The More House becomes WOW! and Trilobite.

MORE, a brand of Terra Moretti Group, launches two amazing typologies of prefabricated houses conceived for new life styles and ways of living: Casa Trilobite, designed by Giulio Ceppi and WOW House, developed with Politecnico di Milano and Future Concept Lab.

The WOWHouse (WOrldWide) was born with international perspective. It is inspired by the typical concept of a house and has a regular and rational ground plan, the heart of which is represented by a structural space (stairwell) which is responsible for the architectural and energy arrangement: a real backbone giving life and energy to the whole home.

The WOWHouse has been designed with a ground mount structure, a unique composition and an invariable measurement of around 130sqm of usable area, comprising 2 floors of 60sqm each and a stairwell. This solution allows to optimize the development of components, the process of production, the cost reduction and energy and eco-sustainability performances. Its invariability is its strong point, yet it does not compromise on personalization. The WowHhouse, project by MORE, was object of a study carried out by the Faculty of Design at the Polytechnic University of Milan (Giulio Ceppi) the sociologist Francesco Morace, founder of FutureConceptLab.
The WOWHouse is available in three different type:
Minimal: the glazed surfaces are those which are essential and the internal volume is exploited to the full to obtain the greatest number of rooms and private areas.
Comfort: provides for a more fluid organisation of the internal spaces, large glazed apertures and a patio.
Deluxe: the glazed area completely surrounds the ground floor and eliminates every break in continuity with the nature that surrounds it. The inside open space solutions are very spacious and highly livable.

The Trilobite House, has been designed by Giulio Ceppi (founder of Total Tool) with its own metabolism, sensitive to the position of the sun, to climate conditions and to external landscapes, accentuating the power of light, a fundamental source of energy. A singular, monolithic element is repeated modularly with great efficiency in terms of construction, transforming the archetype into a contemporary living model. The central skylight brings in greenery, oxygen and sky and enhances the relationship with the outside, forming a constant connection with the large vertical light of the main front of the house. The Trilobite house consists of multiple volumetric  properties and its seemingly complex appearance converts into numerous compositions and aggregations.

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