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Territorial marketing to to enhance the corporate brand.

Looking for new ways of communication that arouse interest and involvement, some companies discover that the Italian territory, with its artistic heritage, its culture and its diversity, can be an inexhaustible resource of ispiration. Here are two examples of this new trend: Oliva Costruzioni & Servizi which dedicates its Facebook page to the best of Naples and Citterio which launches a photo challenge linked to the territories of its dealers: #archiemiliaromagna was the first step.



Oliva Costruzioni & Servizi: Neapolitan pride.

The company chooses the social networks to increase its visibility and opens a Facebook page that not only documents the work in progress and the most representative projects. The focus is Naples, with its art, its culture, its events, its gastronomy.


Citterio spa: challenge #archiemiliaromagna.

Architecture is art, technique, passion and love. Emilia Romagna is a land full of architectural work of art, icons from the past to the contemporary age. Citterio, in collaboration with Instagram, wants to see beauty with different eyes and invited its followers to take pictures of big and small architectural work of art of Emilia using the tags #archiemiliaromagna and #citteriospa.


Among 870 presented, the 20 most representative pictures were selected by Arch. Giorgio Teggi, President of Ordine degli Architetti of Reggio Emilia; Dott.ssa Barbara Silbe, Editorial Director of the magazine EyesOpen; Dott. Orazio Spoto, Digital Consultant, Arch. Veggetti, General Director of Citterio SPA and Arch. Paolo Pampanoni, Art Director of Citterio SPA. The most beautiful pictures were posted online and exhibited on the occasion of the opening of the new Citterio Show Room in Reggio Emilia, they will be also presented in the Citterio’s stand during the next Orgatec exhibition in Cologne.

The challenge is in progress; new phases are attended in Verona, Florence , Rome and Milan. Stay tuned!




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