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The italian way of waiting: the Lounge Lutfhansa.

In-between areas have changed their identity: the Lounge Lufthansa at Milano Malpensa airport is an example of a welcoming environment, a lounge with a strong home-feeling, where it is possible either to relax or work. Food becomes the symbol of this trend, with a touch of Made in Italy.

Designing the lounge at Milano Malpensa, Lufthansa focused on creating an “Italian” relaxing atmosphere, where food becomes the symbol of a welcoming and home-feeling space: barmen at the central bar and at the cooking station prepare constantly finger-food, coffee, pasta and Italian recipes, enhancing the Italian lifestyle tradition as happy hour and coffee break.

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The 550 sqm space, with 117 seats, offers different settings inspired by a strong home-feeling, with furniture by Vitra and a service area designed by Villeroy & Boch. Wellbeing and privacy become the key features of the interiors: the core of the Lounge Lufthansa is the central bar along with front cooking station, where customers can relax and taste the food of the Italian cooking tradition. Instead, the Coffee Corner, next to the entrance, give passengers passing by in a hurry the chance to enjoy a quick break.

The Lounge Lufthansa is an example of how the in-between areas are not any longer considered  “nonplaces”, namely anonymous spaces of transience, but are turning into an environment that expresses a strong cultural elements and identity, capable of enhancing the company, the community and the territory’s values and products.
Text by Gabriele Masi.

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