Technogym, an agile company as a vocation.

In Technogym, the concepts of “agile work” is based on three chief pillars: positive approach, exercise and diet. The new headquarters plays an important role too; it is the first example in the world of a Wellness Campus: a cultural centre, innovation laboratory and a production centre intended to provide workers, customers, suppliers and guests from all over the world with a true Wellness-inspired experience.

The relocation of 450 employees, about one year ago, was the opportunity to create a new corporate culture, to improve the ways of working and obtain space saving (50% less for files and 30% less area per person). -explains Roberto Laureti, Facility and Industrial Engineering & Plant Manager di Technogym- Most important was the preliminary process before the moving, based on the ingagement of the workers while underlying the change made were Lean’s methods. To involve the employees a “game” was organized with accolade on merit awarded to the best application of the Lean philosophy’s 5 keywords: Separating, Arranging, Cleaning, Standardizing, Improving.
The complex, extending over 150,000 square metres, of which 60,000 are covered, was designed by internationally renowned Italian architect Antonio Citterio, with Patricia Viel & Partners. The Technogym Village hosts factories, company registered office, a Wellness centre with latest-generation gym, a conference centre, library and a restaurant serving local produce. The design is fully integrated in the “Romagna-Wellness Valley” initiative promoted by Nerio Alessandri, president and founder of Technogym, which aims to create in Romagna Europe’s first wellness district.
The design was inspired by sustainability and bio-architecture. The north-facing facility allows the use of natural heat exchange, guaranteeing an environment warmer in winter and cooler in summer. The construction materials selected ensure a high level of thermal insulation and the opening system for the vast windows uses the natural recirculation of air to lower the temperature without the need for extensive air conditioning systems. The Wellness concept also permeates the working areas: workers have a personnel wellbeing programme available to them, guided by the experts of the Technogym Research Centre, combining the possibility of exercise in the gym with workplaces designed for personnel wellbeing in terms of posture, lighting and education about movement. For example, offices are equipped with wellness balls, the healthy spherical seat which guarantees optimum balance between abdominal and lumbar muscles, preventing backache; the restaurant offers low-fat and low-salt food.

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