The 10 most innovative tables.

Dinner table or desk? Private or public environments? Trying to lay down these differences or to define strict furniture classes is hard and probably useless, as proved by the new products presented at Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone 2016, which are more and more versatile and fit for all kinds of spaces, customized and structured systems to be developed and meet different needs.

WOW! selected the most interesting tables fit both for the home and work environments, a novel product design and pieces not only meant for a space but taking into consideration also the life that animates those spaces. Tables for new ways of working and ways of living.
Among the 10 best tables we confirm the two products we talk about in two previous articles: Pillow Table, the sit-stand-nap-desk designed by Tine Mouritsen and looking for a producer, and Coffice by Estel, a double desk connecting meeting table and kitchenette equipment.

WOW! adds to these the products the following presented at Milano Design Week 2016:

Brut, Magis, design by Konstantin Grcic.
The starting point of this tables collection is cast iron and the archaic rawness, solidity and physicality of its manufacturing process the material has two distinctive characteristics: it is heavy, and strong. The name stands for raw and untreated, but also calls to mind an high-quality sparkling wine, inherent to the refinement and sophistication of this project.

Zero, Alias, design by Ron Gilad.
An abstract and geometric shaped collection of tables and coffee tables in different sizes and heights. The table corner is interpreted as a structural element and magically emptied and almost stripped of its consistency, giving way to an enigmatic shape, an empty space outlined by colour.

Clavis, Tecno, design by Centro Progetti Tecno with Daniele del Missier.
A flexible table system which by means of a patented coupling and a limited set of industrially manufactured components allows an immediate “tool-less” assembly to be carried out and configured for a wide range of applications, from single desks to multiple workstations, to the heigh adjustable top for standing work positions.

Copenhague Deux, Hay, design by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec
A new collection of desks, dining tables, coffee tables and benches in 12 different sizes.The top surface is made from a new laminate based on Nanotechnology providing an anti-fingerprint and easy-cleaning matt surface with a soft touch.

Add, La Palma, design Francesco Rota.
The multi awarded system launched in 2014 has been continuously improved , the last step t is a new table characterized by a frame of aluminum profiles continuing in die-cast aluminum legs.  Technically, the corner leg connects the beams forming a 90° angle, whereas the connecting leg forms a 180° angle with the beams, so that two or more tables can be jointed. Tt is perfect for foodservice, office, break areas and hospitality market.

Pegaso Infinito, Caimi, design Angelotti & Cardile.
The Pegaso collection expands with the new “Infinito” version, a modular table for linear compositions, allowing unlimited length. The formal simplicity and geometric line of the table top contrasts the sinuous fluidity of the polished aluminium base. The perfectly symmetrical base makes Pegaso Infinito seamlessly and infinitely join together.

MadeTerraneo, Lago, design by Daniele Lago.
A table system with top in hand-painted ceramic tiles, made in collaboration with the Caltagirone-based company Made a Mano. Craftsmanship and industrial processes to create this non-orthogonal plane, a sort of irregular patchwork composed of large pixels that carry the heat of the Mediterranean inside our living environments.

MovePlace, A.R. Novate design by Anastasia Gavrilova and Rafael Gaynullin.
The prototype of this foldable work was presented at Salone Satellite, it is designed by two young Russian designers, it is easily transportable and equipped with some functional accessories.


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