wellness at work: Italy is increasingly sit-stand!

Smart working by now is an expanding working mode. In Italy as well – at last-  it has been regularly inserted into a regulatory framework thanks to law 81/2017 that deals with key subjects, such as job duration, terms of notice, control methods and so on. And furnishing as well is adapting to this trend; for example with “agile” sit-stand workstations as Linak demonstrates.

“Sons” of smart working are widespread working and coworking. Since work is increasingly itinerant, fast, smart and agile. Meetings are more and more stand-up meetings, but they are also held in lounge areas and in common spaces. Just to make an example, in Milan, the Porta Nuova district is a bulwark of widespread work and coworking. There are many areas that rent workstations in exchange for affordable fees. Getting connected in every place and at any time of the day has become a life habit and new technologies enable us to fully live this change.


Furnishing as well is adapting to this trend.

Pieces of furniture are designed to make our work simple and healthy wherever we are. From insulating panels to ensure a certain privacy though among people, to “variable” workstations, changing according to Activity Based Office to answer to different activities (for instance the focus room or the phone booth).
Up to sit-stand tables that are so popular  in North European offices and that are gaining ground in Italy as well, in prestigious head offices and in coworking areas. And the sit-stand trend perfectly integrates in the smart-working context.
Media have already highlighted, in different articles, the importance to keep a proper posture at work and to alternate sat down work to standing moments. This behavior enables to prevent disorders such as cervical, backache, dysfunction of the spine, thus reducing discomfort and absenteeism from work. Sit-stand desks, driven by Linak lifting columns, are gaining popularity in many offices and working places in Italy.
Plenty of Italian design companies are following this furnishing trend for office furniture to keep up with remote working, coworking, home office and everything makes a job highly smart. Italy is increasingly sit-stand!


Photo gallery:
1 Sit-stand desk by
Manerba  equipped with linear actuators Linak.
2 Sit stand table with central column by 
Emmeitalia equipped with linear actuators Linak.
3 Sit-stand desk  Estel equipped with linear actuators Linak.
4 It is designed by Tine Mouritsen and presented at Danish LIVINGroom the first sit-stand desk that integrates a power napping pillow. It is equipped with linear actuators Linak.





Sit-stand and user-friendly workstation.

A user-friendly multimedia workstation with a light design, and without any cable thanks to the use of Linak‘s bluetooth technology: these are the features of Tecnus Evo -evolution of the height-adjustable table Tecnus- designed and produced by Emme Italia, a company that since 1995 marries innovative technologies with Italian handicrafts to offer customized and constantly in progress solutions.

The growth of Emme Italia continues with the usual passion: from the traditional drafting tables to the electrified sit-stand version using linear actuators by Linak and, recently, the most advanced step Tecnus Evo.
Tecnus Evo is a new result of the collaboration between Emme Italia and Linak: a multimedia workstation inspired by a common vision of dynamic ergonomics, well-being and IoT in the workplace.
It is featured by clean design and high performances:
the integration of Linak’s new bluetooth technologies allows the elimination of wiring and a user friendly approach;
the rechargeable Battery Pack makes the table independent by power supply;
height adjustment can be controlled either by the traditional push-button panel housed into the column or by a smartphone (for iOS or Android App).


The App Desk Control allows the adjustment of the table with a touch and also to save custom settings and set personal goals for wellness.
Standard height adjustment from 72 to 112 cm is perfect for workstations and informal meetings, other adjustments are available on request.


Height-adjustable table, structure in painted steel column (black, white or RAL tailored colors), desk top in melamine.
Dimensions cm 100 x 200; height cm from 72 to 112.


The drafting machine becomes multimedia and touch screen.

Thanks to IOT (Internet Of Things) everyday objects take on new features. One example is the height-adjustable table developed by Emme Italia in collaboration with Logica Uno. The apparently obsolete drafting table, loved by architects, turns into a multimedia machine designed for teaching and training rooms.

The Emmesystem range of height adjustable desks produced by Emme Italia launches some new products “ The adjustable desk is the contemporary evolution of the drawing table, historical product that sees Emme Italia as leader in Europe”, explains Alessandro Barison, design manager of the company.
The CSEI family was equipped with heigh-adjustable desk top thanks to the application of linear actuator system by Linak and  today the evolution trend continues in partnership with Teatos (Logica Uno).

The adjustable desks Conform CSEI are designed for multimedia rooms; they integrates a personal computer with Intel processor and Window 8.1 operating system suitable for touch screen technology and graphics software.
The “cell imaging” technology makes the movement more fluid and is perfect for sketch. It can be equipped with wheels.



Designforyou: evolving furniture for creative people.

Emme Italia draws attention to itself after a 20-year development in the back office trade. The new e-commerce website and its entry into office and retail trade are the latest steps of the steady progress of a brand, that keeps its craft identity. Alessandro Barison, design manager at Emme Italia, tells us the history of this company.

After dealing with the leading restoration workshops and museum archives in the world and the studios of architects and creative people, the Italian brand Emme Italia is now more and more visible through the project of a design-oriented small-sized enterprise awarded at the 2009 Eindhoven Dutch Design Week as one of the top five in Europe.
It was established by Maurizio Barison in 1995, when the advent of the CAD caused the collapse of the drafting machine industry.

But it was his son Alessandro – graduate at Scuola di Design in Padua- who, a few years later, changed the once machine shop into a design brand supplying customized products and addressed to “creative people” :
As though a 20° anniversary celebration of the company, the Draftech drawers were chosen and displayed in large size at Triennale di Milano, to contain original drafts by some of the most important Italian architects, on the occasion of the exhibition “Comunità Italia. Architettura, città e paesaggio dal dopoguerra al Duemila”.

Marked by a rigorous industrial design, the furniture offered by Emme Italia can be found at startuppers’, coworking spaces – for instance Jamko in Milanand workplaces all of them featuring a minimal look.
Through the e-commerce site, the supply expands with new office collections, that include sitting-standing desks and fitting-out products for shops. From the workshop to the office and through to retail trade.



Adjustable height desk trend is spreading in Italy.

The “sitting-standing” desk trend is spreading in Italy, too. As confirmed by the turnover of the companies producing it and by Linak, leading producer company in electric linear actuators. Italy is discovering the advantages of the adjustable height desks, which was the theme we already dealt with in some of our previous articles.

A few companies- Kinnarps, Estel, Sedus, Emme Italia- have recorded a rise in sales ranging from 10 to 30% and their remarks help us investigate this new request coming from the market.

In the pictures electric linear actuator by Linak.

The sensibility to the wellbeing theme is the most interesting fact, a real “cultural swing” in Italy.

In the pictures high adjustable desks by Sedus.

When we speak of Ergonomics, today we think of the workplace in its entirety, not just of the task chair. Actually in desk sharing offices and in companies focused on the employees‘ wellbeing.

In the pictures high adjustable desks by Kinnarps.

Now let’s come to the drawback pointed out by Gensler: to what extent does the electrical control affect the cost compared to the fixed desk?

In the pictures high adjustable desks by Estel.

The percentage increase for a standard desk ranges from + 38% to more than the double.

In the pictures high adjustable desks by Emme Italia.

In Italy the prices for a standard adjustable height desks (no accessories included) are:
From 700 to 900 euro Kinnarps.
From 1000 to 1500 euro Emme Italia.
From 1000 to 1700 euro Sedus:
Up to 1300 euro Estel.


Comunità Italia- wow-webmagazine

Italian architecture of the late 20th century at Triennale di Milano.

The exhibition “Community: Italy. Architecture, city and landscape from the postwar period to 2000” at Triennale di Milano (28 November 2015 – 06 March 2016) curated by Alberto Ferlenga and Marco Biraghi. It aims to tell the story of Italian architecture of the late twentieth century. Drafts and models by the biggest names in the history of Italian architecture, landscape photos and the the transformation at present focuses on the current status of the Italian landscape.

Introduced by a video installation and the sculpture by Pietro Consagra “The Horizontal City” the main body of the exhibition consists of approximately 120 works, including models, original drawings and albums that illustrate the design aspects in detail. From Ludovico Quaroni, Ignazio Gardella and Aldo Rossi to Renzo Piano.
Another important relationship developed by Italian architecture is that with landscape photography. As such, one section of the exhibition is devoted to the images of some of the best Italian photographers (from Gabriele Basilico to Luigi Ghirri).
At its conclusion, the exhibition refers to the transformation of the physical body of Italy at present and an installation which illustrate how projectual occasions are gradually changing in contemporary Italy, as well as ask how new fields of application and training needs for future architects are emerging.

Draftech drawers by Emme Italia. were chosen by the Triennale di Milano for the exhibition: “Community: Italy. Architecture, city and landscape from the postwar period to 2000”. The design of Draftech drawers comes from far away, a tradition that comes from the wooden drawers always been used by architects and typographers and that is consolidated in the fifties of the last century with the development of the industrial processes and the introduction of metal as a structural element. The size of the cabinets fit prior to international DIN drawing formats and then to the size of the plotter prints. In the seventies and eighties the metal drawers for drawings are in major architectural and design studios in the world. In the same period, the metal drawers for drawings become a more sophisticated piece of furniture for “loft style” home furnishings or nomadic creative offices.
Title: Community: Italy. Architecture, city and landscape from the postwar period to 2000.
Where: Triennale di Milano
When: 28 November 2015 – 06 March 2016.


Tecnus: height adjustable column tables.

Tecnus adjustable column tables by Emme Italia are made of steel and powered by Linak linear actuator, with electric power or battery pack solutions.

Tecnus adjustable tables can be used as freestanding solution in different locations and for different uses, such as IT offices, CAD/CAM workstations, or informal meeting workplaces.
Standard height adjustment cm 72/112.

Tecnus adjustable tables are available in customized solutions also with worktop inclination system. The standard paint is white RAL 9016 or RAL9003. The standard worktops are made of white melamine. Standard dimensions are cm 80×120, 80×140, 80×160. Other paint colors and melamine finishes are available on request.standing-tecnus-emme-italia-sara-marani-wow-webmagazine


Emme Italia furnishes Jamko coworking in Milan.

A new coworking opens at Lambrate district. It’s called Jamko, comes up with the metaphorical image of the astronaut of “2001: a space Odyssey”, offers low-cost spaces and it’s an incubator for creative talent and craftspeople, an idea that liked to Emme Italia that provided its furniture conceived for creative environments.

It was a small building of the ’60s/70s with industrial device, restored by the architect Joseph Di Pasquale, who used the widest part to his studio AM Progetti and devoted 120 sqm open space to coworking animated by the sparkling Giovanni Di Modica. Some workstations well apart and a room where to do “dirty works” such as those of painters and craftsman that cannot, obviously, use traditional spaces.

Thanks to Emme-Italia furniture and EmC lights that, from the very beginning, supported the idea, Jamko can boast of a particular look constantly changing that combines practicality and aesthetic taste, a good quality that the future coworkers are going to appreciate. High-adjusting tables ( 150 x 100 cm) with reclinabel tops, wooden stools, bookcases, standard drawers and large professional storages for drawings and prints.
It’ll host, until 13th April, the creations of 6 Italian realities in the field of art and design. All of them have a strong handicraft mark (Emme Italia, EmC Luci, Galimberti, Nicoletta Negro, Arianna Carossa, Lucha Libre and Birrificio Diciottopuntozero).
Jamko Coworking
where: Via Priorato 6, Milano.
when: 8/13th april (10 am/8 pm)
Opening April 8th.