Transparency, curves and protection against noise.

Can we can obtain acoustic privacy areas in an open space by keeping the visual continuity and without using rigid and orthogonal components? The modular system Zen by Universal Selecta meets all these requirements.

Zen, the system of modular lounge furniture for a high acoustic privacy, was presented at Milano Design Week during the convivial party “L’Alchimia di 3 Progetti” with the participation of several companies: Universal Selecta, Sedus, Staygreen, Interface e Guzzini.

Modular system for lounges with high acoustic privacy. Design, environmental transparency, simplicity of assembly. It offers reserved spaces with multiples dimensions within common areas of work, integrating into the surrounding context.
Glass and metal join to create reserved and welcoming spaces.
The modularity and customization of Zen make it suitable for contemporary and dynamic scenarios.


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