Two prestigious prizes to celebrate Kinnarps’s 75th anniversary.

Moment of glory for Kinnarps, winner of two very prestigious prizes: its stand was appointed “Best Stand” by Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair’s award – Editors’ Choice.
And two Kinnarps’s products –Space and Fields– have been awarded by iF Product Design Award 2017. The best way to celebrate its 75th anniversary!

“Silhouettes of Kinnarps” is the title of the amazing blue installation created for Stockholm Furniture 2017, an architectural monument that celebrates the company’s 75-year history, its present and its future. The jury of “Editor’s Choice Award” concluded that it was the Best Stand at the fair.
“We are of course very happy for this award. Kinnarps celebrates 75 years this year, so we wanted to draw attention to our history, but also our present and future in the stand. We want to show our offer “Workspace Solutions” that lead to wellbeing and prosperity and offer our visitors an experience. We see this award as a proof that we have succeeded” says Elisabeth Slunge, Director Global Range & Communications.
The Creative Director for Kinnarps’ stand is Johan Ronnestam
– an innovator, entrepreneur and experienced brand expert. To create the stand, he teamed up with Björn Förstberg and Mikael Ling from Förstberg Ling, an architectural and design agency in Malmö experienced in both architecture and interior design.

“The construction is a space where people can meet, share ideas and be inspired. It’s a celebration of the Kinnarps history and future. A concept intended to celebrate 75 years by inviting the visitors to become part of the experience. The modern workspace solution is an open atmosphere where conversations between people, creativity and productivity leads to innovation. This were the key components we wanted to communicate when we created this transparent construction – says Björn Förstberg and Mikael Ling- For us, the concept “The Silhouettes of Kinnarps”, is a temple of transparency and sophisticated detailing that shares design principles with the company’s workspace philosophy.”


Photo by Åke E:son Lindman. 

Space and Fields win iF Product Design Award 2017.

Inside its “Best Stand” Kinnarps displayed its products and concepts, among them two furniture systems -Space and Fields- were awarded by iF Product Design Award 2017.
“We are honoured that our products have received awards of this nature.- says Elisabeth Slunge, Director Global Range & Communications at Kinnarps– The iF Product Design Award is a highly prestigious award and proves that Kinnarps creates world class furniture. Both Space and Fields are a range of furniture for the modern day workplace, adapted to be flexible and meet the individual demands and requirements of today’s working life.”


Space, designed by Stefan Brodbeck (Brodbeck design) is a furniture concept for today’s and tomorrow’s way of working, meeting and storing. The range is based on a large number of storage modules which are connected and combined depending on the functionality and look you want. The flexibility of the range enables both concentration and discussions as well as space for group and private areas.


Fields, designed by Olle Gyllang (Propeller Design AB), is a range that works as a link between the traditional workplace and meeting rooms. With the furniture range it is possible to create shared environments, meeting areas, rooms within rooms, creative environments and spaces for concentrated work or private workplaces. The range also consists of a number of modules which can be combined, linked together and placed in a wide range of different ways. The range, contains sofas, easy chairs, tables, screens and accessories.

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