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A Place of Energy: the Red Bull HQ in Milan.

The Red Bull HQ in Milan express thoroughly the company’s mission: energize people. The architect firm Il Prisma has told the multi-faceted activity of the company all across the space, through four different worksettings, expressing the kind useful energy for a modern workplace: energy is nightlife, energy is take it easy, energy is sport and energy is adventure.

A workplace that “gives you wings” and expresses perfectly the vision of the company. That was the idea behind the Red Bull HQ in Milan, designed by Il Prisma, following their multidisciplinary approach “Redefine your habits, centred on innovation, technology and sensory perception.

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is the leading idea of the project and of the company’s vision that has inspired four different environments.
The “Welcome Experience” areas, as the entrance and the reception, recall the dynamism and amusement of the “Energy of the nightlife”. An experience of sharing, break and working, as well, where Red Bull cans are offered in small coolers on the side of the stairs.

The working environment is inspired by the adrenaline and adventurous activity that the company has sponsored in these years, and it aims to let people express their own talent and go beyond any difficulties.

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The spaces dedicated to teamworking are inspired by the sport’s value: tenacity, dynamism, sharing of the problems and ideas to reach a common goal.
Finally, “Energy is take it easy” is the slogan chosen for the break and relax areas. Slowing down, sometimes, is the key to productivity. Il Prisma has designed a playful atmosphere that helps workers to “recharge workers’ energy” and to create a fertile workplace where ideas are shared and actually take place.
Text by Gabriele Masi.

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Working in a cloud: Lavazza HQ by Cino Zucchi.

Nuvola, the HQ Lavazza designed by Cino Zucchi, is a project that aims to regenerate an abandoned multifunctional area, opening it towards the city of Turin, while creating and transmitting the brand identity of the company. Conceived to facilitate smart and activity-based ways of working, the environment of the “Cloud” highlights some contemporary office trends as connectivity, interaction and the rediscovery of the importance of conviviality.

Nuvola, the Lavazza HQ by the arch. Cino Zucchi is based on the renovation of an 18.500 sqm. industrial complex in Turin, with a particular attention to the energetical and environmental sustainability (the project is running for the LEED Gold certification) and to create a space open towards the city. The office spaces, that will host about 600 employees, is conceived as the centre of the “Nuvola System”, that will include a public parking, a green square and an archaeological area dedicated to an early Christians basilica, discovered during the excavations.


In addition, by 2018 the Lavazza Museum, De la centrale, will be inaugurated: an event space with a 1000 people capacity, including also the gourmet restaurant Condividere by Lavazza, designed along with Ferran Adrià and Dante Ferretti.
Also the relocation from the old offices has followed a sustainable process, recycling part of the furniture and donating over 3.000 pieces to schools, hospitals, and charities.
“The Hq represents how we conceive a contemporary company. It is not just about moving desks, it is moving forward towards a more integrated, stimulating and human-centred dimension. A comfortable and, at the same time, technologically advanced headquarters to connect the 90 countries where we operate”,  Giuseppe Lavazza, Vice Presidente Lavazza, says.

“We have based the space planning on the concept of an activity-based office, stressing the role of technology and environments in creating connectivity”Michele Aruanno by GTP comments.

“This advanced open space is not composed of separated environments and repeated lines of desks, but it is designed with adjustable and, at the same time, functionally defined environment, all furnished with acoustic partitions and recharge areas for devices, along with space for quick and informal meetings, as well as separated meeting rooms that allow to easily connect with the outside”.


The value of “conviviality” and the importance of the ”coffee break” are two of the main feature of the project, literally translating the company’s activity into the ways of working: interaction and socialization are also expressed in different environments as the gym, the relax area and Bistrot, an innovative restaurant, designed by Cino Zucchi Architetti with RGA, in collaboration with Slow Food.


Also, the new furniture is chosen to improve a smart working approach, encouraging wellbeing, comfort and sharing. Estel, as a contractor, has supplied tailor-made solutions, while also Arper, Sedus, Vitra, Artemide furniture has been used. Tecno has designed the mobile partitions, Underline the graphic communication, while the IoT and technological solution have been furnished by Samsung, Cisco and Acuson.
Text by Gabriele Masi.


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The visionary TeamBank HQ: a new way of working in a bank.

After the Google Office in Tel Aviv and the Google Campus in Dublin, Evolution Design designed the interior design of the new TeamBank HQ’s in Nuremberg, that will host 700 employees. A vibrant workspace, inspired by city planning and designed for the new ways of working and to perfectly convey and integrate the brand’s values through the space.

The new TeamBank HQ’s interior design by Swiss architecture and design studio Evolution Design, had to face the challenge to change the space from a traditional workspace with dedicated desks to a completely new activity-based and smart style of working.

The internal functional organisation of the building, 15.000 sqm created and executed by Baumschlager Eberle and GP Wirth Architekten, recalls the idea of a city: a main staff restaurant and a barista bar with a vibrant “marketplace” feeling, the inner ring of the building as the “Meet & Create Zone” and, around it, the “Homezone”, consisting of several “Homebases”, creating individual local neighbourhoods for the employees to work in. Each “Homebase” consists in an unique mixture of different workplace typologies to cater for the different needs of the employees depending on their daily activities. On the other hand, the “Meet & Create Zone” is the driver for creativity and innovation, including a large number of specially designed different informal areas.
Like in a city, these public areas are all linked together with “parks” and “streets”, spaces in-between designed to encourage a higher frequency of informal and accidental meetings.

Another  important feature of the project is the identity and branding concept. Throughout the building all spaces were designed in order to bring the company’s culture and vision alive, resulting in a workplace where TeamBank and its employees can find an inspiring home, in which they can share their values of fairness, teamwork, transparency and communication every day.
Text by Gabriele Masi.

01. First and Second Floor, Homebase Work Area, Garden Typology.
02. Ground Floor, Barista Bar, Cafe Central.
03. Ground Floor, Restaurant, Eat & Meet, Dining Area.
04. Ground Floor, Homebase Work Area External, Standard Typology.
05. Ground Floor, Meet & Create, Project Area, Lounge.
06. First Floor, Meet & Create, Informal Area, Green Lounge.
07. Second Floor, Meet & Create, Coffee Point, Sunshine Bar.
08. First and Second Floor, Homebase, Meeting Room, Lounge Typology.
09. First and Second Floor, Homebase, Meeting Room, Standard Typology.
10. First and Second Floor, Homebase, Informal Area, Diner Typology.
11. First and Second Floor, Homebase, Informal Area, High Backs Typology.
12. First and Second Floor, Homebase, Informal Area, Dining Table Typology.
Photo credit: TeamBank AG / easyCredit.

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