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Designing the Living Office: Memo and Naughtone.

The Herman Miller‘s Living Office approach means to see the workplace as it is lived day by day, focusing on the real needs and problems of the people and trying to solve them with specific, and not standard, solutions. The work system Memo and the Naughtone‘s products are an example of what Neale Vanstone, Vice-president EMEA Herman Miller, considers the mission of the company “creating an inspiring design to help people do great things.”

“We are a problem-solving company, so our approach to design is people-centred. We are a global company, but we think locally”, with these words Neale Vanstone describes the Herman Miller‘s view of the Living Office design approach in a recent interview for WOW!.

Resulting of a holistic approach research, that has envolved different professional figures as managers, anthropologists, sociologists, designers, the Living Office approach is based on the fact that the office is a dynamic environment, that change its needs and create new problems day by day. That brings to the conclusion that a fixed, standard and out-of-context design is to avoid.
“We are a design company: from 1968, when we introduced the Action Office, to 1994 when we introduced the Aeron chair, and more recently with the introduction of the Living Office approach. The design is inherited in what Herman Miller does. Our mission is to create an inspiring design to help people do great things”, Vanstone concludes.

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The working system Memo is an example of how the Living Office approach can be translated into furniture. Memo is designed by Tim Wallace with the purpose of helping companies to be more agile, through the change of the desk structure, using a simple panel as a central spine which replaces the traditional beam.

“Customers don’t value the basic function of a fixed desk in the way that they used to. Typically, offices accommodate groups of workers in clusters of benches or desks, which provide one basic function regardless of what you’re doing.  I saw the opportunity to design a better type of bench, still providing the end-user with a pleasing work experience.” Tim Wallace says.


As the name itself says,  “Come together” by the partner company Naughtone, is an eclectic and free-standing range of furniture, designed for a dynamic and agile working environment and for being used and composed in different situations and along with various kind of furniture.
Text by Gabriele Masi.

1-4, Memo, Tim Wallace, Herman Miller.
5, Hatch, Naughtone. Hatch is designed to be plan into one, two or three seat units configuration, with a firm upright sit and compact dimensions, suitable for a modern commercial environment.
6, Knot Table, Naughtone. Knot table is designed to fit in the multi-purpose seating landscapes that are becoming more common in the workplaces. It is lightweight, and uncluttered making it intuitive to mediate between different products.
7, Softbox, Naughtone. Softbox is a fully upholstered storage units, thought to provide a flexible solution for different types of compositions. It can be completely customised and thanks to its sound absorption characteristic can be used also as a divider to create ad-hoc zones in the space.
8, Cloud desk, Naughtone.  The table is part of the Cloud range, “a visual and acoustic heaven”, a place to sit and concentrate.
9, The Symbol, Naughtone.  The Symbol seating range is designed to feel like part of the architecture, with a firm upright sit and compact dimensions, that allows to insert it in a modern and dynamic working environment.





Sit-stand and user-friendly workstation.

A user-friendly multimedia workstation with a light design, and without any cable thanks to the use of Linak‘s bluetooth technology: these are the features of Tecnus Evo -evolution of the height-adjustable table Tecnus- designed and produced by Emme Italia, a company that since 1995 marries innovative technologies with Italian handicrafts to offer customized and constantly in progress solutions.

The growth of Emme Italia continues with the usual passion: from the traditional drafting tables to the electrified sit-stand version using linear actuators by Linak and, recently, the most advanced step Tecnus Evo.
Tecnus Evo is a new result of the collaboration between Emme Italia and Linak: a multimedia workstation inspired by a common vision of dynamic ergonomics, well-being and IoT in the workplace.
It is featured by clean design and high performances:
the integration of Linak’s new bluetooth technologies allows the elimination of wiring and a user friendly approach;
the rechargeable Battery Pack makes the table independent by power supply;
height adjustment can be controlled either by the traditional push-button panel housed into the column or by a smartphone (for iOS or Android App).


The App Desk Control allows the adjustment of the table with a touch and also to save custom settings and set personal goals for wellness.
Standard height adjustment from 72 to 112 cm is perfect for workstations and informal meetings, other adjustments are available on request.


Height-adjustable table, structure in painted steel column (black, white or RAL tailored colors), desk top in melamine.
Dimensions cm 100 x 200; height cm from 72 to 112.


Furnishings for task area at Orgatec..

The desk systems launched at Orgatec 2016 allow to bring people together around a table or separate them with small screens; they are ergonomic and very often height-adjustable for sit-stand work.
The storage systems become interior design elements: useful modular dividers in open plan offices. High customization and space saving are the common elements to the desking and storage system selected by WOW!

Sedus, Grand Slam + se-Wall.
Clever combinations of desks, storage system, screens and transparent elements, to create a functional storage and working area in open-plan landscapes. The multifunctional elements can be configured as required with a wide range of flexible options, which can also be expanded into corporate communication areas.


Estel, I Pianeti.
This desking system removes the classical rigidity of the office. It is constructed along a horizontal along a central point of sequenced containers that supports cabling functions for the desks, interspersed with sound-absorbing wall partitions.


Unifor, Teamer, design by Michele De Lucchi + Cases, design by Jean Nouvel.
Configuration of four facing workstations with ends fixed and designed to accommodate brief informal meetings. It is supported by a central steel column that taper down from below the table to the base plate fixed below the raised flooring. A freely composed group of Cases modular containers and open storage elements in natural wood provides the workstations with filing and storage space.


Haworth, Be_Hold.
A storage system to support different work styles – from highly collaborative to focused – while leveraging design elements(perforated metal, colors, fabric element, lockers, sliding cabinets…) create functional workspaces with an individual personality.


Vitra, Cyl, design by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.
The Cyl system encompasses a variety of different sized tables. Solid wood emphasises the clean lines of the system with its smooth planes, structural frame and cylindrical elements. As an intentionally ‘analogue’ system, Cyl dispenses with integrated power solutions. “It was originally conceived for the home… I think the simplicity of Cyl responds to a demand for clarity and fosters a welcoming atmosphere in the office world”, explains Ronan Bouroullec.


Sinetica, Stay, design by Paolo Mantero + Use Me.
A complete abacus of modular surfaces with nicely rounded shapes to create endless compositions, stand alone   or integrated, with cabinets and libraries  from the Use Me collection. The table in all its functions and forms, from the operative office to managerial, from the meeting room to collaborative environments. Wood and fabric suggest residential and contract situations.


Ersa, Edge, design by Claudio Bellini.
In addition to the different leg design, the metal construction of the system and the recyclable felt-covered partitions also make the system stand apart with its style, function and acoustic capabilities. It can be fitted with cabling, planters and lighting.


True, Wing, design Parisotto + Formenton.
The table was born for workspaces, but is also suitable for home-office and residential. The light structure, is inspired by the work tables stands, the top has rounded “soap bar” shapes.


Vitra, CDS, design by Antonio Citterio.
A desk system with an industrial aesthetic. it is available in a variety of configurations and models, including the sit-stand one. Structural sophistication and logistical efficiency are the plus.


Kokuyo, Rolling Workspace, design by Nendo.
.Circular whiteboards can be freely rolled around in the workplace and leaned against the wall. Desks, benches, and high counters that match these circular whiteboards were also designed with slits cut into them, enabling combinations with large and small boards.




The drafting machine becomes multimedia and touch screen.

Thanks to IOT (Internet Of Things) everyday objects take on new features. One example is the height-adjustable table developed by Emme Italia in collaboration with Logica Uno. The apparently obsolete drafting table, loved by architects, turns into a multimedia machine designed for teaching and training rooms.

The Emmesystem range of height adjustable desks produced by Emme Italia launches some new products “ The adjustable desk is the contemporary evolution of the drawing table, historical product that sees Emme Italia as leader in Europe”, explains Alessandro Barison, design manager of the company.
The CSEI family was equipped with heigh-adjustable desk top thanks to the application of linear actuator system by Linak and  today the evolution trend continues in partnership with Teatos (Logica Uno).

The adjustable desks Conform CSEI are designed for multimedia rooms; they integrates a personal computer with Intel processor and Window 8.1 operating system suitable for touch screen technology and graphics software.
The “cell imaging” technology makes the movement more fluid and is perfect for sketch. It can be equipped with wheels.


Glamour cardboard, outdoor too.

Creativity, sustainability and a high quality design: the eco-friendly collection Anime di Carta (Paper soul) by Staygreen, presented at the FuoriSalone 2016, gives a new perspective on cardboard as a WOW! materials to create different kind of objects from chairs, tables to lamps and bookcases.

Light, ductile and recyclable: these characteristic, as we have already talked about, make Cardboard one of the most interesting materials we have seen at FuoriSalone 2016.
The innovative vision by Staygreen and its collection Anime di Carta is to turn a poor material with a raw look reputation, into a high design material, showing its glamour side.
Developed in collaboration with different designers as Robertopamio+partners and Setsu & Shinobu Ito, the collection take the eco-friendly theme to another level, not only for the materials (cardboard and natural glues extract from pea starch), but also in the process, managing the energy consumption and reducing waste.
The collection is based on different kind of object as chairs, bookcases, lamps or other furnishing accessory, thought for different environment, office and home, outdoor and indoor, thanks to the covering Solid Green, suitable for all the elements of the collection.
Text by Gabriele Masi.

1. Jvett, Omm, Stone.
Jvett is Staygreen’s symbol: made by a multilayer poplar and steel legs, it can come in different covering as eco-leather, cotton or leather. The shape of table Stone is inspired by a rock smoothed by the water, while the bookcase Omm (150 cm height; 32 cm thickness; 38 kg)  recalls to the perfection of the circle: both of them present the typical Staygreen’s double-cardboard-wave structure.
2. BOTTO sofà. Designed by the japanese Setsu & Shinobu Ito, along with STAY Chair, BOTTO sofà is a complete couch with pouffe and a compartment for glasses and bottles, that makes it ideal for welcoming spaces and lounges.
3. @Luce shape. Staygreen’s collection present a rich line of lamps and table lamps. @Luce Shape, with the elegant curve of its stem, is made, as well, by a double kraft cardboard wave structure.
4.. Jarres.  Jarres is one of the totemic vase with Amphora, presented at FuoriSalone 2016. The innovative audio system they are equipped with, make them original loudspeakers with a strong visual impact.

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The 10 most innovative tables.

Dinner table or desk? Private or public environments? Trying to lay down these differences or to define strict furniture classes is hard and probably useless, as proved by the new products presented at Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone 2016, which are more and more versatile and fit for all kinds of spaces, customized and structured systems to be developed and meet different needs.

WOW! selected the most interesting tables fit both for the home and work environments, a novel product design and pieces not only meant for a space but taking into consideration also the life that animates those spaces. Tables for new ways of working and ways of living.
Among the 10 best tables we confirm the two products we talk about in two previous articles: Pillow Table, the sit-stand-nap-desk designed by Tine Mouritsen and looking for a producer, and Coffice by Estel, a double desk connecting meeting table and kitchenette equipment.

WOW! adds to these the products the following presented at Milano Design Week 2016:

Brut, Magis, design by Konstantin Grcic.
The starting point of this tables collection is cast iron and the archaic rawness, solidity and physicality of its manufacturing process the material has two distinctive characteristics: it is heavy, and strong. The name stands for raw and untreated, but also calls to mind an high-quality sparkling wine, inherent to the refinement and sophistication of this project.

Zero, Alias, design by Ron Gilad.
An abstract and geometric shaped collection of tables and coffee tables in different sizes and heights. The table corner is interpreted as a structural element and magically emptied and almost stripped of its consistency, giving way to an enigmatic shape, an empty space outlined by colour.

Clavis, Tecno, design by Centro Progetti Tecno with Daniele del Missier.
A flexible table system which by means of a patented coupling and a limited set of industrially manufactured components allows an immediate “tool-less” assembly to be carried out and configured for a wide range of applications, from single desks to multiple workstations, to the heigh adjustable top for standing work positions.

Copenhague Deux, Hay, design by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec
A new collection of desks, dining tables, coffee tables and benches in 12 different sizes.The top surface is made from a new laminate based on Nanotechnology providing an anti-fingerprint and easy-cleaning matt surface with a soft touch.

Add, La Palma, design Francesco Rota.
The multi awarded system launched in 2014 has been continuously improved , the last step t is a new table characterized by a frame of aluminum profiles continuing in die-cast aluminum legs.  Technically, the corner leg connects the beams forming a 90° angle, whereas the connecting leg forms a 180° angle with the beams, so that two or more tables can be jointed. Tt is perfect for foodservice, office, break areas and hospitality market.

Pegaso Infinito, Caimi, design Angelotti & Cardile.
The Pegaso collection expands with the new “Infinito” version, a modular table for linear compositions, allowing unlimited length. The formal simplicity and geometric line of the table top contrasts the sinuous fluidity of the polished aluminium base. The perfectly symmetrical base makes Pegaso Infinito seamlessly and infinitely join together.

MadeTerraneo, Lago, design by Daniele Lago.
A table system with top in hand-painted ceramic tiles, made in collaboration with the Caltagirone-based company Made a Mano. Craftsmanship and industrial processes to create this non-orthogonal plane, a sort of irregular patchwork composed of large pixels that carry the heat of the Mediterranean inside our living environments.

MovePlace, A.R. Novate design by Anastasia Gavrilova and Rafael Gaynullin.
The prototype of this foldable work was presented at Salone Satellite, it is designed by two young Russian designers, it is easily transportable and equipped with some functional accessories.



Ikea: wireless rechargeable furniture.

An increasingly user-friendly and inexpensive technology, with a more and more familiar look, every day taking a step forward in our life; we are no longer surprised if the iPhone recognizes our digital fingerprint or talks with us, but we are surprised that a very cheap table can recharge our devices in a wireless mode. Ikea got it.

For those who missed this news,  Ikea has announced at last Mobile World Congress 2015  in Barcelona that a new line of furniture (about 80 different models) will soon be marketed, starting from North America and Europe. The new collection is provided with usb and wireless rechargeable tops to transform “any” table into a place to recharge tablets and smartphones without using cables (at a cost of just 20 or 30 € more than an “ordinary” piece of furniture). An intuitive symbol show you the recharge point.
It will be also possible to replace the new rechargeable tops in existing furniture.
Ikea recently became member of Wireless Power Consortium and it is the first result of this collaboration.
A fine example of democratic design, and a missed opportunity for the manufacturers of office furniture…



Personalized ergonomic height adjustment.

Temptation Twin e Attention are the desk systems by Sedus that allows different individual, ergonomic height adjustment for meeting tables and desks.

The double desk Temptation Twin by Sedus offers double the advantages.On the one hand, more efficiency; as a unit with one shared frame it allows for a wide variety of desk formations. On the other hand, it offers perfect ergonomics, as the frame leaves lots of leg room and the height of each desk can be adjusted separately. When used in conjunction with the matching desk-mounted screens, also aids concentrated individual work as well.

Temptation Twin allows different individual, ergonomic height adjustment.
Manual telescopic height adjustment 650 – 850 mm.
Recommended as an inexpensive solution if the desk is not going to be raised or lowered very often.
Simple crank height adjustment 650 – 850 mm. A couple of revolution assets the desk to the correct height quickly and easily. This system is ideal when the desk user changes frequently.
Electric height adjustment 650 – 1250 mm. This highly convenient form of individual adjustment up to standing height facilitates dynamic seating and varied working postures, something which is recommended for healthy office.

Sedus also presented Attention, a collection that combines visual lightness and great function  and offers the right solution for  any workplace environments: individual workstation, grouped together for use in small teams or as a conference table.
The desk range is available with three different base frames.
In particular the T base type comes with – or can be retrofitted with – an electric motor, allowing it to be height-adjusted easily in an instant. This can be crucial in achieving a more ergonomic office. It also offers conference table types, where, depending on type, the seat height can either be adjusted without the need for tools, or moved from sitting to standing height with the motorized height adjustment feature.


Sitting-standing collections beyond normal specifications.

Serie P e Oberon, the “sitting-standing” collections by Kinnarps, are based  on design, Scandinavian values and craftsmanship. These collections, tgether with the glamour Hal by Materia, are equipped with manual or electric height adjustment of the desk top, within a range even beyond normal specifications.

The “standing-sitting” adjustment is the solution to equipping the workplace in a sustainable, ergonomic and future proof manner; to simplify this function Kinnarps has designed a control unit that clearly shows table height in a display and that can be programmed to better fit each user requirements. Since workplaces must satisfy a diversity of demands, the desktops are available in various shapes and formats.

Serie P is an economic system available as a standard workplace, since current findings in ergonomics should provide benefit to all members of staff. Thanks to the infinitely variable motor-driven adjustment, the desk top can be raised and lowered within a range even beyond normal specifications, the PC bracket, printer shelf and cable routing following the vertical movement automatically. A single press of a button to activate the invisible and quiet motor drive is sufficient in order to raise or lower the desktop within a range of 635 and  1280 mm.

Oberon is a collection of tables for individual work, spontaneous conversations, planned meetings; from an ergonomic perspective, it is healthy to vary between sitting and standing to get blood circulation. Shapes, underframes, materials and  colours are offered in a wide range to better fit to the environment, leading to a functional and appealing solution: desks, meeting tables, coffee and lounge tables.Desk tops are variably height adjustable from 615 to 1275 mm, with the simple press of a button. Oberon can also be equipped with manually adjustable legs; a crank is used to raise and lower the tabletop, with a range from 600 to 820 mm.

Hal by Materia. Recently, Materia, a Kinnarps Group brand, presented at last Stockholm Furniture Fair the Hal Collection designed by Carl Öjerstam: it may not look like an adjustable table ( especially the three-legs version) but it is one of the very best. The design is suitable for spontaneous meetings, its smart solution making it possible to possess an eloquent design without sacrificing the table’s stability.


Tecnus: height adjustable column tables.

Tecnus adjustable column tables by Emme Italia are made of steel and powered by Linak linear actuator, with electric power or battery pack solutions.

Tecnus adjustable tables can be used as freestanding solution in different locations and for different uses, such as IT offices, CAD/CAM workstations, or informal meeting workplaces.
Standard height adjustment cm 72/112.

Tecnus adjustable tables are available in customized solutions also with worktop inclination system. The standard paint is white RAL 9016 or RAL9003. The standard worktops are made of white melamine. Standard dimensions are cm 80×120, 80×140, 80×160. Other paint colors and melamine finishes are available on request.standing-tecnus-emme-italia-sara-marani-wow-webmagazine


Arper: collections inspired by work-life balance.

Do you remember the Arper’s “Life-Work” presence at Salone del Mobile? On the occasion of Orgatec 2014 the motto overturns “Work-Life” to launch (Hall 10/2-J19) the new collection inspired by the work-life balance vision of workplace.

The Kinesit Chair, design by Lievore Altherr Molina, is Arper’s first office chair that is one hundred-percent compliant with regulatory requirements while still maintaining a light and minimal form. A built-in weight sensitive mechanism system and seat height commands hide discreetly under the seat replacing excessive visual clutter with a streamlined, elegant silhouette. An invisible, adjustable lumbar support bar is concealed within the backrest’s thin frame giving additional support without taking unnecessary space. Adjustments to the seat and back allow the shell to conform to the individual’s body type for optimal seated comfort, even during more time consuming projects.
Cross Table, design by Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners is an adaptable, open and generous, table.
It is equally suited for the boardrooms, residential spaces or for collaborative work environments thanks to optional configuration arrangements. A temporary meeting ground for group gatherings or a communal workstation with room enough to share, Cross’s substantial length is sculptural and architectural––engineered with aluminum die-cast technology and forming a solid and reassuring space to create. A central channel outlet allows multiple people to plug-in.

Reconfigurability on four wheels.

Flexibility, space saving and teamwork are key concepts in Smart Working, in Conference Centers, in hotels, in Coworking, in “third places” and wherever is banned everything that is static.

Flexible space needs primarily a flexible Way Of Thinking and an “agile” corporate culture. In this approach furnishings become the instrument to implement Ways Of Working which refuse stillness. Modularity and wheels are foundamental requirements to furnish an easily reconfigurable and flexible conference room. To effectively answer to time and space saving and easy mobility needs, it is also important to chose a folding table system that ensure the speed and ease use and the ability to store it in small spaces. Archimedes system by Ibebi Design allows greater functionality of the meeting room because no special personnel is required to set up, break down, or move the table. Company Promo by Ibebi Design

Archimede System, by Ibebi Design (Design by Angelo Pinaffo). Folding and easily moveable tables to rapidly create functional working areas. The various forms, measurements and finishings available have been studied to adapt to all space and furnishing requirements.  


Extra long-size furniture for workplaces 3.0.

Salone del Mobile confirms the New York style “superdesk” trend; from the technological Cloud Table by Studio Maks to the customizable Modulor by Claesson Koivisto Rune. And lounge seating are lorger too, becoming “superseating”.

The 350 meters long superdesk designed by Clive Wilkinson for the New York based offices of The Barbarian Group and the unbroken workplace that integrates desks and seating at Horizon Media offices designed by a+i Architecture are not alone: the extra long-size desks spread over.
The renovation of the Chinese University Library in Hong Kong, by the Dutch architecture firm Studio Maks, includes a 150 meters long table to create a stimulating study environement in which there many oppurtunities for students to study in whatever way they wish.
On the occasion of Fuorisalone in Milan, Studio Maks presented Cloud Table at Ventura Lambrate an evolution of this concept of Table-architecture: “Where in Hong Kong the functionality and use of the table was confined to the walls of the building Cloud Table also addresses the virtual scales. This large yet light and elegantly-crafted table offers a place to be and allows people to connect socially in physical and virtual space” explains Studio Maks. Cloud Table is an extra-long and “organic shape” wireless desk that reinterpretates the functions and “explores the possibilities of tables for information exchange and networking”.
Conviviality and sharing are also the key words of Lago‘s vision that re-baptised “Community Table” its long piece of furniture, “a place where people nourish themselves, work and collaborate, quarrel and clarify, rest, the place where important agreements are made that will change the course of events”.
The indoor picnic table by Buzzi Space is ergonomic and include access for cables, perfect for the 3.0 workplace “The idea was to rethink a design classic that reminds people of the fun times in life. It is an uncomplicated, accessible object that brings people together informally. Something they don’t expect in the setting of a boring office environment” explains the designer Alain Gilles.
The commond concept of conference table seen as a symbolic item of business is outated, as Anetta Pizag explains in her article “The Curse of the oversized meeting table”, but the typology of table can contribute to the success or failure of meetings or relationships, as explained by recent studies and Edward T. Hall had foreseen 50 years ago.
Claesson Koivisto Rune investigate about the design of extra-long size tables too, to answers to new functions. Extra Large by Offect is “A table big enough to work undisturbed with your laptop but still be able to start up a conversation with someone sitting opposite” explain the Sweden designers trio.
CKR are also designers of Modulor for Skandiform (Kinnarps Group), a customizable long size table inspired by Le Corbusier “Our Modulor Table is likewise based on a few key components: a leg, ajoint, a rail and a tabletop. The dimension of the profiles and tabletops can be simply adapted to virtually any desired format or proportion” they sayed.
The same long-size trend is emerging in the lounge seating for contract.
Spino, by Skandiform too, is a modular sofa that can extend, twist and turn in the space as needed. The designer Stefan Borselius explains “I wanted to create a sofa than can adapt in size and shape to different spaces. The result is Spino; backbone in Esperanto, the individuals modules can be combined to create all the seating solutions that fire the imagination”.
Modulariity is also the key concept of the flexible Add designed by Francesco Rota for La Palma. The system is made of a base where you can put panels, seats, seat-backs and other devices, to obtain simple, compact modules, as well as complex jointed seating, which can be combined with coffee tables, trays, magazine racks or side tables including sockets to recharge smartphones or tablets.
Variable lenght is the common concept for two very different seatings: the light wooden sofa system by Arper designed by Lievore Altherr Molina and Code 27, designed by Stefan Borselius and Johan Lindau for Bla Station, unlimited extensions based on a 27 cm module.
The length looks therefore prevails in the furnishing for contract ad public spaces.
Text by Gabriele Masi.


1,2,3 Cloud Table, design Studio Maks, wireless table presented at Ventura Lambrate during Milano Design Week 2014.
4, 5,6, Study Table, design Studio Maks t150 metres long table at Chinese University Library in Hong Kong (in collaboration with Pang Architects).
7, Lago, Community Table, the table as sharing and energy generator place.
8, Offect, Extra Large, design Claesson Koivisto Rune,a hybrid between a meeting table and a writing desk.


9, Skandiform (Gruppo Kinnarps), Modulor, design Claesson Koivisto Rune, customizable long size table.
Buzzi Space, BuzziPicnic, design Alain Gilles, an uncomplicated, accessible object that brings people togheter informally.
La Palma, Add, design Francesco Rota, modular and equipped long-size seating.
Arper, Zinta, design Lievore Altherr Molina, essential and comfortable seating modular system.
14, 15,
Skandiform (Gruppo Kinnarps), Spino, design Stefan Borselius, sofa system for creativity free settings.
Bla Station, Code 27, design Stefan Borselius e Johan Lindau, unlimited extensions based on a 27 cm module.