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Undecided Collection: creative dynamism and refined sensuality.

More and more “indecided” and increasingly fascinating, Manerba‘s Undecided Sofa expands and becomes Undecided Collection. The seating solution designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti and Ilkka Suppanen, includes armchairs, chaise longs and sofas, available in different heigh of backrest and also made with sound absorbing upholstery and coatings to improve privacy.

The mood of Fioraio Bianchi Caffè in Milan (a former flower shop transformed in a romantic  bistrot) was the perfect setting for the presentation of the new seating collection to enhance its sensuality and dynamic creativity and to inspire fascinating environments.

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Undecided Collection is the perfect seating solution for hybrid, contemporary and creative workplaces that respect your privacy.
It is characterized by an adjustable in height backrest, like a “personal colored patchwork”.

Thanks to its high performances and marked chromatism, it defines a new and adaptable landscape that fits to different situations as at work as at home.

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Architectural and protective seating.

During the ‘70s the ergonomic chairs were the “hart” of Orgatec, real seating machines. Today seating design becomes softer, friendly and technology is hidden. The most common typology is the multifunctional lounge seating.

Neither sofa, nor cubicles nor sound absorbing screens: yet they are all these things… and more. The functions of the lounge chair expand. The armchairs are snug and envelop like a cocoon to make you feel a total comfort, they become informal workstations for meeting or concentration.

Brunner, Banc Seating System, design Jehs and Jurgen.
Estel Kite, sound absorbing Lounge Seating.
Haworth, Windowseat, design Mike & Maaike.
Cascando, Team seating system, design Peter Van De Water.


The embrace of a chair, from the office to home.

Embrace, designed by Jorge Pensi for Estel, gives life to a family of chairs that can be declined ideally both for home living spaces and for office or contract spaces. A graphic sign that links the present with the past, which is evolves into a system of seats to beds.

The Embrace family includes office and executive chairs, compact sofas for public areas, armchairs, lounges and end tables, and finally the latest edition to the Night collection, the bed. The seats, made with plywood frames, have an ergonomic and enveloping design making them extra comfortable. The arm extends behind the back giving continuity and uniformity to the lines.
For lounge areas there are different models of single chairs and sofas. The frame is in beech and poplar plywood combined with a system of comfortable elastic bands. The padding is in differentiated density polyurethane foam to ensure the optimal ergonomic functionality of the chair. Like the chair, the bed is also a graphic icon, we find it in the headboard, gracefully accommodating the space for sleep comfort. Great attention has been devoted to the manual stitching and the choice of finishes, details that transmit the value of the highly competent craft skills that make up Estel’s production processes.

The photos show some different identity of Embrace: as chair for executive office, contract seating or seating area in a living room at home and a bed.



Extra long-size furniture for workplaces 3.0.

Salone del Mobile confirms the New York style “superdesk” trend; from the technological Cloud Table by Studio Maks to the customizable Modulor by Claesson Koivisto Rune. And lounge seating are lorger too, becoming “superseating”.

The 350 meters long superdesk designed by Clive Wilkinson for the New York based offices of The Barbarian Group and the unbroken workplace that integrates desks and seating at Horizon Media offices designed by a+i Architecture are not alone: the extra long-size desks spread over.
The renovation of the Chinese University Library in Hong Kong, by the Dutch architecture firm Studio Maks, includes a 150 meters long table to create a stimulating study environement in which there many oppurtunities for students to study in whatever way they wish.
On the occasion of Fuorisalone in Milan, Studio Maks presented Cloud Table at Ventura Lambrate an evolution of this concept of Table-architecture: “Where in Hong Kong the functionality and use of the table was confined to the walls of the building Cloud Table also addresses the virtual scales. This large yet light and elegantly-crafted table offers a place to be and allows people to connect socially in physical and virtual space” explains Studio Maks. Cloud Table is an extra-long and “organic shape” wireless desk that reinterpretates the functions and “explores the possibilities of tables for information exchange and networking”.
Conviviality and sharing are also the key words of Lago‘s vision that re-baptised “Community Table” its long piece of furniture, “a place where people nourish themselves, work and collaborate, quarrel and clarify, rest, the place where important agreements are made that will change the course of events”.
The indoor picnic table by Buzzi Space is ergonomic and include access for cables, perfect for the 3.0 workplace “The idea was to rethink a design classic that reminds people of the fun times in life. It is an uncomplicated, accessible object that brings people together informally. Something they don’t expect in the setting of a boring office environment” explains the designer Alain Gilles.
The commond concept of conference table seen as a symbolic item of business is outated, as Anetta Pizag explains in her article “The Curse of the oversized meeting table”, but the typology of table can contribute to the success or failure of meetings or relationships, as explained by recent studies and Edward T. Hall had foreseen 50 years ago.
Claesson Koivisto Rune investigate about the design of extra-long size tables too, to answers to new functions. Extra Large by Offect is “A table big enough to work undisturbed with your laptop but still be able to start up a conversation with someone sitting opposite” explain the Sweden designers trio.
CKR are also designers of Modulor for Skandiform (Kinnarps Group), a customizable long size table inspired by Le Corbusier “Our Modulor Table is likewise based on a few key components: a leg, ajoint, a rail and a tabletop. The dimension of the profiles and tabletops can be simply adapted to virtually any desired format or proportion” they sayed.
The same long-size trend is emerging in the lounge seating for contract.
Spino, by Skandiform too, is a modular sofa that can extend, twist and turn in the space as needed. The designer Stefan Borselius explains “I wanted to create a sofa than can adapt in size and shape to different spaces. The result is Spino; backbone in Esperanto, the individuals modules can be combined to create all the seating solutions that fire the imagination”.
Modulariity is also the key concept of the flexible Add designed by Francesco Rota for La Palma. The system is made of a base where you can put panels, seats, seat-backs and other devices, to obtain simple, compact modules, as well as complex jointed seating, which can be combined with coffee tables, trays, magazine racks or side tables including sockets to recharge smartphones or tablets.
Variable lenght is the common concept for two very different seatings: the light wooden sofa system by Arper designed by Lievore Altherr Molina and Code 27, designed by Stefan Borselius and Johan Lindau for Bla Station, unlimited extensions based on a 27 cm module.
The length looks therefore prevails in the furnishing for contract ad public spaces.
Text by Gabriele Masi.


1,2,3 Cloud Table, design Studio Maks, wireless table presented at Ventura Lambrate during Milano Design Week 2014.
4, 5,6, Study Table, design Studio Maks t150 metres long table at Chinese University Library in Hong Kong (in collaboration with Pang Architects).
7, Lago, Community Table, the table as sharing and energy generator place.
8, Offect, Extra Large, design Claesson Koivisto Rune,a hybrid between a meeting table and a writing desk.


9, Skandiform (Gruppo Kinnarps), Modulor, design Claesson Koivisto Rune, customizable long size table.
Buzzi Space, BuzziPicnic, design Alain Gilles, an uncomplicated, accessible object that brings people togheter informally.
La Palma, Add, design Francesco Rota, modular and equipped long-size seating.
Arper, Zinta, design Lievore Altherr Molina, essential and comfortable seating modular system.
14, 15,
Skandiform (Gruppo Kinnarps), Spino, design Stefan Borselius, sofa system for creativity free settings.
Bla Station, Code 27, design Stefan Borselius e Johan Lindau, unlimited extensions based on a 27 cm module.


Quinze & Milan/Ares: play and colour are spreading all over the office.

On the occasion of the Milano Design Week, a lively, informal party to celebrate (with excellent Belgian beer flowing) the cooperation between Ares Line and the cult brand of design founded in 1999 by the belgian artists Arne Quinze and Yves Milan.

During Fuorisalone the most iconic furniture units by Quinze & Milan that are going to be distributed by Ares Lines enlivened the showroomin Milan: the pouf reproducing the soap box Brillo – legendary Pop-Art works by Andy Warhol- and the numberless, soft and lively geometries (resistant, washable and customizable with corporate logos and graphics) for sofa, armchairs and seatings.

It isn’t just a trade agreement, but an example of clever synergy to meet the ever-growing request for complete supplies coming from the market: the office chair is no longer the over-equipped task chair; more and more often the common and working rooms provide for areas to stimulate creativitiy and informal behaviour. In one’s place of work, they feel like playing.