The home-feeling coworking: Lago at Work Paris.

A new way of living the office dedicated to the Paris’s designers, architects, creatives’ community: on the 17th september the new Lago at work Paris @Patchwork will be inaugurated in Rue de Clèry 8. The first Lago’s coworking space in France will be a meeting and working place, inspired by a strong sense of home-feeling.

Lago at Work in Paris @ Patchwork is one of the first project of the new strategy “Welcome Home” of Lago, leader company in the design system production, that aims to take its experience in the domestic field into “everyday-life” places, such as shops, offices, hotels, restaurants and bars.
“We are living most of our day outside our houses”, Daniele Lago, Lago’s Head of Design, said. “Lago’s design is following the changes of our society, bringing the “home-feeling” into the workplace. That’s why we think about the office as a comfortable and welcoming home. For us design is a powerful instrument of social transformation and we are happy to start our 52nd Lago Interior Life Network’s space here in Paris”.
The main drive of the Lago at work Paris’s project is the color. Ultramarine blue, lilac, red, lobster, sun, straw, acid green, pale pink: all the environment takes after the Patchwork’s logo, clearly visible at the entrance, with a 4 meters high anamorphic projection.
Lago at Work @Patchwork is designed on two levels: the ground floor is furnished with Air Tables, School chairs, Air suspended bookcase and an Air Wildwood bench where everyone can have a break, reading or having breakfast.
From the open space, through a vintage stairway, it is possible to access a walkway where, thanks to the LagoLinea system, you can find more private and quite workstationsThe basement is designed for gatherings or workshops, with a 36e8 kitchen for lunch breaks.
“We decided to realise a space with Lago after visiting the Lago Other Store @Open | More than Books in Milan”, Mikael Benfredj, owner of Patchwork and of the two Lago Store in Paris, says. “This hybrid environment where u can work, read, design different projects and also buy furniture, has really striken me. In particular, the open and flexible coworking spaces with their essential design that suit perfectly with the new ways of working’s needs. An environment that a city like Paris must have”.
Text by Gabriele Masi.


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