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The Team 7 HQ will be designed by Shigeru Ban.

The Pritzker Prizker Prize-winning architect Shigeru Ban is the winner of the international competition for the Team 7 Headquarter in in Ried (Austria). “The design by Shigeru Ban really speaks to the heart and soul -quotes Georg Emprechtinger, owner and Managing Director of Team 7- The concept transforms our many-faceted philosophy into a reality in every respect”.

Shigeru Ban won over the jury with an innovative, energy-neutral wooden construction, which embodies Team 7’s love of solid wood and vision for a modern, sustainable lifestyle to great effect.

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It will be named Team 7 World and it will inspire creativity and meetings; transparency and openness are the main elements of the design; the smart use of glass and shade enables the optimization of daylight and the connection between interior and exterior.  A sophisticated ventilation technology provides the workplaces with perfect climate control.
The use of wood and modern energy-efficient technologies means that the building will have a minimal environmental footprint and a favourable CO2 balance.
The building will span four stories, joined together centrally by a huge oval interior space.
A spiral ramp, staircase, and a lift  will convey visitors and employees in this transparent atrium from the exhibition floor, over two stories of open space offices, to the skybox on the fourth floor.


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