The nanostructured alluminium by e-wenco: E-llum.

High efficiency with a low energy consumption: E-llum by e-wenco is a versatile film based on a “hackered” aluminium, with a low environmental impact. NoteCook, the “nomad” barbecue with a laptop shape, designed by Zamir Hashorva, is the first product that shows the potential of this new material, a symbol of the hybrid design.

A new material and a new way of managing heating: the nanostructured aluminium by the italian start-up e-wenco combines two of the major trends of contemporary design: green and hybrid.

E-llum is a film based on a modified aluminium that allows to create a very efficient heating system, as it is shown by NoteCook, the handy barbecue presented at the WOW! round table Office Design Ibrido.
NoteCook is an efficient cooking system capable of converting up to 92% of the power into heating in a very short time, reducing the environmental impact. Having a size of a normal laptop and weighting 4kg, it is easy to carry around and to use, without any electromagnetic emissions, allowing also to choose the cooking temperature (low, medium, high).
These features make E-llum an interesting material for new design products, from clothing to furniture to “cooking desks”.
Text by Gabriele Masi.




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