The Green Project by Mattel: HR and sustainability.

A sustainable natural environment starts from the office. From this insight Mattel Italy has developed the Green Team, a working group made by voluntary employees, to enforce a “Green” activity capable to engage all the company. All the initiatives were presented during the dedicated Earth Day.

The Mattel Italy’s HR Team initiative, activated & leaded by Paolo Davoglio, Office & Facilities Supervisor, has involved the 12% of the company, mostly women, from five different departments, to conceive some initiatives to engage the community over the role we play in the defence of our environment.
The Green Team has worked on three initiatives inspired by three different natural elements: earth, air and water.
Earth is an event to engage and educate the children, a playful activity to teach the importance of respecting and preserving the green spaces.
Air, instead, promotes the use of car sharing in the company, by a test drive of the Green Team branded electric car organised during the Green Office Day with the motto “Turn off the light, use the stairs and… print just the essential”.
Water is the initiative to promote the use of the tap water in the office in order to reduce the use of plastic glasses and bottles.
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