The “Human”side of Nature: sound absorbing and evocative floor coverings.

Human Nature is built on the premise that designing spaces which evoke the senses through light, colour, texture and natural detail generate wellness and spark the human creative spirit. The new collection was designed by David Oakey, longtime Interface collaborator and world leader in sustainable design practices, to create vital and eye catching floor coverings for offices and contract spaces.

Interface’s Human Nature takes its cues from the visual, tactile textures found in the most elemental of floor coverings (forest floors, grassy fields and pebbled garden paths) drawing on the innate connection humans have to the earth.

“Scientists have found that humans crave sensory change and variation, though our work environments are often flat, unnatural places,” Oakey said. “And though there’s no doubt that the design community is drawn to the aesthetics of concrete, stone, and wood, the physical and acoustical benefits of soft surfaces are impossible to ignore. In Human Nature we’ve combined the best of both worlds — the hard surface look of planks with the benefits of soft, textured carpet tile that feels comfortable and natural underfoot.”
Human Nature is inspired by biophilia and respects Nature: it is a sustainable collection, made with 100% recycled content nylon yarn and manufactured respecting the green life cycle of the product from production to disposal.

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