wellness at work: Italy is increasingly sit-stand!

Smart working by now is an expanding working mode. In Italy as well – at last-  it has been regularly inserted into a regulatory framework thanks to law 81/2017 that deals with key subjects, such as job duration, terms of notice, control methods and so on. And furnishing as well is adapting to this trend; for example with “agile” sit-stand workstations as Linak demonstrates.

“Sons” of smart working are widespread working and coworking. Since work is increasingly itinerant, fast, smart and agile. Meetings are more and more stand-up meetings, but they are also held in lounge areas and in common spaces. Just to make an example, in Milan, the Porta Nuova district is a bulwark of widespread work and coworking. There are many areas that rent workstations in exchange for affordable fees. Getting connected in every place and at any time of the day has become a life habit and new technologies enable us to fully live this change.


Furnishing as well is adapting to this trend.

Pieces of furniture are designed to make our work simple and healthy wherever we are. From insulating panels to ensure a certain privacy though among people, to “variable” workstations, changing according to Activity Based Office to answer to different activities (for instance the focus room or the phone booth).
Up to sit-stand tables that are so popular  in North European offices and that are gaining ground in Italy as well, in prestigious head offices and in coworking areas. And the sit-stand trend perfectly integrates in the smart-working context.
Media have already highlighted, in different articles, the importance to keep a proper posture at work and to alternate sat down work to standing moments. This behavior enables to prevent disorders such as cervical, backache, dysfunction of the spine, thus reducing discomfort and absenteeism from work. Sit-stand desks, driven by Linak lifting columns, are gaining popularity in many offices and working places in Italy.
Plenty of Italian design companies are following this furnishing trend for office furniture to keep up with remote working, coworking, home office and everything makes a job highly smart. Italy is increasingly sit-stand!


Photo gallery:
1 Sit-stand desk by
Manerba  equipped with linear actuators Linak.
2 Sit stand table with central column by 
Emmeitalia equipped with linear actuators Linak.
3 Sit-stand desk  Estel equipped with linear actuators Linak.
4 It is designed by Tine Mouritsen and presented at Danish LIVINGroom the first sit-stand desk that integrates a power napping pillow. It is equipped with linear actuators Linak.





Interior Design becomes Green: LivingOffice 3rd event (Rome, Sept.13).

The next free meeting of the cycle workshops “Paths of sustainabilityorganized by LivingOffice with the technical and scientific support by Officine Green Building and the patronage of Green Building Council Italy, Acquisti & Sostenibilità and Fondazione Ecosistemi will take place in Rome on September 13th from 4,30 pm.

After the issues concerning materials and lighting, the focus of the next event, coordinated by the sparkling Mirella Raccuja of LivingOffice, will be the interior design with a special focus on furnishing: from ecological impact to the whole life cycle of the furniture for a new awareness on sustainability.
The conference will be opened by Riccardo Hopps secretary of the Chapter Lazio that will bring the greetings of the Green Building Council Italia, followed by the architect Laura Scrimieri, founding member and vice president of Officine Green Building and Dr. Santi Angelo Spina, founder and Co-President of Acquisti & Sostenibilità, a nonprofit organization devoted to economic, ethical, social and environmental issues.
Among the speakers Mauro Pauer, International Acoustic, distributor of Buzzispace and Ettore Schioppa of Unifor.
A light installation will be made for the occasion by IGuzzini; the meeting will end with cocktails and DJ sets on the LivingOffice’s terrace (via del Porto Fluviale, 9).
Registration is requested by 6 September.
Ilaria Tana, Communication and Press Office:


Ecomat: made of olive waste.

Recommit is a sustainable, 100% recyclable material, even forever, the outcome of a mix of olive residue and recycled plastic in the Piana di Gioia Tauro area in south Italy. These panels can be used in the building industry, transports, office and school furnishing and in other fields.

Unique of its kind and already tested for the flooring of Expo, l’Oreal  and other important projects, this material is carried out with a state-of-the-art industrial process, glue-free, that’s why it’s an effective and eco-friendly alternative to wood.
It withstands water and atmospheric and chemical agents as well as sea salt; available in one-layer plates and panels in several thicknesses from 3 to 30 mm.
Ecomat is produced by Europlan and distributed by Livingoffice, office and retail  general contractor company based in Rome, founded by Mirella Raccuja.



A bench system to “get together”.

Team work, individual work, hot desking or smart working? Can a single furnishing meet different needs? The answer is yes if the approach to design is multifunctional as in the case of “get together”, the new bench system for new ways of working presented by Sedus at Orgatec.

Thanks to its multifunctional approach, the new bench system “get together” offers all the prerequisites for a mobile and flexible way of working together. It is a platform to quickly connect people for creative interaction, but it is perfect in the central zones of office too, to meet the requirements of temporary working models such as hot desking or smart working.

“get together” is designed as a modular system in four systematized configuration levels, to optimally match workplaces to users and to customer needs. Different top sizes, and individual features thanks to numerous nice and useful accessories, provide personalization and scope for creative design.
The easy attachment of accessories such as function bridges, cable channel, privacy screens, monitor support, hanging elements, magazine holder, desk organiser and adapter lights mean the workplace can be quickly and easily adapted to changing circumstances. In just a few moments a classic workplace can be turned into a touchdown workplace for creative work, a project table or a meeting table without accessories.
The freedom in assembling comes together with space optimization, for example top dimensions of 3200 x 1600 mm  correspond to a bench for 4 and are suitable for classic and long-term working in one place. Smaller top dimensions with a width of 2400 x 1600 mm are suitable for temporary usage in the sense of hot desking with less room available, but offer the most efficient use of space. Simple handling by means of a quick brace makes the system easy to assemble, allowing fast setup and reconfiguration.
Last but not least, Sedus also provides sustainability down to the last detail, with “Made in Germany” quality.
With“get together”, Sedus launched at Orgatec other furniture solutions suitable for different Ways of Working:
1 “turn around”, is a straightforward functional chair, perfect for team and project workplaces and available in both low and high counter versions with footring.
2 “on spot” is a new development for lounge areas. This armchair features a flowing seat shell and is available with various frames, as well as with extremely homely wooden legs.
3 “secretair” is a solution that is suitable for use as a small yet refined workplace or even the home office.
4 “Sedus to go” is a nice, useful and unusual accessories collection.


Koelnmesse Entrance East

Modern Work Environments: Orgatec is coming! Cologne, October 21st-25th.

The new Orgatec edition is titled Modern Work Environments and from 21st to 25th October 2014, will focus on holistic solutions and overall concepts from all of the relevant sectors to do with the working and living habitat space. A new area is devoted to Smart Materials. Don’t miss The Cologne Office and Architecture Night on October 24th.

Five days of 360° Office in Cologne: leading national and international manufacturers from the furnishing, flooring, acoustic, lighting, media and conference technology sectors will be presenting their products and services to industry players from all over the world.
Interior design in Halls 6 to 9; Hall 6 also accommodates the international Orgatec Trendforum.
A novelty 2014 is  the exhibition IOI – Smart Office Materials.
Hall 10.2 is completely dedicated to Contract showing comprehensive furnishing solutions for diverse areas in public spaces such as transit lounges, hotel lobbies, restaurants or theatres and cinemas
There will be two new Competence Centres in Hall 11.2: Orgatec Space (integral approach, bundling under the motto “Spaces 2014 – Connecting people) and Orgatec Mobile (concentrates on mobility and technology).
The support programme “Young Innovative Companies” will also once again form part of the Orgatec.
Insight Cologne, out of the exhibition boundaries, presents concrete examples of best practice. The Cologne Office and Architecture Night will turn contemporary office architecture into a true experience on October 24, 2014. The trade visitors and people interested in architecture can discover the innovative world of offices in Cologne per shuttle bus.
Text by Gabriele Masi.


Victorinox: the brand mirrored in the new offices (by Gerhard Harmel).

The buildup of Victorinox‘s distribution center, designed by Gerhard Harmel, perfectly reflects the corporate identity in the red furnishings, trademark color of the swissness as well in the guidelines. A perfect business card for customers and business partners.

The well known red Swiss Army Knife was created in 19th century; this multi-tool became a worldwide cult object. “Honesty, reliability, and superior quality” are strong characters apply to the pocket knife and to all the other products in the Victorinox family that contributed to the success of the company on the market.
The distribution center based in Waldshut, Germany was recently expanded with a new building. This elegant structure not only features a storage depot, offices, and a showroom, but reflects the philosophy of Victorinox, right down to the interior design and furnishing.
“The USM Haller Modular Furniture system is a classic, like the Swiss Army Knife,” says designer and contractor Gerhard Harmel, of DSW , who conceived the stylish cubic architecture. The materiality, workmanship, design, and durability of Victorinox products served as guidelines for the architecture and interior design.