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The benefits of Agile Work.

The results of the study carried out by SDA Bocconi on the occasion of the Agile Work Day of Comune di Milano, confirm that it would be short-sighted for companies not to adopt new “agile” Ways Of Working, it being understood that a cultural change is absolutely necessary: from the evaluation of the worker’s presence to the evaluation of the results attained; to make people aware of their responsibilities and work on establishing relations one can trust.

Benefits for the company
The analysis of companies following an Agile Work strategy shows, first of all, a profit, since no desk for each employee is required, with an average 20% saving. Agile Work also means a drop of the turn over, lower rates of absenteeism, less sick leaves; a few companies have recorded a 15% increase in their profits.
Benefits for the workers
A greater autonomy and control of one’s work are stress-reducing factors; users of Agile Work appreciate work-life balance andare more satisfied and more motivated to produce.
Reluctances and restrictions
All that clashes with a widespread managerial style,especially in Italian companies, not too prone to delegate but rather control-oriented. The greatest resistance comes from showing oneself everywhere; instead, we should work on the idea and technologies that enable people to be productive regardless of the workplace.
The ongoing trends
Now there are several factors leading the company to work on space-time flexibility;
the potential of technology; the need to save on running costs; the company’s growing care over Corporate Social Responsibility (lower consumpion and air pollution); the needs and requirements of the new “digital” generations of workers.
Text by Adele Mapelli, SDA Professor and expert in Diversty Management and Leadership.



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