At first seating comfort, now environmental comfort: 30 years of continued success.

Ares Line, Italian leading company producer of office chairs and contract seatings, celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017.
A substantial history of continued success and strategies to react to market changes.
So far the focus was on ergonomic aspects and seating comfort, now the scope has been extended to environmental comfort through Fonology based on acoustic technological solutions. Ares Line could combine passion for handicraft and the power of an economic structure, focusing on finding next-generation materials and innovative applications.

Environment-friendliness, internationalization and lean thinking are three basic driving forces behind its growth, as explained in our interview by Nicola Franceschi, CEO and founding partner of Ares Line e di Fonology, and creator of Contract Design Network.

Which are the main steps in the increasing growing of Ares Line?

“In 2017 we celebrated our 30 years and, together with my partner Roberto Zuccato, I can proudly say that, starting from scratch, we are now a top-level organization!
In short, four major milestones:
In 1995, when we realized that the chair was underestimated in workplaces, together with the designer Giovanni Baccolini, we expanded our supply to seating systems for universities, auditorium, conference rooms and theaters. This choice led to the success of our brand worldwide.
At the same time we were the first manufacturers of office chairs in Italy to certify the company (standard ISO 9001).
The collaboration with Pininfarina, in 2002, led to the creation of several successful models, among them Xten chair, the chair system for auditorium Premier and the cool waiting sofa PF3.
Finally, Contract Design Network (CDN) was established in 2011, it is a network of companies that work together, to combine their research in order to offer ergonomic environments and cutting-edge design.

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At first seating comfort, now environmental comfort…Being a manufacturer of chair, why did Ares Line extend its applications to the field of acoustics? 

Seating systems for community have always been an integral part of an acoustic project, and we aimed to the supply of an increasingly complete and qualified service, so we have now Fonology, a division specifically dealing with architectural acoustics and with a new design approach based on several materials. Our team is steadily looking for innovative and refined acoustic materials.

Which iconic products are representative of Ares Line identity to the fullest? 

Xten Chair is our iconic product by definition.
However, the best-seller is the desk system Omnia with the following new model named Evolution, both designed by Giovanni Baccolini.
Finally, Papillon, acknowledged as the best folding chair for theaters with several attempts to imitate the product.


1, Xten Chair by Pininfarina for Ares Line.
2, Evolution desk system by Ares Line and acoustic panels Listen by Fonology at Auditorium della Pontificia Università Gregoriana in Rome.
3, 4 Different fit out equipped with Evolution in the multimedia rooms of Future Learning Space: UPO Campus Perrone in Novara.

5, Papillon Chair inside the multifunction hall Crosà Neira
6, Rossini arm chair: customized solution for Teatro Comunale di Bologna.
7, Customized chairs inside the concert hall of Carmen Würth Forum designed by Chipperfield.
8, Customized solution at BNP Paribas in Luxembourg.



CasaCDN: people and things come together in Milan.

CasaCDN is a new meeting place in Milan where people and things come together to develop Contract Design Network (CDN) business. Opening next 13th and 14th December.

Nicola Franceschi, CEO of Ares Line, came up with the idea for the Contract Design Network (CDN) in 2011 and it has gone on to gain its own identity and strength over the years.
The CDN is based on a strategic business agreement between 11 Italian companies which together have total revenues of over Euro 70 million, employ a workforce of around 300 people and have a sales force of over 200 professionals. So far, they have performed almost 100 joint projects, for estimated revenues of over Euro 10 million (principally over the last three years).

One of the major driving forces behind the CasaCDN is Fabio Maset, owner of MosaicoGroup, one of the network’s most dynamic companies. It will be home to the entire CDN team. CasaCDN will be the place where the CDN partners meet and also the location for training events and the presentation of new products and solutions.


The area is on three levels and includes a small multi-purpose room with seating for around 20 people on the ground- floor level, home to all the innovative aspects of the 11 companies involved. There is also a meeting area and a joint workspace with 8 workstations on the ground floor and the first floor, and a second conference room seating 24 people in the basement. There are video and audio connections in all rooms, which all have the latest technological equipment.

The intention is to open others in various strategic cities and add to the CDN showrooms already operating in Paris Rabat and Managua.

CasaCDN: Viale Gian Galeazzo 31, Milan.
Opening evening with musical entertainment and finger food on 13 and 14 December, from 4,00 to 8,30 p.m., by invitation only. (





Cushions by Ares Line at Teatro Olimpico.

Ares Line has made and donated new ergonomic, red velvet cushions for 400 seats at the famous Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, designed by Andrea Palladio. The company’s president Roberto Zuccato points out that it is a gesture of civil responsibility, “a company builds its success in the world also thanks to its relationship with culture and the attractive features of a territory”.

One of the limitations of the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, highlighted by the vice-mayor of Vicenza, Jacopo Bulgarini dElci at the press conference presenting the project, was the uncomfortable seating that audiences had sat on up to now. Ares Line decided to solve this problem, becoming a player of a cultural patronage that has an essential role today in preserving a heritage that “encompasses values of excellence that not only belong to this city but also to the whole world”.
“The seats at the Teatro Olimpico, specifically created by our R&D department, have been made using the best products available on the market”, explains Nicola Franceschi, CEO of Ares Line. “Ares Line supplied the seating for the main hall of the Teatro Comunale in Vicenza so the city has already been our natural showroom for some time. By donating the new seats to the Teatro Olimpico we have begun a path that sees companies and institutions joining force to promote our cultural heritage and, in this case, we are helping the Municipality to preserve one of the artistic wonders of Vicenza in the best possible way”.
Proud of the project, the president of Ares Line Roberto Zuccato adds, “Our company is a protagonist and ambassador of new products because we invest in innovative human capital with top-level skills and especially because of our strong tie with culture and the territory, which we express in our products and through wide-ranging partnerships”.
The overall contribution by Ares Line amounts to a sum of about 30,000 euros. The numbered, ergonomic dark red velvet cushions will be put into place in time for the Galà destate on 21 June.
Text by Gabriele Masi



La Vie Privée, Milan 5th November.

La Vie Privée: Territoriality and privacy in community environments and places of smart working. At Space Ares Line, via Gian Galeazzo 31, Milano.
Conversations with Giovanni Giacobone, Nicola Franceschi and Renata Sias. Reservation is requested.
La Vie Privée
is a meeting organized by Ares Line to feel the experience of a better acoustic and visual comfort thank to the collection Privée’s high performances. A meeting to know directly from the designers, Progetto CMR, the concepts inspiring Privée and to share opinions and experiences on the topics of the proxemics, the duality between public spaces and personal sphere, the lack of boubdary, the need of territoriality and privacy in the common areas and inside smart working offices.
The meeting is focusedon the presentation of Privée, much more than a collection of seats:it is an innovative system architecture for interiors, modular and multifunctional, which allows you to create an oasis of privacy in public spaces; Privée is able to grow, to evolve, to create multiple configurations or to live as a single element, to integrate technology and supports for nomadic work, to offer comfort and perception.
Special guest: Paolo Borghi, hang player.

Title: La Vie Privée: Territoriality and privacy in community environments and places of smart working
When: 5th of November 2013 from 6 pm to 8,30 pm
Where: Event Space Ares Line, via Gian Galeazzo 31, Milano
Who: Conversations with Giovanni Giacobone, Nicola Franceschi and Renata Sias at 6.30 pm and at 7.30 pm.
Registration: Daniela Albertin 0445 315929