TréS: efficiency and comfort combined in a furniture system.

TréS is the new office furniture system designed by Ergon and produced by Mascagni. Its unique features come from an innovative “technological transfer” design approach. It integrates different know-how of some leading Italian companies, to ensure the best in finishings and acoustic comfort. This joint collaboration creates a product that is not only useful but also beautiful.

TréS is versatile because its modular panels are specifically designed to ensure rapid reconfigurations.
The ensemble of different materials, the means to turn them into a single item, together with research and intuition, give shape to the new technology of TréS.
The TréS Spine system offers great potential in terms of its modularity, with standard-width partitions of different heights. Spine, Screen and Sound are the three sides of TréS in order to satisfy everyday needs, from individual cocoon to collaborative meeting place.

TréS can divide the space to carve out a highly personal, versatile working area. The vertical screens of different heights are composed of a self-supporting frame, with panels in metal, faced chipboard or fabric, which connect to the structure in an easy, intuitive fashion. They can be changed over time, fitted with worktops, storage units and sound- insulating design elements. The screens can also contain cabling, bringing the right level of technology to the right place.


Lights can be hooked to or suspended from the frames, or even placed within the sound-insulating elements, creating a tiny shared universe. In this oasis of tranquillity where needs are addressed and thoughts realised, surrounded by all the right equipment, anything becomes possible, improving global performance.

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