#UfficioManifesto: a cultural platform.

How should the ideal, collaborative workplace be? Enjoyable and with a home feeling. That’s what emerged from the shared, cutting-edge platform planned by Monforte agency with Daniele Lago to design their new offices in Milan.

We create together an #UfficioManifesto with ideas and words for a new way of living the office”. That could be an invitation coming from a design school, instead it’s the call for ideas launched by the digital communication agency Monforte.
Six months ago there was a move under way and a new office to fit out. Now there is a new cultural platform with ideas and projects to carry out the ideal collaborative office, taking into consideration some innovative social experiences rather than solutions of interior design. The new offices partecipates to the Fuorisalone with events and presentation about new Ways of Working.
“How should the office of your dreams be?”
The question was asked to the Internet community by the Scientific Committee involving visionari people like Daniele Lago (CEO e Head of Design of Lago Spa), Andrea Frigo (CEO of Monforte srl), Fabio Fornasari, Cristina Rebolo, Angela Violino e b(architects and designers), Ivana Pais (sociologist, Andrea Paoletti (founder of Casa Netural), Valentina Auricchio (journalist).
The tag cloud #UfficioManifesto has already pointed out two key-words: the working environment should be enjoyable and with a home feeling.
Maybe the time has come to a new utopia. The one we have recently talked about also in the WOW! #17 editorial “Work-life balance visions and furniture” and which Daniele Lago is a strong promoter of “We want to transfer to workspaces all of the experience acquired through the design of life at home, building work spaces designed in terms of individual and collective wellness, efficiency of reason and emotional intuition”.
Text by Silvia Fattore.



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