The headphones RIG 800LX Plantronics won the Innovation Award CES 2018.

This is the tenth consecutive year that Plantronics, an audio pioneer and communications technology leader, has been recognized by the Consumer Technology Association for its innovative audio solutions. The wireless headphones RIG 800LX that recently awarded by the CES 2018 Innovation Award in the gaming category, are now available together with the RIG 400LX, RIG 600LX models. All the family of gaming headphones featuring Dolby Atmos innovative technology.
RIG 800LX will be on display in the Innovation Showcase in the Venetian Ballroom at CES Tech West 2018, which runs January 9-12, 2018, in Las Vegas.

Products entered in the prestigious CES 2018 Innovation Award are judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, independent engineers and members of the trade media to honor outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics products across 28 product categories.
The innovative technology Dolby Atmos of RIG 800LX, that seduced the jury, is also available with the wireless headphones RIG 400LX and RIG 600LX.
This special audio enhancement for Xbox One and Windows 10 lets gamers hear sounds with three-dimensional clarity – from above and below, in front and behind – giving them increased advantage in nearly any gaming scenario.

“I’ve never met a gamer who wasn’t looking for some sort of competitive edge- said Alessandro Laterza, Head of Consumer Sales at Plantronics Italia- Our newest RIG line with Dolby Atmos enables multi-directional, fully immersive audio cues like nothing else in the market today. Combine that with a long-lasting battery life and signature lightweight design, and the choice becomes obvious. If you want a true 360 competitive edge, Plantronics RIG with Dolby Atmos has you covered.”


Plantronics RIG 800LX Wireless Features:
Dolby Atmos for Headphones Activation: Provides gamers with full, 3-D audio by changing the way developers treat sound in-game. Instead of placing audio in a flattened 2D circle, Dolby Atmos technology creates a full sphere of sound that moves around the gamer – above and below, in front and behind.
Performance Audio: Amplified audio with matched 40 mm drivers brings the soundstage to life. Low frequency resonators reinforce bass and limit distortion. When done talking, just flip up the mic to mute it.
Precise Controls: Analog dials help you quickly adjust the balance between game and chat audio, as well as master volume. Choose an EQ setting to isolate pure highs, intensify the mid-range, enjoy seismic bass or enhance vocal focus.
Advanced Battery: Wireless headset with a 24-hour battery life that allows players to focus on gaming without worrying if the headset will lose power. When the headset needs to be charged, the enhanced quick-charging battery provides three hours of gaming per 30 minutes of charge.


Plantronics RIG 400LX and RIG 600LX Features:
RIG 400LX and RIG 600LX also feature Dolby Atmos for Headphone activation. RIG 400LX features 40 mm drivers which deliver explosive game audio that puts you right in the middle of the action. The noise-cancelling boom mic is always ready for chat and ensures your teammates hear you loud and clear. RIG 600LX delivers a balanced soundstage with distortion-free bass that helps you immerse in the experience without masking the subtle audio cues you must hear to stay in the game. Both models include the RIG LX1 pro level amp with three audio EQ modes, dual analog control-wheels for game/chat balance and an aux input for music.


RIG 400LX, RIG 600LX and RIG 800LX are available at and major retailers for $99.99, $129.99 and $149.99 respectively.


4 prizes to Kinnarps by German Design Award 2018.

Kinnarps with its brands MartnStoll and Skandiform, was awarded by German Design Award,  the authoritative competition acknowledging products that represent pioneering contributions to the international design landscape.
Among the winners of the 2018 edition there are Collection S collection family chairs, Space system, Matsumoto table and Phase armchair.
The prize-giving ceremony will be held on February 9th in the context of  Ambiente fair in Frankfurt am Main.

More than 5000 entry products were presented to participate to the final selection for the German Design Award 2018. Following the rigorous selection by the jury, were awarded only those that represent the highest standards in terms of quality and innovation at international level.

“We are very proud to receive such a highly prestigious award and we thank the jury for acknowledging our design and awarding two products work where the aim was to combine comfort and top quality in the best possible way says and develop solutions for the office life of today and tomorrow, offering endless possibilities.” says Elisabeth Slunge, Director Global Range and Communications at Kinnarps.

To win the German Design Award is very attractive since you are nominated and can not apply for the award. This of course makes the award even more desirable.” says Maria Lehmann, Sales- and Marketing Manager at Skandiform.

Kinnarps is proud to receive the prestigious award for four products:

Collection S, by MartinStoll (brand of Kinnarps Group).
The Collection S executive chair family, designed by NOA Intelligent Design, is rooted in the heritage of the brand and consists of task chairs, meeting chairs and lounge chairs, which offer various functional features and share the high level of quality and the common design expression.
“The chair family has thought-out material choices and a high level of craftsmanship that well suit the executive environments
” quoted Martin Rau, International Product Manager for MartinStoll.
“It is based on sophisticated performance like perfect ergonomic functionality, high quality and durability. Where heritage and craftsmanship meet modern lightness and sculpture-like design. The series is created to fit ideal into modern advanced office life” explains the designers Michael Lammel and Markus Heller from NOA Intelligent Design.


Space furniture/storage system by Kinnarps.
Space is a furniture concept designed by Stefan Brodbeck (Brodbeck Design) for today’s and tomorrow’s way of working, meeting and storing. The range is based on a large number of storage modules which are connected and combined depending on the functionality and look you want. The flexibility of the range enables both concentration and discussions as well as space for group and private areas.
Design creates differentiation as well as orientation. So does the storage system Space, which has exciting features and options to create functional but also emotional and inspiring office space solutions” explains the designer Stefan Brodbeck.


SPACE_German Design Award_Kinnarps-wow-webmagazine

Matsumoto, by Skandiform (brand of Kinnarps Group).
A table named after the Japanese city Matsumoto, where Claesson Koivisto Rune has designed a flagship store with a café. It is a completely new table with a different design made for cafées. A table for two was developed, which when lined up edge-to-edge forms a kind of long café table. The tabletop comes in white or blackstained ash, pillar and footplate in white or black lacquer.


Phaze by Skandiform (brand of Kinnarps Group).
An armchair that embraces you, providing generous personal space. Several linked together create a beautiful, undulating shape.
I was thinking of a design that embraces my philosophy of sensual minimalism and repetition.” said the designer Karim Rashid.

Phaze- SKANDIFORM-karim-rashid-kinnarps-wow-webmagazine





Neocon: HiP Award to Favaretto and Luxy.

The seating Ribelle –design by Favaretto & Partners– won the Interior Design’s 4th Annual HiP Awards, as Best Product in the category Outdoor at the 49th Neocon in Chicago, while Italia armchair was one of the honorees between the 5 products in nomination for the category Task Seating. 

Ribelle design by Favaretto & Partners (patented # 003661602).


Make a chair as easy as possible but without simplifying and get out from traditional forms and benefit of ergonomics: this was the ichallenge of Ribelle, the first indoor/outdoor chair of Luxy.
Entirely made in rod steel, the collection is composed of 2 versions: chair and stool. The front angles of the seat are cut to facilitate the end user to get up. The functional advantage of this cut is emphasized in the stool version, where it is possible to put the foot on the floor without moving forward on the seat. Available 13 finishes of which 9 can be used both indoor and outdoor, instead the chrome, brass, copper and carbon finishes are suitable only for indoor use.

Italia, design by Favaretto&Partners (patented # 003164540-0003 – 003164540-0004).


Italia is a perfect combination of ergonomics and style. It has an exposed metal structure in high-strength steel-rod, available in a chromed or embossed black or white painted version, provides a stylish support to a cold-foamed shell of varying density. The design and technology are completely innovative. It is available in the high or low version with chrome frame or black or white painted. Leathers and fabrics are available in wide range of colors.


neocon-award-Caimi- Brevetti_laboratorio-snowsound-software-wow-webmagazine

Snowsound collects two awards at NeoCon 2017.

On the occasion of the Neocon 49th edition, particularly focused on Italian design, Caimi Brevetti earned once again two Awards: the first Best of Neocon Silver is for the sound-absorbing system Snowsound Diesis, the second one for Snowsound Analysis Software. 

Snowsound was awarded several international recognition mixing innovation with product design. This coexistence of unique aesthetic qualities with outstanding performance greatly contributes to its success.


The latest Best of Neocon Award won, in “Software/Application for Specifications” category, is a meaningful recognition for the Snowsound Analysis Software thanks to its user friendliness and quickness in estimating the required acoustic material for a given environment.


Diesis, designed by Alessandro and Francesco Mendini, is a system of sound-absorbing Snowsound-Fiber drapes, realized with soft interwoven polyester fibers that are inherently fire-resistant and supported by a steel structure (either free-standing or hanging from the ceiling). The interaction between its special acoustic fibers and its particular shape leads to signification reduction in annoying acoustic reverberation, thus improving acoustic comfort and life quality.
Snowsound products and technologies are covered by exclusive patents that represent the result of intense in progress research and development in collaboration with Universities and Research Institutes.

neocon-award-Caimi- Brevetti_laboratorio-snowsound-diesis-wow-webmagazine

Caimi Brevetti, Flap, design by Alberto Meda, Francesco Meda

Caimi among the 8 finalists of DesignEuropa Award EUIPO.

DesignEuropa Award is organized by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) to celebrate excellences in design and its management among Registered Community Design (RCD).
Caimi Brevetti is one of the eight finalists companies among four Italian ones with Alessi, Ducati and Slamp. We are really proud of this!

Caimi Brevetti is nominated for Flap, the sound absorbing panel designed by Alberto Meda and Francesco, winner of the last Compasso d’Oro ADI too.
The DesignEuropa prize giving ceremony will be organized next November 30th in Milan. The members of the prestigious jury come from the corporate, design and intellectual property world.

The jury members appreciated “the combination of visual and tactile elements and the way it acts as a bridge between the industrial and interior design”. Another aspect focused by the jury was “the clever and sophisticated of DMC system” by Caimi Brevetti through its management strategy of intellectual property.

Caimi Brevetti, Flap, design by Alberto Meda, Francesco Meda


ATCT in Istanbul wins the International Architecture Award 2016.

The awarded project of the Istanbul New Airport Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT), designed by Pininfarina and AECOM, has won the prestigious International Architecture Award 2016 organized by Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.
The ATCT is one of the 130 winning projects chosen from a shortlist of 370 entries from across the world, achieving a high standard of excellence in design, construction, planning, and sustainability and promoting best practice in Real Estate.

Last December 2015 Pininfarina and AECOM won the international design competition for the Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) and technical building at Istanbul New Airport.
The AECOM and Pininfarina collaboration was chosen by IGA from six entries from international architectural firms (Zaha Hadid, Fuksas, Moshe Safdie, Grimshaw-Nordic and RMJM). IGA is a consortium of five leading Turkish contractors (Cengiz, Mapa, Limak, Kolin and Kalyon) that was awarded the concession to build Istanbul New Airport as the engineering, procurement and construction contractor and will also be the operator.


Uniquely, the innovative design by Pininfarina and AECOM combines influences from the aviation and automotive sectors with strong architectural design.
A landmark for all passengers flying in and out of the airport, the ATCT will be the signature of Istanbul New Airport, which is set to be the world’s largest new airport in terms of annual passenger capacity.
The aerodynamic and fluid tower’s shape is inspired by the tulip, a symbol of Istanbul for many centuries and an important cultural reference in Turkish history.
The elliptical shape of the tower influences all aspects of the form and geometry of the technical building below.
A number of the building’s characteristics are inspired by historical Turkish architecture, for example the double-height central atrium that has a bespoke mosaic-patterned skylight.
The concept for the tower and technical building is focused on the daily functional requirements of the facility and the people who use it.



Innovation in workplace is the winner of Compasso d’Oro ADI.

It was a great pleasure to hear that several products from “Design for Work” category were among the winners of del XXIV Compasso d’Oro ADI, the oldest and most authoritative Design Award. In particular, I’m referring to Flap by Caimi Brevetti and Vela by Tecno, and also to the Special Mentions to LaPalma for Add and Unifor for SC&A (..and a little bit disappointed for Privée by Ares Line, not selected by the Jury).

Quite rewarding for me, too, in a way. Actually, being in the board of ADI Design Index in the category “Design for Work” I could take part in the selection of these products, I had followed their path during these three years and had supported their value in the various stages leading to the final prize.
Lately, the “workplace” trade had not aroused the Compasso d’Oro jury’s interest, but thanks to those companies who have invested in research and innovation and shown a coherent planning consistency, 2016 marks a turning point, thus proving that the technological devices are not the only work tools, although absolutely necessary and not just in an innovation-oriented field.
The quality of work, real and perceived, also comes from the physical space (one of the three key words of Smart Working together with technology and management).
And furnishings, along with other interior design components, bears upon this quality, provided that they actually offer something new, help to improve the wellbeing of people.

The secret of these products intended to become masterpieces can be found in these wise statements by some of the professionals winners of the ADI Compasso d’Oro Career Achievement Awards 2016:
“As design engineers we do something about it. We’re all about invention and improvement.” (James  Dyson, winner of international Career Achievement Award).
“I like to design products that last for years, products that are not intrusive and that give the feeling of having always been where you put them, but which also stimulate the imagination at the same time.” (Carlo Bartoli, winner of Italian Career Achievement Award).
“Italian design companies have shown that through expanding sensitivity and taste, the human capacity to connect the head, heart and hands is enhanced: a value that we associate with craftsmanship and incorporate into accepted Italian and therefore humanistic design.” (Rodrigo Rodriquez, winner of Italian Career Achievement Award).
“In the complexity of contemporary society there is always someone somewhere who is doing something unexpected and which goes in the right direction, that is, someone who has found how to deal with and solve a problem, while redefining and creating a new sociability at the same time.” (Ezio Manzini, winner of Italian Career Achievement Award).
We thank these promoters of the genuine vision of Design awarded by Compasso d’Oro.
Editorial by Renata Sias, editor WOW!

Captions (from left):
Flap di Caimi Brevetti (ADI Design Index 2014) design Alberto Meda, Francesco Meda. (Design for Work): “Compasso d’Oro for a free and versatile system that presents a new solution for invisible problems such as sound and noises.”
Vela di Tecno (ADI Design Index 2015) design Lievore Altherr Molina (Design for Work) “Compasso d’Oro for research that results in an elegant, lightweight, technological yet solid product that brilliantly integrates ergonomics and aesthetics”.
Add di Lapalma (ADI Design Index 2015) design Francesco Rota (Design for Work) “Special Mention for a Modular chair and backrest system for the design of waiting rooms or lounge environments”.
Parete SC&A di Unifor (ADI Design Index 2014) design Pierluigi Cerri, Alessandro Colombo – Studio Cerri & Associati (Design for Work) “Special mention. Only the glass walls are left exposed and it greatly lightens the perception of enclosed spaces so as to create a permeable, rational, and comfortable work environment”.



Targa Rodolfo Bonetto 2016: the Design for All is the winner.

The prize giving ceremony of 21st edition of “Targa Rodolfo Bonetto 2016” was held in Milan at Spazio Eventi US49, conducted by Giorgio Tartaro.  The winner project is Loop, a navigation system for interiors, by Giulio Fuzzi, Federico Marchetta, Daniele Gamba and Giuseppe Marchetti, Politecnico di Milano Faculty of Industrial Design: a real GPS that allows blind people to orient themselves indoors.

The designers selected by the jury won  the electric Renault Twizy minicar customized by Carrozzeria Castagna with interior in Alcantara and Missoni Home fabrics.


Second prize, the ForYou project, by Giulia Geremia, Politecnico di Milano Faculty of Industrial Design: a tool to “dilute” the children’s stress in the waiting rooms.


Third prize is the underwater drone, Virtual Drone, by Ludovica Schiavone, Sebastiano Vocale and Sibilla Vannucci, ISIA Pescara: a drone to see below the sea surface, connected to a wireless floating base powered by a solar panel.

“Targa Rodolfo Bonetto” the traditional annual competition for students of the University and design schools around the world, is organized under the patronage of Federlegno, ADI Association for Industrial design, Foundation ADI Compasso d’Oro.


3rd Archmarathon (13/15 May, Milan).

Following the 2015 edition in Beirut, Archmarathon is coming back in Milan on 13-14-15 May 2016 at East End Studios to join 42 Architecture Offices from different countries.

Archmarathon is an international conference where the invited studios may present their projects for the prestigious Award bestowed by the Jury, composed by architecture critics, journalists and curators.
It is also an important moment to meet architects an to share visions on the contemporary architecture.
The categories include many differente sectors: workspaces and transports, hotels and churches, private homes and buildings for culture and arts.
You can vote your favorite projects!



BTicino wins IF Design Award 2016 (Building Technology category).

The innovative video door entry unit Classe 300 by BTicino was awarded in the Building Technology category by the IF Design Award, recognized for over 60 years as one of the most important international awards.
This year the Jury has chosen -among over 5000 applications- the video door entry unit Classe 300, a product that reflects the values that make up Legrand’s and BTicino’s corporate culture: beauty, functionality, and technological innovation.

Design Legrand Italia’s designers have devoted special care to the creation of the Classe 300: its harmonious shape, which combines straight, and yet soft, lines and rounded-off edges, and its metal surface make the device look incredibly slim and result in a stylish, incredibly elegant profile.
“We are very proud that the international jury decided to award us for this product, which is designed by Design Legrand, manufactured by the Group’s plants in Italy, and distributed all over the world. We created the Classe 300 after an extensive research on current styles and trends, to ensure it would become a worthy component of contemporary furniture and furnishings- Milka Eskola, Legrand’s Vice-President Art & Design, commented- We also worked on Apps and connectivity, adding new functions that would meet the needs of today’s increasingly mobile lifestyle. The harmonious blend of outer design and technological content conquered the jury and allowed us to receive yet one more prestigious acknowledgement in the design sector”.

Video door entry unit Classe 300.
Soon to be available also in the version connected with the Eliot program, the new video door entry unit Classe 300 features a large 7” touch screen display, stylishly completed by a refined glass-effect polished finish. The main functions can be controlled by touch-sensitive capacitive buttons, with a tactile guide that makes them easily recognisable by the user, while more complex functions can be managed directly from the touch screen display using the user-friendly navigation interface icons.


tizio-artemide- richard-sapper-wow-webmagazine

Richard Sapper, the dad of Tizio lamp, died.

Richard Sapper, German designer Milanese by adoption and worldwide well known died on December 31. Bequeaths some of the most famous pieces of design and 10 awards Compasso d’Oro won. The last, Lifetime Achievement Award, in 2014 “for having united the rigor of the German and the Italian genius in designing a multitude of products of extraordinary success in different sectors.”

After working at Mercedes Benz in the styling department, from Monaco of Bavaria he moved to Milan in 1958, Mecca of design; first he worked in the studio of Gio Ponti and then, for about a decade in collaboration with Marco Zanuso to create some master pieces from the golden era of design (Cube radio and television Algol for Brionvega, Grillo telephone, Kartell chair for children, etc).
Sapper is one of the most important designers of the generation who gives a shape to the functionality of everyday objects “from the spoon to the town”, one of the most awarded and recognized in the world.
The Tizio lamp for Artemide is probably his best known and photogenic object (since 1972 how many films showed this lamp?) But its strict sign distinguished in other areas of industrial design and there are many highly innovative objects designed by Sapper , even though less iconic.
In the office sector the legendary chair Sapper Collection for Knoll in 1979 and the furniture system “From 9 to 5” for Castelli in 1987; home coffee maker, kettle and cutlery for Alessi; televisions and computers, household appliances; watches (his first Compasso d’Oro, in 1959 it was for the Lorenz Static watch) and means of transport, a subject that has always fascinated him.
1, Richard Sapper and Tizio for Artemide. Compasso d’Oro (designed by Richard Sapper 1972). 

2 Pen Dialog for Lamy (designed by Richard Sapper).
3, Folding bike Zoombike for Elettromontaggi. Compasso d’Oro(designed by Richard Sapper 2000).
4, Furniture system “Nine to five” for Castelli. Compasso d’Oro (designed by Richard Sapper 1987).
5, Sapper Chair Collection for Knoll (designed by Richard Sapper).

6, Algol TV for Brionvega (design Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper 1965).
7, 9090 Coffee maker for Alessi. Compasso d’Oro (designed by Richard Sapper 1979).
8, Sapper double monitor arm for Knoll (designed by Richard Sapper 2012).
9, Secretaire for Molteni Unifor (designed by Richard Sapper 1989).


USM Privacy Panels is the winner of Design Preis Schweiz.

USM Privacy Panels is the winner of the Design Preis Schweiz award in the Furniture category. The internationally renowned jury, including the well-known designer Jasper Morrison, identified in this product a response to new needs of the workplace, the consistent evolution of the classic USM Haller system and the sustainability. All the nominated products will be on display until 13th December 2015 in the Design Prize Switzerland showroom in Langenthal, Switzerland.

During the award ceremony, Jasper Morrison, president of the international jury, formulated the reasons for their choice:

USM’s Haller furniture system is a classic which has lost none of its topical relevance since it was developed and launched on the market decades ago. As a response to changes in the office environment -above all, to the need for the visual and acoustic screening of certain areas- the sound proofing USM Privacy Panels represent an intelligent addition to the company’s market range. The sophisticated design of the product is in keeping with the best USM standards. Aesthetically restrained and at the same time visually appealing, the panels remain loyal to the modular idiom which has been characteristic of USM for many years. Sustainability has been served through the use of recycled materials.”


Caimi-Brevetti-snowsound- diesis_greenguard-wow-webmagazine

GreenGuard Gold Certification for Caimi Brevetti’s Snowsould.

A new award for the Caimi Brevetti’s Snowsound acoustic technology! The Snowsound, Snowsound-Fiber and Snowall products have obtained GreenGuard Gold certification, which attests to their low-emissions characteristics and their contribution to improving the quality of the environment. They are  now listed in UL’s Sustainable Product Guide and contribute to acquiring credits toward the Indoor Environmental Quality section of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building certification.

Products with GreenGuard Gold certification follow the strictest certification standards even when it comes to the most “delicate” individuals, such as children and the elderly, and are ideal for school buildings as well as care facilities.
Furthermore, in designing Snowsound products, we have set out with the objective of making sure the product is fully recyclable quickly and easily at the end of its lifecycle. This is why the panels have been made entirely in polyester, therefore utilising a single material, and are 100% recyclable without the need to separate the outer fabric from the inner soundproofing material. All of the components in plastic and metal are in a single material and can be easily disassembled, allowing for the product to be recycled completely. The use of high quality materials and working methods leads to longer product life and to less consumption of materials and energy.
The panels do not contain felt or other organic materials that would be difficult to recycle.
The panels have no detectable formaldehyde content and have been tested according to UNI EN 717-2 regulations.
Caimi-Brevetti-snowsound- diesis_greenguard-wow-webmagazine


Priscilla Lanotte’s food design wins the Targa Bonetto 2015.

EXPO has given great impetus to industrial design projects dedicated to food. One of the most interesting examples of Food Design is Bio_Pic, a Priscilla Lanotte’s project which, among the 100 projects participating from around the world, has won the first prize of Targa Rodolfo Bonetto 2015. A creative idea, environmental friendly perfectly suited also for canteens and break areas in workplaces.

This authoritative competition, with the sponsorship of ADI Association for Industrial Design Foundation and Collection ADI Compasso d’Oro, since 20 years ago rewards the creativity of students of universities and design schools around the world and is important opportunity to test their skills, dedicated to those who are still in the process of training in a profession that requires a mix of skills and innate abilities.
The winner of the competition is the project “Bio_Pic”,  self-service tray, by Priscilla Lanotte, Accademia di Brera (Milan), also awarded an exceptional prize: a city car UP! offered by Volkswagen Group, official sponsor of the 20th edition of the Targa Bonetto, and customized by Garage Italia Customs, a company headed by Lapo Elkann, who delivered the car to the winner during the awards ceremony at the headquarters of the ADI.

Other interesting lighting design projects and furniture design at the podium:
2nd place for “Mole”, a lamp designed by F. Calvi, A. Crespi, M. Grima, A. Marcuzzo, IED (Milan);
3rd place for “Living Plus” seating system by Gian Raffaele Ciannavei, Italian Design Institute (Perugia).2-bio-pic-food-design-primo-premio-targa-bonetto-2015-wow-webmagazine


San Prospero by Progetto CMR wins the REbuild 2015 Award.

Energy saving, historical appeal, cutting-edge plant design, flexibility and BREEAM certification: these are the ingredients of the new REbuild 2015 Award “San Prospero”, the XIX-century milanese building redeveloped by Progetto CMR for Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management.

The REbuild prize takes its name after the redevelopment and estate management‘s innovation convention, organized by Habitech and Riva del Garda Fieracongressi, borned to reward the best projects in the sustainable redevelopment field, valuing the quality of the building in terms of costs, consumptions, materials and comfort.
The REbuild prize’s fourth edition in the service sector was won for the second year in a row by Progetto CMR with “San Prospero.
The project for the redevelopment of the building in San Prospero St. in Milan, 3000 sqm and five floors bulding, originally designed for residential purposes, gives to the interiors new functional qualities and performance level through the attention towards the energy efficiency and the flexibility of the space.
The features of the XIX-century milanese architecture, with marbles and mosaic glass windows, meet the comfort of the environments, designed with structural and plant cutting-edge solutions, awarded with the BREEAM Europe Commercial Offices 2009 certification.
On the exterior, a “thermal coat” was built on the internal side of the perimeter wall, improving the insulation and the soundproofing of the building.
“We are proud of this result” Marco Ferrario, Progetto CMR’s president, comments. “We want to thank Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management which gave us the opportunity to design a sustainable building and to put into effect our expertise”.
Text by Gabriele Masi.
Pictures by Gianluca Cardoni.




The new International Prize Gabriele Basilico.

The new Gabriele Basilico International Prize in architecture and landscape photography, in memory of one of the last years most famous photographer, has launched its first edition on the 29th June in the headquarters of the Ordine degli Architetti P.P.C. of the Province of Milan.

Gabriele Basilico (Milan, 1944-2013) was an artist with a well-rounded language, always paying attention to a civil commitment in favour of the new generations, capable to grasp the most significant changes in a constant debate with architecture, city planning, sociology, literature, photography, and the art more broadly.
For this reasons the Prize is thought for under 35 photographers and it aims to become a benchmark in the research of new visual languages and to stimulate young artists in investigating the architecture and the landscape through all the figurative, social and cultural aspects.
The participation is “invitation only”: a jury of experts, headed by Giovanna Calvenzi, will choose the most interesting photographers from all over the world, and will evaluate the best project. The award ceremony will take place in December and the winner will have 8 months to realise his own project, that will consist in a photographic research, with a publication of a book.
Text by Gabriele Masi.




Mipim Award 2015: Best Office to Selcuk Ecza HQ; People’s Choice Award to Progetto CMR.

During the Prize Ceremony in Cannes the MIPIM Awards 2015 were assigned to 10 different Real Estate categories. We are pleased to report that the People’s Choice Award goes to Italy (Oxigen Eco-Tower by Progetto CMR). Selcuk Ecza Headquarters in Istambul awarded Best Office.

Presented in the category Best Futura Mega Project, the project of the sustainable residential tower Oxygen Eco-tower, “your villa in the sky” (Progetto CMR) has captivated audiences.

The Special Jury Award is Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London (Developer: London Legacy Development Corporation. Project: Erect Architects LUC with landscape architect James Corner Field Operations with Make Architects).
Selcuk Ecza Headquarters in Istanbul was awarded in the category Best Office and Business Development,(Developer: Selcuk Ecza Holding. Tabanlioglu Project Architects: Melkan Gürsel & Murat Tabanlioglu).
Another office building was also awarded in the category Best Refurbished Building: Dreischeibenhaus in Dusseldorf (Developer: Momeni Projektentwicklung. Architect: HPP Hentrich – Petschnigg & Partner GmbH + Co.)

Selcuk Ecza Headquarters, Istambul (Developer: Selcuk Ecza Holding. Progetto Tabanlıoğlu Architects : Melkan Gürsel & Murat Tabanlıoğlu).
Like a small county settlement, juxtaposition of seven house-like volumes with hipped roofs forms the office campus.The individual ‘houses’ integrate to each other either through gardens, roof gardens, upper or lower patios and paths and atriums. The brown color of the exterior brings up the soft wood effect and unifies the structure. Daylight enters through roofs and all transparent sides, creating a diffused lighting mood in the spacious internal space until the basement floor.

Dreischeibenhaus, Dusseldorf (Developer: MOMENI Projektentwicklung. Architect: HPP Hentrich – Petschnigg & Partner GmbH + Co.)
Dreischeibenhaus provides 35.000 m² of upgraded state-of-the-art office space in the heart of Düsseldorf’s CBD. This high-rise building, former headquarter of Thyssen Krupp, is already a unique heritage landmark and famous throughout Germany. Designed by internationally-renowned HPP Architects, the completed refurbishment is in compliance with LEED Gold Standard Green Building Criteria. Particular highlights are the façade, an impressive two-story entrance lobby, spectacular roof terraces and sustainable engineering.


Apple Campus 2: the construction of the Foster’s spaceship in Cupertino is progressing.

The project for the realisation of the Apple Campus 2 in Cupertino, California, the new company’s headquarters designed by Studio Foster, started in 2012 and will be concluded, as planned, in 2016. After two years of competition, the Italian furniture company Estel has been awarded a project worth $80 million, for the realization of the glass partitions of the new headquarters, beating off the international competition.

Apple invested a huge amount of money for its new “home”: $5 billion for the whole project, of which more than $161 million will be used for building an 11,000 sqm auditorium and $74 million for a 9,300 sqm futuristic fitness centre which will be available to the 13,000 employees to be employed by the company.
The Apple Campus 2 will be an integrated, unified and secure 21st Century campus surrounded
by green space. This new development will provide a serene environment reflecting Apple’s brand values of innovation, ease of use and beauty. The entire 176-acre site will be redeveloped with sustainable, state-of-the-art office, research and development facilities, which will replace the current disjointed assemblage of aging corporate facilities with a single high performance office, research and development building, with supporting facilities. The buildings are located in a unified and secure landscape, which extends and connects the interior workplaces to outdoor facilities for relaxation, recreation and reflection. The entire Campus, indoors and out, is intended to promote shared creativity and collaboration, and spur invention of the next several generations of Apple products.
Estel, a company with 350 employees and a turnover of about €60 million, has been awarded the contract, beating off the international competition and winning “the final” against the last American company in the competition.
The work for realising the earthquake-resistant walls will begin in the summer of 2015, to be concluded in 2016. The project envisions mounting double glass walls, including blinds realized with wooden slats, for 1.3 kilometres suitable for furnishing every sector of the 280,000 sqm complex.
Estel will be taking care of all the production and supply, while the actual installation will be carried out by local workers trained and monitored by Estel.
Text by Gabriele Masi.



Call for entry: ADI Design Index 2015.

From January 7th, nominations for the ADI Design Index 2015 are accepting. Companies and designers may submit, the products made in 2014 that will be able to attend the upcoming Compasso d’Oro (deadline February 28th).

ADI Design Index is the yearbook published by ADI – Italian Association for Industrial Design – that collects the best of Italian design, selected by the ADI Permanent Design Observatory.
The selection includes products or product systems, assessed in the context of different merchandise fields, in addition to the theoretical, historical and critical research and the corporate research.
All the selected products are also published on a website that houses the documentation that has not been possible to make available in the printed edition.
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The Best Workplaces Italy awarded by Great Place to Work (Milan, February 17th).

The winners of the 14th edition of Great Place to Work Award will be announced and awarded during the Award Dinner on February 17th at Triennale in Milan. WOW! Webmagazine, media partner with Corriere della Sera, will attend the event.

During the gala dinner, Great Place to Work® Italy will reward the 35 Best Italian Companies to Work for. The location chosen for this exciting initiative (14th edition) reveals a growing emphasis on the quality of the interior design of the workplace as well as the management culture.
The list of the winning companies will be exclusively published in Corriere della Sera on the following day, February 18th. WOW! Webmagazine will dedicate a special issue to this event.