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The Copper House set of the new movie The Judge.

Copper is a cutting edge and trendy material, probably for this reason the new movie The Judge showcases, along with the dazzling cast of Hollywood stars like Robert Downey and Robert Duvall ,The Copper House, designed by Charles Rose Architects that has a fascinating identity and story of its own and reflect contemporary feel.

The Copper House is based in Belmont, Massachusetts, it is the residence of the firm’s principal, Charles Rose. An exceptional renovation project, it made headlines upon its completion in 2004 for the unique solutions required to merge the old with the new. The sleek, sculptural wood / copper structure contains inside the original building, a “Colonial box with vinyl siding”: a house within a house.
The architect, known for its sensitivity to the distinct characteristics of a site, wrapped the original house in a cedar box and added glass and copper extensions, creating a striking structure fit for a movie screen.
“The experience of working with the film crew was wonderful,” said Charles Rose. “Director David Dobkin was intimately involved in choosing the house and he really has a keen eye for interpreting the architectural space and capturing the architectural experience in film, which is not easy to do. My work is very sculptural and cinematic and relies on movement through space and form.

Photos: John Linden.


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