Cisco’s technology for Workplace Transformation.

The new ways of working requires to create and share rapidly contents and ideas, to communicate from everywhere and by different devices: a new conception of team work. Cisco’s products give an example of how technology is the real instrument to drive a company into the smart working era.

Cisco, world-wide leader IT company, presented in its offices in Vimercate (MB, Italy) the new communication solutions, during the event “Smart Working & Workplace Transformation”.
Cisco’s research aims to create products that are experience-centric, cloud connected value extended and simple.
First of all communication is made simpler, more efficient and faster, replacing instrument like the email, created for a slower way of working. Cisco systems are able to include in only one device, different functions, not only video calling, but also a quick sharing of informations and datas, creating an experience that allows a perfect team work, even if the components are in different places.

The goal is to build a perfect virtual environment where you can create a community not only inside the company but also through the outside, giving also the chance of a better client-support.
Text by Gabriele Masi.

1, 2  Cisco Spark.  Cisco Spark, the evolution of the previous Project Squared, is a virtual room, easy to access via desktop or mobile, where every work team can gather file and information about its project and communicate in a safe way. Some functions of Cisco Spark are available in the free version, as messaging, file sharing, one to one video calling and meeting, contacts and calendar integration and end-to-end contents coding.
With the Cisco Spark Message and Meet pack is possible to manage a meeting in virtual rooms up to 25 users.
3, 4 Cisco TelePresence MX800 Dual. The meeting room is a space that requires nowadays a very good system to communicate with the outside, allowing people form everywhere to join actively the gathering. CiscoTelepresence MX series’ products are capable to create a unique system that put together simplicity, with only one device with all the needed functions, interoperability, allowing the connection also with standard quality not Cisco devices, and design, as the Reddot Award 2014 winning shows.
Cisco’s video conference systems have a very high video-audio quality and they don’t need a manual control, thanks to smart cameras, able to follow the movements and the voices of the users, moving and zooming the image on the screen.

01- Cisco- TelePresence- MX800 Dual-wow-webmagazine

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