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The sustainable and quake proof school by Mario Cucinella.

Sustainability, safety of the space, architecture and pedagogy: these are the main elements of the new nursery school in Guastalla, Reggio Emilia (Italy), designed by the firm Mario Cucinella Architects. The structure, made in Rubner Holzabu wood, was built using natural or recycled environmentally-friendly materials.

An innovative nursery school, especially designed for kids and teachers, sustainable, welcoming and safe: the new Nido d’Infanzia in Guastalla is part of the reconstruction plan of the area, replacing the previous two schools damaged in the earthquake of May 2012.
A part from the foundation in reinforced concrete, the carring skeleton structure is made in laminated wood, capable to guarantee the maximum of safety even in case of earthquakes.
The vertical wooden elements take after the tree lines and the field all around and makes the structure lighter, changing the image that we have of schools as a compact and monolithic kind of building. The design’s drivers were the use of natural light and the interaction between the interior and the exterior.
The high insulation, the ideal disposition of transparent surfaces, the innovative system of rainwater harvesting and the photovoltaic system allow to substantially reduce the use of mechanical plants and to gain the class A certification in matter of energy consumption.
“Designing environments for younger children can be a chance to think about the role of architecture as an educational instrument”, Mario Cucinella said. “Space can influence the behaviour of kids that grow up in a welcoming, stimulating and comfortable environment. That will make them more conscious adults”.
Text by Gabriele Masi.
Rendering by Cristian Chierici.

03-Guastalla-asilo-Cucinella- render-by-Cristian Chierici-wow-webmagazine

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