The drafting machine becomes multimedia and touch screen.

Thanks to IOT (Internet Of Things) everyday objects take on new features. One example is the height-adjustable table developed by Emme Italia in collaboration with Logica Uno. The apparently obsolete drafting table, loved by architects, turns into a multimedia machine designed for teaching and training rooms.

The Emmesystem range of height adjustable desks produced by Emme Italia launches some new products “ The adjustable desk is the contemporary evolution of the drawing table, historical product that sees Emme Italia as leader in Europe”, explains Alessandro Barison, design manager of the company.
The CSEI family was equipped with heigh-adjustable desk top thanks to the application of linear actuator system by Linak and  today the evolution trend continues in partnership with Teatos (Logica Uno).

The adjustable desks Conform CSEI are designed for multimedia rooms; they integrates a personal computer with Intel processor and Window 8.1 operating system suitable for touch screen technology and graphics software.
The “cell imaging” technology makes the movement more fluid and is perfect for sketch. It can be equipped with wheels.


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