Eco-sustainability and design for resilient flooring.

After creating countless styles of modular carpet, distinguished by high performances and sustainability, Interface launches a luxury modular vinyl flooring featured by the same green vision and based on biophilic design approach.

Level Set is the first Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) collection by Interface. It is environmental friendly and is inspired by natural elements like wood and stone, according to biophilic design approach.
It offers options that evoke distressed, reclaimed and exposed natural materials. The textures, colours and patterns available provide more light reflection to maximising the benefits of daylight.
Available in 28 variations of Natural and Textured Woodgrains & Stones, it comes in Interface’s standard (25 cm x 1 m and 50 x 50 cm squares) and is complementary to carpet tile collections.
Since it is fully compatible in size and height, you can combine existing carpet and new LVT for a unique space of varied textures and designs.


We’re seeing an increased focus on cohesive design throughout the built environment, as well as a rise in demand for soft and hard flooring that blends well and functions as part of a modular design system– said Mandy Leeming, Design and Development Manager for Interface EMEALevel Set embraces our customers’ interest in flooring that has the look of natural materials with the functionality, durability and affordability of LVT, while ensuring they can select a mix of hard and soft flooring from a single partner to create a unified look and feel.”


An eco-sustainable design aimed at environmental comfort.
To install Level Set is simple and clean thanks to glue-free TacTiles. It emits virtually zero VOCs and allows for an environmental footprint over 90% lower than installation with traditional glue adhesives.
Engineered to compatible height (4.5mm total thickness) with Interface’s carpet tiles, providing the ability to effortlessly move from hard to soft flooring without transition strips, eliminating an unnecessary trip hazard and reducing the number of materials for specification and purchase.
To improve acoustic comfort the sound absorbing “Sound Choice” is available for LVT collections.



TEAM7- shigeru-ban-mod1_Didier- Ghislain-wow-webmagazine

The Team 7 HQ will be designed by Shigeru Ban.

The Pritzker Prizker Prize-winning architect Shigeru Ban is the winner of the international competition for the Team 7 Headquarter in in Ried (Austria). “The design by Shigeru Ban really speaks to the heart and soul -quotes Georg Emprechtinger, owner and Managing Director of Team 7- The concept transforms our many-faceted philosophy into a reality in every respect”.

Shigeru Ban won over the jury with an innovative, energy-neutral wooden construction, which embodies Team 7’s love of solid wood and vision for a modern, sustainable lifestyle to great effect.

TEAM7- shigeru-ban-mod2_Didier- Ghislain-wow-webmagazine
It will be named Team 7 World and it will inspire creativity and meetings; transparency and openness are the main elements of the design; the smart use of glass and shade enables the optimization of daylight and the connection between interior and exterior.  A sophisticated ventilation technology provides the workplaces with perfect climate control.
The use of wood and modern energy-efficient technologies means that the building will have a minimal environmental footprint and a favourable CO2 balance.
The building will span four stories, joined together centrally by a huge oval interior space.
A spiral ramp, staircase, and a lift  will convey visitors and employees in this transparent atrium from the exhibition floor, over two stories of open space offices, to the skybox on the fourth floor.