personal Workstation”; “Comfort & Relax” with lounge and reception and informal meeting areas; coffeeshop and shared workstation entitled COffice; and last but not least executive desks and meeting-teleconference tables for the “Common Area”. Some Collaborative Rooms in different sizes – from phone booth to meeting room- offer solutions for acoustic comfort

Universal Selecta: Inner Sound and privacy oasis.


3-universal-selecta--stand- workplace 3-0-wow-webmagazine

The design of the stand by AMA – Albera Monti & Associati was inspired by the claim “The Inner Sound” and display the features of Chakra, the innovative prefabricated modular system for interiors that delimits areas of privacy and ideal conditions of acoustic comfort.

At the center of the stand a bed, expressing silence and calm, around it four different Chakras able to offer the same calm and silence in open plan offices and public areas.Outside the stand a smallest Chakra was available as phone booth for visitors.

Caimi Brevetti: acoustic comfort and artworks by Gillo Dorfles.


5-4-CAIMI-stand- workplace 3-0-wow-webmagazine

In view of the 107th anniversary of Gillo Dorfles, Caimi Brevetti pays homage to the Master. The Snowsound panels made precious with some graphic works, designed by Dorfles from 1937 to 2017 are a perfect example of  how to combine art and industrial production can merge.

This evocative “art gallery” was the core of the installation organized in different sets partitioned by Snowsound Fiber curtains were new products for workplace and in-between areas were displayed.
Another amazing set was the sculptural suit designed and made by Moreno Ferrari.


Acoustic comfort for multifunctional rooms.

Palazzo di Varignana Resort & SPA is an elegant and stunning venue in the hills near Bologna. An eighteenth-century villa, restored to its original charm and transformed in an exclusive location for relaxing holidays, conventions and corporate events.
The complex was recently expanded with two multipurpose rooms designed by Elena Zacchiroli, in collaboration with Mascagni. Thanks to its skills the company was able to solve acoustic comfort issues with the best look of Italian design.

The Resort stands in wonderful park, part of the prestigious Great Italian Gardens Network, and offers 1900 sqm Spa with outdoor pool, gym, courts, 2 restaurants, 90 comfortable rooms and a multifunctional congress centre.


The historical wine cellars of the Villa lead out to an elegant and spacious foyer, from where the 300 sqm Congress Centre can be accessed, with natural light and large windows with black-out blinds. A gallery of antiques and precious objects links to the Belvedere Area, a 770 square meters of reconfigurable and multi-functional location on two levels, recently designed by Zacchiroli Architetti Associati in balance with the surrounding nature and the original architecture, in order to offer a perfect place for banqueting, fashion shows, music events, presentations and business events.

The main needs were acoustic comfort and the possibility to integrate lighting in the false ceiling: the brief was to have a high-performance ceiling and a superior design, too.
The solution selected by the project manager Pietro Mascagni was TrèS, designed by Ergon Design, adapting the sound soundproofing panels to the features of the building with special hanging joints hidden in the junctions between the panels.
The new Sound Sky System TrèS was born to combine the function with the looks of a product that decorates space, giving it a clearly defined purpose, a soundproofing surface that can be bright, shaped in any way, to follow the lines of an area that can be used for any purpose, standing out as a comfortable place to spend time in.

As a matter of fact the rooms were conceived by architect Zacchiroli with three-dimensional grounds, where a sail of light, its wooden sections resembling the vertical surfaces under the windows, is gently lit up, without any unnatural added system.
The patented articulated joint construction, hanging from the backbone of the building, outlined univocal triangles that channel the geometrical shape of the room, evenly following its perimeter and making the object the perfect match for any use.


Steam-bent, micro-pierced wood covers the soundproofing material, which, pressed and hidden inside, is perfectly enhanced by the comfort that one can feel when staying under the large areas, so smartly designed.
The lights bring life into the volumes of the panels, while the neutral LED source offers perfect vision without increasing the temperature in the room. This wooden ceiling gives to the interior design the same peacefulness mood that runs through the neighbouring park.


Universal-Selecta- Chakra-wow-webmagazine

Chakra modular acoustic oasis (Universal Selecta (hall 24, stand D8/D10).

Universal Selecta takes part to Salone del Mobile (hall 24, stand D8/D10) to launch the unpublished features of Chakra, an architectural modular system for interiors supplied in kit which allows to create, quickly and easily, bespoke oasis of privacy. The philosophic concept of “The Inner Sound”, symbol of harmony and wellbeing now comes inside the Workplace 3.0.

How is it possible to transform a noisy open space in an acoustically perfect environment?Chakra is a new typology of prefabricated partition system, covered by 5 patents, freestanding and technologically evolved, it requires no anchors on the ceiling nor on the floor.

It defines areas of privacy and ensures ideal conditions of acoustic comfort in any collective environment and under all conditions: the noise does not prevent the concentration inside; animated meetings do not disturb the quiet outside environment.

Chakra uses a patented assembly system which ensures simplicity and speed in the assembly and flexibility for subsequent movements, extensions or configuration changes.
To create Chakra project team, Universal Selecta has chosen qualified technical partners for the various fields of expertise: Studio AMA-Albera Monti & Associati (art direction); Ezio Rendina-Viva Consulting (acoustic design); Eco Contract (surface finishings).

1-Universal-Selecta- Chakra-wow-webmagazine



Home Sweet Office Home: Plantronics’ offices in Italy.

Plantronics will open on April 6th its new offices in Italy at the LEED Platinum Energy Park building -by Garretti Associati– in Vimercate, close to Milan: a 400 sqm space to experience smart-working now and into the future, where the concepts of “work elsewhere” and “work-life balance” lend greater comfort and harmonized mind-body ergonomics to the environment.

Plantronics, pioneer in Wearable technology, was one of the first firms to theorize and implement smart-working, but our work and life styles have changed a lot in the last few years.
I need an office, but I don’t want an office” Daniele Andriolo, Global Manager of Facilities and Workplace Services di Plantronics, asked to architect Daniela Carta, founder of MQA Metro Quadro Architetti and her team -Irene Pacioni and Marianna De Vivo architects. They accepted the challenge.

plantronics-italia-offices-wow-webmagazine-Gaming 02

The concepts in the lead just a few years ago are no longer relevant and the key words pinpoint the current trends of the creative jobs: Liquid Worklife, Café Co-Working, Pop-Up Workplace, Hacker Culture, Meetings Without Borders, fino a Fighting the Tech Fatigue and Wellness is the New Green.
The result is a non-office-office, designed as a welcoming and comfortable Great Place to Stay.

“We were fascinated with the idea of opening fluid spaces so that everyone feels right at home, welcome, thanks to a comfortable and flexible environment –quoted Ilaria Santambrogio, Country Manager Plantronics Italia– the Italian headquarter is today an open office, designed to host customers, partners, resellers, so that everyone feels at home, thanks to the comfort and flexibility of the spaces”.

plantronics-italia-offices-wow-webmagazine-Lounge 05

No more rooms specifically meant for concentration, communication, contemplation and collaboration, so the whole environment is suited to be lived in a free, at all times and in whatever manner.
The 80% of the office does not represent the standard office. There are spaces that can be experienced and exploited, in different way, with no fixed positions for the employees.
To encourage the conviviality and the welcoming atmosphere, the office includes several areas: an area with sit-stand desks, a kitchen area, a relaxation area with elegant couches of design and polished wood tables. A unique and innovative concept in the European and global context and not only, which allows to the Italian headquarter to improve the wellbeing of the team, encouraging greater productivity and pursuing its growth goals in the world of the headsets in more targeted manner.

Into the new offices there is not a strict division of the areas, so that employees, guests, partners, customers can experience the Smart Working space in a free way, choosing to work on the table of the kitchen, in the relaxation areas, on one of the tables , scattered in different areas, or in one of the meeting rooms.
During the planning phase, Plantronics highlighted primarily the need of ergonomics and acoustic comfort: each element is an expression of a different way, smart to work. The heigh-adjustable desks (by Sedus) can be changed from time to time.
This reflects the freedom to decide the workstation, depending on the type of activities: focusing, brainstorming, connecting to a conference call.
The whole office presents itself as an open space everywhere, with monitors in each room or blackboards glass on which to take notes during an informal meeting or during a coffee. At level of lighting design, maximum attention also to the use of natural light and use of LED 100% .

The architectural studio has used wood everywhere: in addition the use of sound-absorbing materials makes the environment already soundproofed.
In line with a sustainability choice, Plantronics has selected the Interface modular carpets, made with 100% recycled materials , it reclaims the typical pavement of the European roads.
The kitchen corner includes an authentic italian kitchen, which is also a meeting place, and point of connection thanks to the Watercooler videoconference system, an open window with the other Smart Working offices, with the purpose to favor the collaboration with the colleagues from various European Plantronics offices.
The use of natural materials and warm colors, the high acoustic comfort, the variety of furnishings of valuable finishes and the curved surfaces make the room pleasant and comfortable.
The criteria of environmental sustainability taken into consideration in the planning are most appreciated by employees and guests, whom are received in the central kitchen, where “But first… coffee!” is written in big letters.

plantronics-italia-offices-wow-webmagazine-Kitchen 01


A “Spine ” for a 3D set up of the workplace.

Mascagni meets to the Orgatec’ s topic “Creativity Works” (Hall 10.2 Q1) with TrèS Spine, a user friendly architectural system for interiors designed by Ergon Design that allow to set up workplaces in a creative way: from individual workstations to shared areas thanks to the central “backbone”. The TrèS Sound integration improves the environmental acoustics.

TrèS spine is a user-friendly, plain geometrical piece of design by Mascagni. The vertical scans of the system, running along in modules, may be laid out in panels made of plate, melamine or upholstery to create customised spaces and shared areas, where a capacious backbone may be easily and quickly wired.

Its desks and storage units,, which are secured to a main frame made of risers and crossbeams, make the worktop three-dimensional and highly customisable, in addition to personal requirements, meeting the needs of an increasingly shared use of communal space. A mechanical interaction between its parts offers a very high level of customisation, from individual to in-line and highly private uses, such as cubicles. Interaction with the TrèS Sound provides acoustic comfort.

vegetable material, extreme conditions, Moss, communication, sign system, HW Style, acoustic comfort, sound absorbing, colours, news-wow, hp5, hp5-4,

Moss: a most communicative plant.

Moss is a vegetable material growing even in extreme conditions, no water or light or particular soil needed,  but it offers many more advantages and if used in a creative way it turns into an original instrument of communication and sign system for interiors. HW Style is  offering it in a special promotion until the end of July 2016.

It’s not a miracle, but just a natural material requiring very little care from man and with many advantages. Moss (distributed in Italia by HW Style) is a natural product.
It is suitable for interiors, non-toxic and odourless, and it helps to control the dampness of the environments and acoustic comfort because it is sound absorbing.

It’s mounted on felt panels (60×40 and 100x 60 cm) to be easily fit on any surface and lasts 10 years at least, without water.
It can be hanged as a painting or used to cover a whole wall; coming in several colours, it’s even an instrument of communication  if used to  create drawings or graffiti, logos and graphics.


It is easy to cut and mount on the wall.



TréS: efficiency and comfort combined in a furniture system.

TréS is the new office furniture system designed by Ergon and produced by Mascagni. Its unique features come from an innovative “technological transfer” design approach. It integrates different know-how of some leading Italian companies, to ensure the best in finishings and acoustic comfort. This joint collaboration creates a product that is not only useful but also beautiful.

TréS is versatile because its modular panels are specifically designed to ensure rapid reconfigurations.
The ensemble of different materials, the means to turn them into a single item, together with research and intuition, give shape to the new technology of TréS.
The TréS Spine system offers great potential in terms of its modularity, with standard-width partitions of different heights. Spine, Screen and Sound are the three sides of TréS in order to satisfy everyday needs, from individual cocoon to collaborative meeting place.

TréS can divide the space to carve out a highly personal, versatile working area. The vertical screens of different heights are composed of a self-supporting frame, with panels in metal, faced chipboard or fabric, which connect to the structure in an easy, intuitive fashion. They can be changed over time, fitted with worktops, storage units and sound- insulating design elements. The screens can also contain cabling, bringing the right level of technology to the right place.


Lights can be hooked to or suspended from the frames, or even placed within the sound-insulating elements, creating a tiny shared universe. In this oasis of tranquillity where needs are addressed and thoughts realised, surrounded by all the right equipment, anything becomes possible, improving global performance.


Wooden and melamine sound proofing panels.

TrèSSpine Screen and Sound versions- is a new, versatile furnishing system by Mascagni. Its modular panels, in steel, melamine and wood, are specifically designed to ensure rapid reconfiguration and  its sound absorbing panels, in laminate, wood and fabric, contain the most advances technologies to ensure the best in acoustic comfort and finishings.

TrèS is the system created by Mascagni and Ergon Design that combines accessorized modular panels and transparent or sound-insulating screens of different heights and widths, with optional integrated cabling.

TrèS System includes TrèSound, a sound absorption innovative panel (in wood or high pressure laminate) based upon the principle of the Helmholtz multiple resonator, in combination with the acoustic absorption achieved by means of porous materials, since the panels contain polyester fibers. The product was developed closely with a team of companies, starting from aesthetic demands and production requirements linked to its manufacture and then perfecting the dimensions of the external layer of the panels to improve their acoustic absorption. For this reason they decided that the holes in the panels were to be of a specific size and specific distribution, and specified the density of the internal fibrous material, to obtain the best possible acoustic performance for a free-standing panel which was tested in the reverberation chamber with excellent results.



Shopify: creativity, acoustic comfort, work-life integration.

Linebox Studio (arch Andrew Reeves) recently designed Ottawa’s headquarters of Shopify, world leading Canadian e-commerce platform, that accommodate over 800 employees. The mandate was to create an innovative and creative workplace focused not just on productivity but also employee health and well-being. The balance between privacy and socialization was achieved by various spatial layouts and acoustic strategies, among these the large sound absorbing light fixtures produced by Luceplan.

The first challenge was to convert a new but standard office tower into a creative innovation hub. The solution was to maximize movement through a myriad of linked communal spaces to stimulate casual, unplanned interactions and informal meetings.

The spatial organization starts from the large open stairs rising through all eight floors, Integrating socializing seating along the side for creative conversations; in addition a large two-storey cafeteria/café space as a flexible performance and social gathering and healthy food venue.
All the workspaces offer a balance of spaces facilitating both collaborative interaction and focused individual work and include a structured ensemble of varied spaces providing workers what they need and want at different times for different tasks according to activity based office model. Each has an assigned “home” workstation; but within a non-hierarchical and vibrant office landscape, choice and control over where work is done resides with each employee: clusters of workstations in open spaces, enclosed boardrooms, semi-private nooks, armchair salons and also upholstered pods, sort of “creativity wombs”.
Enclosed meeting rooms eschew fish bowl transparency opting for visual privacy but with light from strategically placed ribbon windows.
The focus on acoustic comfort suggested various acoustic strategies from calibrated glass for interior windows to large fabric covered light fixtures to absorb sound and reduce echoing: Pétale (design by Odile Decq) and Silenzio (design by Monica Armani) produced by Luceplan (lighting design by Dark Tools.

Each floor has its own theme, all these themes are expressed with authenticity through multi sensorial stimulation: raw materials, custom work by local artisans, graffiti and street art works. Colours are bold and fresh, natural and muted or subtle and sophisticated depending on the theme and functioning of the space. Even olfactory stimulation is considered, provided by a cedar clad lounge in which the aroma of the wood encourages relaxation.
The design of Shopify’s office responds to an emerging idea that moves beyond work/life balance to work/life integration where the work environment can be as comfortable as home.
The two large photos below are by Younes Bounhar.

8-Linebox-Luceplan-wow-webmagazine-photo-Younes- Bounhar

7-Linebox-Luceplan-wow-webmagazine-photo-Younes- Bounhar


A vegetal soundproofing and fire resistant ceiling.

The Milan based studio Principioattivo Architecture Group adopted a very original solution to improve acoustic comfort inside a shopping center and at the same time bring indoors all the benefits of nature: an acoustic ceiling made of lichen MOSSwall.

This natural stabilized lichen, easy to place, does not require natural lighting, nor maintenance or watering. It is a real “miracle of nature” that makes possible to produce plant surfaces in any typology of public space.

It is certified for fire (for EU: UNI EN 13501-1: 2009 Class B-s2, d0 and for USA: ASTM E 84 nr: 2015 CLASS: 0-25 FSI; 0-450 SDI) and has interesting acoustic performances (it is certified by the UNI EN ISO 11654: 1998 and UNI EN ISO 354:2003, guaranteeing a class of sound absorption of 50% for speech frequency).
This indoor 130 sqm installation, realized by Verde Profilo is made by around 800 circles with diameters from 60 to 30 cm, covered with MOSS wasaby green and mint colours.


Suono-tra-materia- e-spazio architettonico- Michele-De Lucchi_Mitesco-caimi-brevetti-wow-webmagazine

Sound from Materials to the Architectural Space.

Was there a great need for a new handbook for acoustic planning? Yes, there was. For interest and sensibility to the acoustic comfort are still increasing. And most of all, because the uncommon practical and pragmatic approach, published by Caimi Brevetti, makes this guide a useful work tool to plan the listen in all kinds of indoor environments.

Snowsound® technology is worldwide collecting prizes – the last one and 15th is GreenGuard Gold for sustainability- and there’s an increasing interest in the right way to design acoustics for spaces meant for our daily lives, work and culture..
Caimi Brevetti
has taken acoustics in-depth manner by developing the Snowsound® and Snowsound®-Fiber technologies and a wide range of soundproofing panels in order to answer to the necessity of working and living in less noisy environments.
This same approach led to the creation of “Sound, from Materials to the Architectural Space.” the book published in collaboration with Caimi Brevetti. It has been edited by Paolo Bonfiglio, Andrea Farnetani and Nicola Prodi of the Università di Ferrara, with text by Aldo Colonetti and an introduction by Gillo Dorfles, who statutes “zen” vision of Silence (I think we all need Silence, because Silence means Empty, too.) and a clear definition of Listening (Listening represents the fundamental condition for getting to know others and the world around us. Sound isn’t just an irreplaceable, present part of daily life. It is the foundation of dialogue, and one of the pleasures of life, even when we are working. It is the silence between one word and the next, between one note and the next, that is, in and of itself, ‘sound,’ provided one can understand the break between one sound wave and the next.)

This guide features very user-friendly language to offer a range of instructions so that each of us can talk, listen and, most of all, live in a sustainable way in our own spaces. A book that takes a direct approach to all of the main scenarios in which sound interacts with the surrounding environment and is thus modified in objective terms as well as in terms of perception.
A great deal of attention is paid to the description and experimental testing of soundproofing systems – this is Snowsound®’s realm as well – seen as elements that can correct possible acoustic flaws in environments. Attention is also paid to the best acoustic design strategies for spaces based on how they are meant to be used.
This same inspiration led to the creation of the patented Snowsound® and Snowsound®-Fiber technologies, which bring together design, functionality, high-level technical performance and an all-round “green” approach.

Some of the Caimi Brevetti’s products that utilize Snowsound and Snowsound-Fiber technologies, designed by well known designers. From left:
Mitesco by Michele De Lucchi;
Sipario by Alberto and Francesco Meda;
Palio by Segzin Aksu;
President by Philippe Nigro.

Suono-tra-materia- e-spazio architettonico- Michele-De Lucchi_Mitesco-caimi-brevetti-wow-webmagazine


Voyager Focus UC: headset for smarter workspaces.

Designed for working people who want to eliminate background noise on calls or during focus time, Voyager Focus UC by Plantronics is the industry’s first wireless Bluetooth stereo headset with active noise-cancellation (ANC) technology designed to reduce noises and distractions in open, collaborative and remote workspaces or just to enjoy your favourite music.

Voyager Focus UC, in order to reduce the noise that is transmitted and overheard by others, was designed with three precisely-tuned microphones and noise-cancelling algorithms, providing a better audio experience on both sides of the call. The on-the-ear design allows to reduce many peculiar high frequency noises like office sounds and voices, while the low frequency sounds, like air conditioners, are reduced through the active noise-cancellation (ANC) system. The headset provides all day comfort and includes intuitive smart sensor technology, audio alerts, wideband audio and hi-fi stereo sound for a high-level calling/music experience.
The product is available online, at  249 euro (without basis), at 299 euro (with basis).
Text by Gabriele Masi.



Estel: furniture and strategies to come up to Smart Working.

The meeting organized by Estel at Intesa San Paolo Pavilion in Expo Milano, proved that Italian firms, too, can adopt new approaches of Design Thinking to meet the complexities of Smart Working. In a lively and dense stream of presentations, interviews, videos and new installations, Estel hasn’t just shown products, but also a clear and consistent strategy.

Established 80 years ago and always working in the field of both home and office furniture, Estel is in a position to bring a domestic mood into an office, according to the Smart Working mode, and to supply a complete range of advanced ergonomic furniture like the height-adjustable desks, units provided with recharge points and acoustic comfort components.
There is no unambiguous answer to meet the challenges posed by the Smart Working. Explains Alberto Stella, CEO Estel “From our side, the strong belief of being what we have always been Flexible, proactive, open. We must know how interpret, decline, accompany, dialogue and often suggest by means of skills acquired on the field. In a word, we must be Smart, as the phenomenon to which we refer. To face the challenges of the Smart Working, translating Smart Office when it comes to interior design, it is a complex, articulated topic that affects us directly as design producer”.
Among the products that reflect this approach, there il EVO Sitting-Standing Desk System (electric linear actuator system Linak) that responds to the most recent indications on ergonomics by providing a tool that ensures well-being, efficiency and quality to the work day.

What benefits can be derived by alternating the two postures? Professor Francesco Marcolin, Professor of Ergonomics at the University of Trieste and Udine, explains “Both a seated and a prolonged standing posture cause discomfort and possible risks for cardiovascular disease. Alternating between the two seated and standing postures has proved to the best solution for office work, even better if also associated with moderate movements. These are the ideal conditions that can certainly help the operator to work and feel better. Moving around while working, not tiring the osteo-skeletal structures like the lumbar spine or lower back, and not tiring the legs, but alternating positions, allows a natural regulation of breathing and heartrate.
This results in greater oxygenation, without compressing the chest and therefore better cognitive efficiency, performance and a general sense of well-being. For this reason, alternating the standing and sitting positions with desks that raise and lower to the correct height is necessary and absolutely preferable”.

How can you transform your employee’s needs into opportunities and “energy” for the business? How can you apply the concepts of Smart Working in the real office? These are questions we find the answers for in the recent BPM experience. At the end of 2013 the credit institution started investing in a rethinking of the spaces, including a concentration room, unassigned but bookable work stations, phone booths, areas for relaxing and socialization available for the employees.
The extraordinary results that have been obtained from the first project oriented towards the Smart Office, coordinated by
Progetto CMR with the Estel being involved for the furnishings, open the doors to a pathway that will also be applied in the head offices of the Group.