Ultra matt and metallic shades for durable surfaces.

The sustainable approach of Akzo Nobel includes components and to give long service life. The new collections Interpon Anodic III and D2015 Précis provide high aesthetics, super durability and “green” impact.

Collection Interpon Anodic III: anodization.

Interpon Collection Anodic III features 6 new products developed to meet the latest trends in anodization: Soft Silver, Soft Champagne, Gold Splendour, Steel Blue Platinum, Steel Bronze and Steel Bronze 2, all available from Stock.
Supplied in Interpon D2525 super-durable polyester technology to give long service life. These attractive matt and metallic effect finishes provide a great alternative to anodized aluminum with an extended warrantee up to 25 years.
Collection Anodic meets the demanding weathering requirements of the leading industry specifications: Qualicoat class 2, AAMA 2604, GSB Master, BS EN 12206.


Collection Interpon D2015 Précis: ultra matt.

Interpon D2015 Précis super durable ultra matt powder coating opening up new possibilities in aesthetics and the interaction of light with surfaces.
Ultra matt surfaces are a designer’s dream that become reality with Interpon D2015 Précis. Using a high innovative technology, this hard wearing powder coating has gloss levels of only 10-15 (a typical matt is 25), delivering an attractive flat matt finish.
The super-durable backbone of Interpon D coatings, with a proven track record spanning over 30 years, ensures long term resistance against hard weather conditions.
This new technology is available in a range of stylish metallic shades to enhance objects and achieve a look never before seen in a powder coating.
Interpon Précis enhances objects and achieves a look never seen before in a powder coating. Interpon D2015 Précis is non-reflective, aesthetically pleasing, with a selection of metallic colors, is the perfect ultra matt finish.
Designed to meet the demands of Qualicoat Class 2, AAMA 2604, GSB Master approvals where required, BS EN12206 “enhanced durability”, and Interpon D2015 Précis will maintain its appearance long-term, having been developed to survive 5 years in South Florida without major change in color  or gloss level.



Upper photo: Les Rives de L’Orne by Valode & Pistre Architects.


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